sitael and the 3 of wands

3. Sitael – 3 of Wands

Sitael and the 3 of Wands

Shem Angel 3 Sitael is the Shem HaMemphorash whose name means ‘The God of Hope’ or ‘God Hope to All Creatures.’ The name sounds like Sah-Yoh-Teh. Of the seven deadly sins, he rules over the sin of gluttony. He is the divine architect who helps us construct an inner and outer self that is fully aligned with our purpose.

Sitael belongs to the Angelic Choir of Seraphim (Keter), ruled by Metatron. The Planetary correspondences are Neptune and Jupiter. Sitael has masculine energy and is the Angel of Construction. The corresponding gemstone is Sapphire. He represents the Element of Fire and the main colours associated with this angel are violet and purple.

Fire is associated with digestion so there is a link there with the sin of gluttony. If we are low on Fire, we sometimes try to compensate by adding more calories but this usually is not a great way of raising energy. Eating more than we need can make us feel sluggish and demotivated.

Sitael is the Guardian Angel of those born 31 March – 4 April.

Sitael rules the time between 00:40 and 01:00 AM.

The five days between 31 March and 4 April equates to the first five days of the second decan of Aries. The corresponding Tarot card is the 3 of Wands (Sun in Aries). Elemiah is the ruler of the final five days of the second decan of Aries.

Sitael’s secondary rulership covers 11 January, 23 March, 5 June, 18 August (from noon) – 19 August and 1 November.

Our Three Guardian Angels

At birth, we are each given three Guardian Angels. The following explains the roles of your three Shem Angels: Primary rulership determines the physical and external material aspects of the person born within that date range. Secondary rulership determines the emotional characteristics and challenges a person may face. Finally, the time of day determines the person’s intellectual capability.

Use this calculator to find your three Birth Angels.

Sitael and the 3 of Wands

In the Thoth Tarot, the title of the 3 of Wands is Virtue. This is a good match indeed with the qualities that Sitael can help us cultivate: benevolence, integrity and forgiveness.

The 3 of Wands is a tarot card that represents the potential for success and achievement at the beginning of new ventures. It carries an energy of optimism, expansion, and forward progress. When we encounter the 3 of Wands, it serves as a reminder of the power of our intentions and the importance of strategic planning.

Sitael can help us lay solid foundations for any new work, venture or project. He is there at the moment of conception, whether it be of ideas or of a child. He inspires the same ability to envision a positive outcome and solid return on our investment that the 3 of Wands does.

The 3 of Wands signifies courage, another of Sitael’s gifts. It is a great card to show up in a reading about assuming more of a leadership role. Leadership is also something Sitael supports us with.

By aligning ourselves with the energy of this card and calling on the assistance of Sitael, we can navigate the beginning stages of new ventures with confidence and optimism.

Sitael is also an angel who can help us come up with a military strategy as well as rally the troops behind us. This makes him a good fit indeed with a Sun in Aries-energy card!

Interestingly, Sitael is the angel to call on when we have to start over and rebuild our existence from scratch. This is something you can see symbolically represented in the tattered and well-mended cloak in the figure in the 3 of Wands card. This is a person who has been through hell and back. Yet they manage to stay positive and seize the opportunities for growth and expansion.

Psalm to Invoke Sitael

“This I declare about the LORD; He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God and I trust him.
Psalm 91:2

Situations/Issues that Sitael Can Transform

  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Apathy and pessimism about the future
  • Shirking responsibility
  • Lack of scientific understanding
  • Lack of authenticity and integrity
  • Ruin and destruction
  • Faithlessness

Use the Sah-Yoh-Teh Mantra to…

…to start over when your life is in tatters. It also works whenever you need strength to get on with a project you have lost your zest for.

Chanting Sah-Yoh-Teh can help you develop a solid plan for any new venture. This prevents you from having to start over halfway through.

If there is a personality trait within that you wish to transform, this is one of the best mantras you can chant. Sitael helps us construct a personality self that is aligned with our Higher Self. This, in turn, helps us be of service in the world.

Use the Sah-Yoh-Teh mantra to help you stay true to your word. It is also a great mantra to chant before going into peace talks.

If you want to learn more about how to work with the Hebrew letters of the 72 Angels of the Name, I recommend The 72 Sigils of Power: Magic, Insight, Wisdom and Change by Zanna Blaise.


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