the karmic past life healing tarot spread with sample reading

The Past Life Healing Tarot Spread

past life healing

Past life healing is something many of us have become aware of as we approach the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Some of the residual fear and issues from past lives in the Age of Pisces are coming up for clearing. This process is intensifying now that Saturn is moving through the sign of Pisces from March 7 2023 through 24 May 2025.

In some cases, it could be a specific past life that is coming up for examination/healing. And in other instances, it could be a string or cluster of lives with a similar theme.

Of course, it’s just not past lives that are affected by Saturn’s transit through Pisces. A whole slew of karmic issues could surface for healing. So feel free to adapt the Past Life Healing Tarot Spread for looking at karmic stuff that is surfacing from the past in this life too.

It’s All for Healing

Beware that the process can feel unsettling whether a past or present life is in the karmic spotlight. So stay calm and grounded throughout if you start to feel bombarded by troubling memories or emotions. Know that whatever is coming up is doing so for healing.

The Past Life Healing Tarot Spread below can be used for resolving both past and present life karmic issues, as well as using it to look at a specific past life or a cluster of past lives.

I believe that any negative karma can be resolved through understanding, grace, forgiveness and compassion. Good healing modalities to use for release and integration are EFT and Reiki. It is my prayer that the Tarot spread included in this post will facilitate healing through understanding. Sometimes that is all it takes and other times we need to go deeper into the energetics through various healing methods.

The Past Life Healing Tarot Spread

past life healing tarot spread
  1. The Essence/Lesson of the Past Life or Past Life Cluster
  2. Its Impact on Your Psyche
  3. Main Energy to Heal, Clear or Integrate
  4. How It Shaped Your Mission in this Lifetime

Sample Reading

1 The Essence/Lesson of the Past Life or Past Life Cluster

I chose to look at a cluster of past lives that I know I have spent in various religious settings. Most of them are in Christian monasteries or religious orders but I’m aware of at least one as a male in a Buddhist monastery.

The Hierophant showing up here comes as no surprise since he is the main teacher of religion in the Major Arcana. However, it did confirm what I already knew and that I’m on the right track in seeking to resolve karmic issues relating to past religious lives.

2 Its Impact on Your Psyche

Though I could choose to read The Sun in this position as mainly positive, I know we are dealing with the other end of the spectrum here. How do I know? Thanks to my recent Religious Trauma Recovery journey I gained some insights into my shadow. So some of these past religious lives made me arrogant and prideful (negative meanings of The Sun).

3 Main Energy to Heal, Clear or Integrate

Oh boy, Judgement! Pride and arrogance often go hand in hand with a judgmental attitude. That is what is coming up for clearing now. Can I forgive myself for being a slow learner? Yes, I think I can. It’s getting there in the end that matters more than how long it takes. Also, taking the scenic route usually leads to unexpected perks and learning experiences.

4 How It Shaped Your Mission in this Lifetime

The High Priestess in this position… Wow, you could have knocked me over with a feather when She turned up! Not only are all of the cards from the Major Arcana, a karmic indication in its own right. But two of them, Judgement and the High Priestess, fall among the Karmic Cards in the Tarot. The Karmic cards indicate soul contracts and lessons relating to past lives.

The High Priestess is the Seeress in service to the Divine Feminine who is making a return to Earth in our lifetime. All repressed ancient wisdom, including divination and energy healing, are making a comeback, much thanks to science. I could be wrong but I think the Age of Aquarius will be a splendid era for humanity once we get past this whole tearing-down phase.

Dive Deeper

If you wish to dive deeper into a specific past life and perhaps look at any past life persecution imprinting, you must check out the Persecution Imprint Past Life Tarot Spread!


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