Romancing Myself – A Self-Love Tarot Spread


The inspiration for this spread comes from the Victorian Romantic Tarot deck itself as well as from working myself through the 6 week ‘May Cause Miracles’ course which has self-love as the theme this week.

It was the two Lovers cards which gave me the idea for creating a visually appealing and telling spread around one of them (central card in spread above). The idea is that me and my animus (male in the Lovers card) move away from a destructive pattern and toward a specific aspect that will bring healing. The surrounding cards tell me what I need to understand, accept and transmute.

I separated out the first Lovers card and then shuffled and cut as usual. I then dealt eight cards from the top of the deck. First one on either side of the Lovers: the card the Lovers have their back turned to is the aspect that needs to be transmuted (9 of Wands) and the one they are facing (Queen of Pentacles) is the quality I need to bring in more of for healing of the old pattern.

Then followed the three cards in the top row which tell the story of a pattern I’m already aware of. In the bottom row we have a deeper layer of (sub)consciousness and a pattern that is only now beginning to make its way to the surface of my awareness.

What we resist persists and the only way to change/transmute a negative pattern is to accept it first in conscious awareness.

The 9 of Wands alerts me to the fact that it’s my defensiveness that needs to be transmuted. Looking at the image, I get a feeling that the man in the picture is thinking: “I’m so exhausted from past battles that if I’m attacked again I’ll probably die. In fact, we’ll all die since I can’t defend everyone.” This in stark contrast to the rather ‘bullet proof’ Queen of Pentacles who seems to wield her Disk like a shield. She’s all like, “Whatever, do your best – I’m still always going to be the winner!”

In the top row (a pattern I’m consciously aware of), I do indeed spy a pattern I’m very well aware of – a pattern of catastrophising as soon as I’m about to embark on a new adventure (Fool+3 of Swords+The Tower).

In the bottom row (Shadow), I do believe I’m seeing a projected pattern… one of abandonment and running away… of ‘my way or the highway.’ I think I’m ready to own that one now and I’m very grateful indeed for the Tarot helping me see more clearly… I could just kiss that Queen of Pentacles!

Blessed be!


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  1. I love the Victorian Romantic Tarot, it's one of the main decks I work with. Great idea for a spread. Thanks. 🙂

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