Gemini Full Moon Tarot Spread 2015

24 November Gemini Full Moon

When I started researching the influences and celestial energies surrounding tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini, I realised there was no way I would be able to create a bog standard Full Moon Tarot spread… There is way too much happening in the heavens. Chatty, playful and sometimes glib Gemini is having to put their big girl boots on for this Full Moon which takes place at 22:44 UTC (check those master numbers out!) on 25 November, 2015.

As usual on a Gemini Full Moon, we have an opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius. Nothing out of the ordinary there… but the Sun is joined by Saturn and Mercury. These three form a Saggie stellium that oppose the Gemini Moon quite fiercely, giving us a need to express what is happening – especially with Gemini’s ruler, Mercury (Planet of Communication), tugging at the brain strings. However, all this is happening in a T-square with boundariless Neptune which may affect our ability to think clearly… We may find that we just want to ride the waves of emotions instead, or swing wildly between the two.

Essentially, it may just feel like the Gemini Full Moon is the ‘Celestial Trumpet’ announcing the Saturn-Neptune square that follows the next day, on the 26th – the first of three and one that will set the tone for much of 2016. But the duality theme of the Gemini energies remains. Is it one or the other, Saturn or Neptune… or can we find a way of bridging and blending these influences (and others that are also in the mix)? Thanks to the Gemini Full Moon, much more of what is happening with this square will make its way into our conscious awareness, and that can only be a good thing.

In a best case scenario, this Saturn-Neptune square (and the two to follow next year) will help us define our boundaries, with Saturn acting to contain the loving but confusing, dreamlike energies of Neptune. On a grander scale, it may mean a chance for humanity to shift from an us/them paradigm to a greater sense of oneness and the understanding that we all belong to each other. In a worst case scenario we will find ourselves getting an awful lot of reality checks. As always when the hand has been dealt, how the game goes depends on how we play it. This is… an interesting hand… full to the brim of potential awakening both on a personal and a universal scale.

The best magickal workings to focus on for this Full Moon are those aimed at changing negative and self-defeating thought patterns, freeing yourself from rigid beliefs that block the path to oneness and unconditional love, improving communication/friendships, defining your spiritual path while accepting that it is not ‘the right path’ for everyone else, and also inviting more playfulness into your life.

The spread below will help you look at the duality aspect of the Gemini Full Moon as well as what energies are coming into play for the Saturn-Neptune square influences that will have such a big impact on the year ahead.

Gemini Full Moon 2015 Tarot Spread

  1. Which area of your life will be most affected by the Gemini Full Moon and the T-square with Neptune. You may also wish to look this up in your birth chart. It is likely to be something touched on by mutable influences around three or four degrees in Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius.
  2. How to bridge opposing influences. This will be something you can do to integrate and synthesise conflicting energies.
  3. Opposing influence (relate this to card number 1)
  4. Opposing influence (relate this to card number 2)
  5. What needs to be acknowledged and accepted this Full Moon. This is the reality check offered by Saturn.
  6. What needs to be released this Full Moon. Represent a block to harmonising/transcending opposing influences.
  7. What needs to be defined. These are nebulous times. Confusion is rife… This is a card that can help you see an area that you can begin to define in order to gain more clarity about your path and the role you play in the game of life.
  1. The area most affected will be emotions and especially a feeling of apathy which stems from feeling that you can’t make a difference in the world. (4 of Cups)
  2. The strategy needed for bridging opposing influences highlighted by this lunation is one of stealth and cunning. (7 of Swords)
  3. Opposing influence – thinking that you are helpless. (8 of Swords)
  4. Opposing influence – thinking that you can argue your way to a solution. (Queen of Swords)
  5. What you need to acknowledge is that meditation is the way forward. Your rational mind may try to tell you it is a waste of time but this is all part of the strategy to bridge opposing influences and be in a state of harmony with what is, rather than fighting it. Chill! (4 of Swords)
  6. You need to release a tendency to isolate yourself. (The Hermit)
  7. What you need to define for yourself is the role community plays in your life and what your role within the community should be. (1o of Cups)

I hope you find this information helpful and as usual, I would love to hear from you if you give this Tarot spread a whirl. Please understand that while I’m happy to help with interpreting the odd card you’re stuck on, I won’t have time to interpret whole spreads on here.

Wishing you a blessed Full Moon in Gemini!