The Shift Tarot Spread

When we experience a shift in consciousness, we have to reframe our experience of reality. This happens with a greater or lesser degree of urgency. The greater the desire to be of service, the greater the urgency to make sense of our new reality.

The Tarot can help us make sense what is going on. You might expect quite a large Tarot spread for something as involved and complex as a shift of consciousness, but sometimes, the bigger the event, the tighter we need the focus to be which is why a small spread might actually work better.

I predict that many people will experience a shift in consciousness over the next year or so. Things are becoming ever more polarised and this is jostling people’s brains about until they either pop out of their heads pop or drop into their hearts and they start living more from there. (Then there are those who just choose to continue to live in hatred of the ‘other’ but I have no time for that shit here.)

Dropping into the Heart

A heart-drop is what happened to me recently, and while the Bible may not be the first holy book that springs to mind when we discuss consciousness, there is actually quite a few mentions about the process. A couple of things spring to mind, such as a need to be ‘born again’ by water and by Spirit, as well as the time when Jesus tells his disciples that they must become like little children to enter his Kingdom.

Christianity is not the religion of the mind – we have Buddhism for that (I say that lovingly and with great respect) – Christianity is the religion of the heart. So for me to return to my Christian roots is very much about dropping down into the heart and finding ever greater levels of compassion for everyone around me.

The Shift Tarot Spread

I was curious about how the Tarot could direct me to do this in the most direct, practical and useful way. The following Tarot spread was born:

  1. The nature of the shift
  2. The main challenge after the shift
  3. How/where to implement the changes brought by the shift

A Sample Shift Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

  1. The nature of the shift – 9 of Cups. This shows a massive heart expansion… I’m literally gushing with love for the Lord and gratitude for his everlasting love for us. The wine corks make me smile. He turned water into wine and he also reminded us to think of him when we pass the wine around, so that the wine might become his blood for us.
  2. The main challenge – Knight of Swords. I have to speak my truth. I’m a public person and the Aquarian energy of this Swords Knight is very much out there. He isn’t hiding and he isn’t being apologetic about his truth. He makes a bold statement and knows that some people will be cut by it. My truth is the truth that the teachings of the Way are still alive today and needed more than ever in support of the poor and oppressed.
  3. How/where to implement the changes brought by the shift – The World. OK, so this is no small ask but I take it as a great honour and a sign that I can keep working toward wholeness and completion.

Incidentally, the word repent (Gr. metanoia) simply means to change one’s mind. Hence one way to speak of a shift in consciousness is to say. ‘I repented.’ I was going to call this the Repentance Tarot Spread but I realised it probably wouldn’t catch on. 🙂

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