The ‘Reading the Gap’ Tarot Technique

the reading the gap tarot technique

Reading the gap is about extending your own energy in awareness to the point where it meets the archetypal energy of the card. Your Question is the Door. The Card is the Key. Reading the gap is the Action of Opening the Door and unlocking the Answer to your Question.

Reading the Gap is a Tarot technique that is the missing puzzle piece for many Tarot readers who feel ready to move beyond the basics. You can learn card meanings and practice your readings until you’re blue in the face. And you can memorise various add-ons such as Kabbalah, Numerology and Astrology and still not get the message of the cards. You can decorate your reading space with various types of crystals and still be no more receptive.

Because until you learn to read the gap, your body, spirit and heart will be cut off from your head knowledge of the cards. Please note that my understanding of how ‘reading the gap’ works may differ from yours and that I don’t claim to have the ‘right version.’ However, I can guarantee that my method works!

It was in my post on Deepening Your Daily Draw Practice that I first mentioned ‘reading the gap.’ Quite a few people asked about it and wanted to know more. I finally found the time to write it down. I hope you enjoy this free tarot reading lesson!

Practising this technique is a way of strengthening your third eye. Equally, doing other types of exercises that strengthen your third eye, will make this technique easier to grasp.

One of the many bonuses of mastering this technique is that it facilitates quick yes/no type answers based on a one-card draw.


You are using your Extrasensory Perception for this reading technique and one of the best ways to practice extending the energy to meet the energy of the card is to ‘blind-read’ the card.

This is how:

Randomly choose a card and place it face down on the table before you.

Ground and centre. Place your hands over the card and close your eyes. Allow images, words and impressions to surface. Write them down. Contemplate how your senses are involved with what surfaced during this mini-vision quest to get to know the energy of the card. How does the energy feel? What would it sound like? What texture does it have? Temperature? Scent? How would it move?

Then turn the card over. I was completely blown away by how much this exercise added to my understanding of the card the first time I tried it. I hope you have many wonderful aha-moments trying this.

Remember that there is no right or wrong and don’t worry if what you ‘get’ doesn’t correspond with traditional card meanings. This is your Tarot journey!


For the question portion of Reading the Gap, the most important thing to be aware of that you need to be willing to look at the energy behind the question. Connecting with the emotion behind the question and asking from whence this emotion rises is how you move to create a proper door for the key of the card.

If you ask the cards a one-dimensional question, you will get a one-dimensional answer. If you’re happy with that level of reading, there is no need to learn the Reading the Gap technique. This technique is for people who are interested in exploring the full healing potential of the cards.

Let the process of formulating a question take time. Write your question down. Be fully aware of where the need to ask in the first place comes from.


Practice this technique with one card readings at first. Feel free to invoke protection and guidance from your spirit guides and/or angelic helpers before you proceed.

Be completely grounded, centred and aware of the question. Turn the card over for your answer. Connect with the energy of the card. Now, pull your energy back slightly – into the gap between the energy of your question and the energy of the card and observe how the key fits in the lock of the door. You can literally visualise the key unlocking the door.

Know that what lies beyond the door is nothing but the purity of your own soul where all your answers reside, waiting for you to unlock them.

The Tarot cards are but a tool… but what a tool for connecting the dots between the seen and the unseen! Thank Heaven for this wonderful tool!


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  1. This is Brilliant!!!
    As I pull cards based on the question- primarily the- what, why and how of the question I’m mentally; “ Setting The Stage” or, creating the energy for the scene and how the placement of the characters energy based on the question can flow-and as I turn the cards I then imagine a thread (usually red!) connecting them as a whole story… But, there is a Gap- I guess, I’ve adjusted the Gap as a pause, a breath, a deep soulful knowing, an intuitive or vision filled moment or even a feeling, slight wispy crown chakra touch from the angelic realm… Regardless, there’s a Gap!
    With a one card draw, my stage is set with one character( seeker)…the question I imagine as a monologue ( ego) like; Hamlets- “To be or not be” speech- the questions energy is released and then the card drawn is the characters subconscious energy along with the spiritual realms response to the question.
    I’ve never thought about it as, you have! It’s Brillant!

    1. Post
  2. Oops! Looks like I somehow managed to delete your comment after publishing it, Krysten. Sorry! You said:

    "What a powerful technique Lisa! I just tried the first portion, to get a feel for the energy of a random card and it was totally in synch with the impressions I saw in my mind's eye. I will need to really take in the essence of the last part of the exercise in order to use it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Blesings to you, I have missed you my friend. xox" (copied and pasted from the email notification)

  3. Jumped over from Arwen's blog, and so glad I did. Very interesting post. Can't wait to try this out. Also, look forward to reading through you blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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