Tarot Card Combinations for Marriage

Tarot Card Combinations for Marriage and Moving in Together

Other than ‘Will he come back?,’ the most popular question I get asked is ‘When will I meet The One?’… as in the one you marry, settle down and start a family with. So I thought we would look at some card combinations that

The card combinations below show various combinations of cards that indicate that this is the person you will settle down with, either by moving in together or getting married.

This is by no means comprehensive but it does cover all the main cards indicating long-term love, settling down and tying the knot.

Some of you may wonder about the choice of the Ace of Swords here. The Ace of Swords is traditionally
associated with the Element of Air and intellectual pursuits as well as communication. However, there is also a long tradition of using this card as an indicator for proposals because of the similarity between the crown and a ring!

And when you think about it… there would be no wedding unless the intent to wed was communicated through the proposal! “Will you marry me?” is one of the biggest questions a person could ask of another person.

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below!

A classic proposal

marriage tarot cards image

Another version of a traditional wedding proposal

Great love that leads to moving in together

Marriage Tarot Cards image

New love leads to moving in together and then tying the knot

Moving in together and tying the knot Tarot cards image

A passionate/sexual connection leads to deeper emotions and marriage

Passionate connection leads to marriage Tarot cards image

An arranged marriage

Tarot cards indicating an arranged marriage image

A happy wedding with continued married bliss (and yes, you still have to work at it!)

Happy wedding Tarot cards image

A soulmate relationship ending in marriage

soul mate marriage Tarot cards image

Hope you enjoyed this post and find the suggestions here helpful when reading for self and others.