the shift tarot spread

The Shift Tarot Spread

the shift tarot spread

When we experience a shift in consciousness, we have to reframe our experience of reality. This happens with a greater or lesser degree of urgency. The greater the desire to be of service, the greater the urgency to make sense of our new reality. Alternatively, the greater the pain of our current reality, the greater the desire for things to change radically and permanently.

Either way, the Tarot can help us make sense of what is going on. You might expect quite a large Tarot spread for something as involved and complex as a shift of consciousness. However, sometimes, the bigger the process, the tighter we need the focus to be which is why a small spread might work better.

I predict that many people will experience a shift in consciousness over the next year or so. Things are becoming ever more polarised and this is jostling people’s brains about until they either pop out of their heads pop or drop into their hearts and they start living more from there. (Then some just choose to continue to live in hatred of the ‘other’ but I have no time for that shit here.)

Crisis and Change

A crisis often acts as a crucible for transformation, thrusting us into a state of heightened awareness where the usual patterns of thought and behaviour are disrupted. In the turmoil, our priorities and perceptions can radically change, leading to a shift in consciousness. Through struggle, we may find new resilience and understanding, discover a deeper purpose, or cultivate compassion and empathy. This mental and emotional upheaval compels a person to reassess their values and beliefs. Sometimes this results in a profound personal evolution and a new way of engaging with the world around us.

This happened to me in stages between 2020 and 2023, regarding religious trauma, and realisation of the nature of the beast I was dealing with. Once I engaged actively in healing my trauma, a shift occurred.

The Shift Tarot Spread

The great thing about the Shift Tarot spread is how simple yet adaptable it is. This means that I can repurpose it as the metanoia-inducing spread it is. And it is especially useful to me in 2024, a Hanged Man year based on my Tarot Year Card.

the shift tarot spread
  1. The nature of the shift in consciousness
  2. The main challenge after the shift
  3. How/where to implement the changes brought by the shift

A Sample Tarot Reading with the Mystical Tarot of the Saints

sample reading with the mystical tarot of the saints
mystical tarot of the saints

The Nature of the Shift in Consciousness – Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands (Staffs) signifies a transition to a more assertive and passionate approach to life. This shift in consciousness is characterised by an increase in confidence, charisma, and warmth. The Queen embodies a figure who is both nurturing and a natural leader, indicating that your new state of being is one where you inspire others just as much as you pursue your own goals. This card suggests the integration of intuition and creativity into day-to-day living, as well as taking charge of your destiny with courage and determination. Embrace this fiery energy to realise your potential and spread positivity around you.

The Main Challenge After the Shift – 7 of Swords

The 7 of Swords indicates a challenge centred around issues of trust, strategy, and possible deception. After experiencing a profound change in how you perceive yourself and the world, you may find it difficult to navigate interpersonal relationships. There may be a temptation to act alone, to keep plans and insights to yourself for fear of being misunderstood or betrayed. This card warns against excessive secrecy or dishonesty as it can lead to isolation. In the context of a shift in consciousness, the challenge is to remain open and honest even when it feels risky. The test is in aligning your actions with your new sense of integrity and authenticity.

How/Where to Implement the Changes Brought by the Shift – 4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands (Staffs) offers a joyous message for implementing the changes brought about by your shift in consciousness. It symbolises community, stability, and celebration. This card suggests that it is within your personal relationships, community interactions, and through the celebration of your milestones that you will find the most fertile ground for applying your new insights. Building a solid foundation and honouring your achievements with others not only cements the shift you have experienced but also encourages collective growth. The sense of accomplishment and the support of others will be crucial in making the most of the transformation you have undergone. Celebrate your shifts in consciousness with those who uplift you and acknowledge your progress as part of a larger collective journey.

love raven liora

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