The Frideborg Relationship Tarot Spread

frideborg relationship tarot spread

What is the most common error we make in love? It is choosing to project certain qualities onto our partner instead of perceiving who they truly are. We often end up interacting with our own imagination instead of the person in front of us. The Frideborg Relationship Tarot Spread is a wonderful tool for piercing the veil of delusion and giving us insight into what is.

There are certain themes which are more riddled with blind spots than others and what those themes are can vary on an individual basis, so I wanted to create an adaptable Tarot spread, which can be done around any of the 22 Major Arcana keys. The reason I named this the Frideborg Tarot spread is that Frideborg is my middle name and also the name of the new digital Tarot deck I created last week. The spread was born when I was having a play with the cards in Orphalese (free divination software), intuitively laying the cards out in a figure-of-eight pattern…

Frideborg Relationship Tarot Spread Sample Reading

In the Frideborg Relationship Tarot Spread sample reading below, I chose to work with the Moon card (fear) as the central theme.

The Frideborg Relationship Tarot Spread Layout
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1. The Moon asks how fear is projecting shadows in this relationship.

2. What you fear may or may not be true about your partner.

3. What you fear may or may not not be true about you.

4. What is true about your partner.

5. What is true about you.

6. How to bring out the best in your partner.

7. How to bring out the best in you.


2. Strength – You fear that your partner is not strong enough or that there is not enough sexual chemistry there.

3. 10 of Pentacles – You fear that you may not be able to commit long-term.

4. 7 of Wands – Your partner is strong under pressure and knows how to hold his ground.

5. Page of Swords – You are naturally fickle as fuck. Deal with it.

6. Ace of Cups – Show your partner unconditional love and the fears will melt away. Your support will help him grow even stronger.

7. 9 of Swords – Face your fears in the light of day and avoid allowing them to haunt you as nightmares. You can use your mind to make better choices.

Themes for the 22 Major Arcana cards:

0. The Fool – freedom/innocence

1. The Magician – communication/trickery

2. The High Priestess – secrets/wisdom

3. The Empress – nurturing/creativity

4. The Emperor – authority

5. The Hierophant – tradition

6. The Lovers – true love

7. The Chariot – will power

8. Strength – lust/passion

9. The Hermit – isolation/me-time

10. The Wheel of Fortune – expansion of personal goals/mutual benefit

11. Justice – relationship harmony

12. The Hanged Man – sacrifice

13. Death – ending/divorce

14. Temperance – healing/a shared vision

15. The Devil – co-dependency/addiction

16. The Tower – a traumatic event

17. The Star – friendship/starting over

18. The Moon – fear/delusion

19. The Sun – self-realization/success

20. Judgement – a life-changing choice/paths diverging

21. The World – completion/long distance relationship

This is not a definitive list. The key is to choose one theme/keyword in order to create a tight focus for the reading. It is could to meditate for a while with your chosen Major Arcana card and really tune into its energy before you lay the cards out.

Any questions, please feel free to ask below.

Blessed be!

~ Lisa

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    1. YOU choose which of the 22 Majors to work with and the shuffle the rest of the deck to lay out randomly in the positions of the layout… so yes, DO use the full deck. Only the first card is chosen and taken out of the deck – the rest are rendered synchronistically.

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