remembering past lives

Remembering Past Lives

memories of past lives

As humanity makes the shift into the Age of Aquarius, many of us are starting to remember past lives. In fact, more and more people are born with memories of past lives and some, like Matias de Stefano, remember all of them from birth.

In today’s post, I share part of my personal journey of remembering past lives and how this remembering relates to recovering from religious trauma. Earlier this year, I devoted a significant amount of time to healing RTS. I have since discovered that when religious trauma spills over from previous lifetimes, it adds multiple layers to the healing process. The Chiron retrograde season provides a perfect opportunity to peel back these layers and address the deep-rooted wounds.

To assist fellow Spirit Warriors on their healing journeys, I have created a custom tarot spread called the “Remember Who You Are” – A Chiron Retrograde Tarot Spread. This spread is not limited to religious or past life wounding; instead, it focuses on healing your deepest, unresolved wound whatever that might be. I firmly believe that complete healing is attainable, regardless of the depth of the wound.

You can find two Tarot spreads relating to healing past lives HERE and HERE.

Byzantine Past Lives

The realisation that I had a past life connection to the early Byzantine Empire unfolded during my forties, around ten years ago. It all started with a vivid dream. In the dream, I found myself soaring above an ancient city, which I identified as Constantinople (now Istanbul). Interestingly, while dreaming, I also knew that this magnificent city was built upon seven hills. This puzzled me when I woke up, as I associated the concept of a city built on seven hills exclusively with Rome. However, my research soon enlightened me about Constantinople’s own hill-studded landscape.

Shortly after this dream, another dream vision unfolded. This time, I found myself alongside my Greek friend, Jannis, embarking on a remarkable journey to the Akashic Records. As we wandered past towering shelves brimming with ancient tomes bound in worn leather, fate intervened. A single book tumbled from its resting place, finding its way into my hands. The title etched on its cover read, ‘Pulcheria.’ The significance of this name resonated deeply within me, despite never having encountered it before. I somehow knew that this related to a past life of mine and that I needed to do some research.

My Past Life As an Empress

Once again, Google came to the rescue. Delving into Byzantine history, I discovered that Pulcheria was an Empress, whose name has vanished from the annals of time. But in contrast to the more famous Empress Theodora, who shared her life with Justinian, Pulcheria held immense sway over matters of faith.

As these revelations surfaced, a profound realisation washed over me. A series of monastic lives that followed may, indeed, be a celestial manifestation of karma, a consequence stemming from a once opulent and influential existence.

Remembering More Past Lives

I experienced another life during the Byzantine era under the rule of Justinian and Theodora. During this time, I played a role in the construction of Hagia Sophia. It was a fascinating experience, as the memories and knowledge of this lifetime were imprinted in my consciousness while I was fully awake.

In addition to my Byzantine lives, I have also had several past lives in France. One of these lives was as a nun during the tumultuous period of the French Revolution. In that life, I faced the fate of being executed alongside my fellow nuns. These memories and experiences have come to me through various means, including direct downloads and vivid dreams. It is worth noting that not all of my French past lives were within a monastic setting.


Sometimes, our soul chooses to experience different roles and perspectives within a hierarchical power structure that enforces religious doctrines. It is a way for us to understand the challenges and dynamics of living as an individual with limited power within such a system. Whether this was a result of my soul’s agreement or the natural consequences of cause and effect, what truly matters is that I have learned from those experiences. I have gained the freedom to evolve and grow, and I hold no desire to co-create or support religious structures or institutions again.

Fluent French

When I first began learning French as a teenager, something quite amusing occurred. Despite being a beginner, I found myself effortlessly stringing together full sentences. It was as if the language flowed naturally through me, without conscious effort. Regrettably, this mystical spontaneous linguistic ability was fleeting and did not persist. No doubt, this experience stems from all those past lives in France.

Evidence of Past Lives and Life After Death

A friend of mine seemed genuinely confused when I started talking about past lives the other week. ‘You really believe in all that?’ she asked with incredulity.

‘I sure do’ I said and I told her that I have memories of past lives as well as the ability to access the Akashic records for myself to find out more. Sadly, I didn’t think to share the reincarnation story about my grandmother coming back as my niece at the time.

I suppose it would still not be much more than hearsay to my friend but to me, it is such strong evidence of reincarnation that unless you believe the people involved are lying, you’d have to at least consider the implications.

The Return of Grandma

When my niece was around five years old, her maternal grandmother (my mum) called her. They hadn’t had much contact because her grandmother lived in a different part of the country. My sister and I had been separated from her from an early age. To my sister’s surprise, my niece said something remarkable to her grandmother when they spoke:

‘Hi Bettan, don’t you recognise me? I’m your mother!’

You see, “Bettan” was the nickname that only our grandmother used for our mother, Elisabeth. My sister had never told her daughter about this. So my niece’s conversation with our mother served as a compelling piece of evidence for the survival and reincarnation of the soul of our grandmother.

Another intriguing incident occurred when my niece turned 10. She requested to celebrate her birthday at the opera. It seemed odd to my sister, as my niece had not been exposed to opera in her upbringing. However, it became clear that this request might have stemmed from her connection to our late grandmother, who had been a devoted opera fan.

There is more evidence of an afterlife thanks to Grandma Edith and the Yellow Butterfly and you can read about that HERE.

How about you? Do you remember past lives? How are those memories impacting your life now? Share in the comments!


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