The Menopausal Witch Tarot Spread

“You call me a witch as if it’s a bad thing…”

Journaling about my own perimenopausal angst the other day, I realised that someone needed to make a Tarot Spread about a woman’s four ages. Because as a friend pointed out – the Moon has four phases, not three, and the stage that we enter during perimenopause is neither Mother nor Crone… It’s Queen!

There is a Swedish word commonly used about menopausal women: klimakteriehäxa

It literally means menopausal witch and it’s used as a put-down (no extra points for guessing that!), adding to the pain of women going through the change. I mean – could we be any more unsupported by society!? We’re “past our prime” and have little value now that we can no longer bear children and patriarchy does not mince words on that one!

Beauty is the face of a younger woman. Every magazine cover tells us that much.

Yes, I do believe that menopause is a wake-up call to women who don’t believe or are not aware that we still live in a patriarchy and that very ancient power structures still determine our value as women. Hence it becomes our task to empower ourselves.

To me, it makes enormous sense that the process of menopause is highlighted in the time between the solar and lunar eclipse, while Mercury is still retrograde in Scorpio.

But the fact that it makes sense doesn’t make it any more pleasant to deal with. And I know I’m not alone in this because even though my post yesterday didn’t get any comments, people did contact me privately to let me know just how painful it was to them too.

So how can the Tarot help with peri- or any type of menopausal angst, depression or even rage?

A Menopausal Witch Tarot Spread and Sample Reading

I have created a Tarot spread which gives you an overview of all four ages of a woman and the lessons they bring. But it also looks at the actual process you go through mentally and emotionally during menopause. The physical side you can look up anywhere online so that is of less interest for the purpose of this spread!

If you need me to explain any of the card positions I’m happy to do so, but it really is pretty self-explanatory. This spread gives you the main lesson for each of the four stages and then there are four cards to help you deal with the actual peri- to post-menopausal period.

The card under the word ‘Menopause‘ is the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn). I’m amazed that there are three Capricorn energy cards here in my own spread! This means that I’m coming into my power as a Capricorn Sun sign during this time and that is indeed something to both be grateful for and to look forward to.

The most helpful stance for me to take is to just surrender to the life process (Hanged Man), go with the flow and allow a new perspective to emerge.

love raven liora

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  1. I have been a Crone for the past 17 years – and, let me tell you, …..Queen sticks – even after the “last dance”………….I am So much calmer now.:-)

    1. Post
  2. I'm not there yet, but I love this spread! I just wrote something about the aspects of the Goddess, as I read a novel which suggested five: Maiden, Bride, Warrior, Mother, Crone. I'm none too sure about the Bride, but I love the idea of the Warrior 🙂 Maybe I'll alter it to Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Queen, Crone…

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