The Help I’m Single Again Tarot Spread

help i am single again tarot spread

It’s OK to take time out from dating if you are recently single but you know best when you are ready to start dating again. People often tell their ‘single and looking’ friends that ‘It will happen when you least expect it.’ I know for a fact that isn’t always the case. The cards gave me the heads up when I was months away from meeting the man I’d end up marrying… and they could do that for you too with the Help I’m Single Again Tarot Spread!

Layout for the ‘Help I’m Single Again’ Tarot Spread



*****3*******1(2 )*****7*****



Cards 2 and 12 cross cards 1 and 11.

1. Where you’re at

2. Your biggest challenge to moving forward

3. The main influence in your most recent relationship, or what brought you together

4. What you brought to the relationship

5. The quality of the bond you shared

6. What the other person brought to the relationship

7. The main influence in your next relationship, or what will bring you together

8. What you will bring to your next relationship

9. The quality of the bond you will share

10. What the other person will bring to the next relationship

11. What needs to be healed

12. The main obstacle to healing

Cards 13,14 and 15 give you the timing for your next romantic venture as well as the circumstances under which you will meet.


1. 3 of Wands – I’m gearing up to start a new business venture.

2. 8 of Pentacles – The challenge is to get all the practical boring little details sorted.

3. The Queen of Pentacles – A need to nurture and feel nurtured brought us together.

4. 8 of Cups – I brought deeply transformative Scorpio energies to this relationship.

5. The Magician – The quality of the bond we shared was mostly intellectual. Empathy and compassion was lacking.

6. The Devil – He brought the ability to meet material and physical needs.

7. The Fool – We will be brought together by a strong longing for freedom and the need to be completely true to ourselves.

8. The Knight of Cups – I keep bringing deeply transformative and this time deeply romantic Scorpio energies to the relationship.

9. The Empress – An extremely loving and nurturing relationship.

10. 2 of Pentacles – He brings the ability to go with the flow and to successfully juggle life’s curve balls. Whoohoo! Gotta love those Jupiter in Capricorn energies :))

11. 2 of Swords – The mind needs healing in the form of peaceful thoughts.

12. 7 of Pentacles – The main obstacle to healing is a lack of patience.

13, 14 and 15 – Now then… I’d interpret these but I don’t care to see too much of the future for myself when it comes to romance! For now, all I really care about is getting sorted workwise and anything else will just be a bonus… but I will say this, the Saggie energies of the King of Wands are highly relevant to a message that was trans-channelled by me last year… How exciting!

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