The Tree of Life Tarot Healing Technique

At any given point in time, you have all 78 Tarot Keys in your aura, superimposed on the Tree of Life that is the blueprint of your soul. Where these Keys are located gives you the sum total of how your vital life energy is currently flowing and expressing itself.

The following Tarot Healing Technique is performed as part of a meditation where you visualise yourself as the Tree of Life, connecting with Mother Earth and Father sky… surrounding yourself with the Guardian Angels of the Elements: Uriel in the North, Raphael in the East, Michael in the South and Gabriel in the West.

This Technique can be used any time you feel that something is out of whack, either physically or energetically. Use a deck that you have dedicated to Healing work. (Read this post on how to cleanse and dedicate a deck for Tarot Healing work.)

Light a candle and have your Tarot Healing deck at hand. Invoke the Angels of the four Quarters.

Find a comfortable seated position and simply take a few deep breath, visualising roots growing from the base of the spine, deep into the core of the Earth. Then visualise branches reaching up into the Heavens, touching Source Itself. Create a circular breathing pattern drawing healing earth energy up and out through your crown chakra, allowing it to re-charge in Source… back in through the crown and down into the Earth. Keep going until you feel relaxed.


The Rosetta Tarot is a beautiful deck for Tarot Healing work

Start by pulling one card (1) to represent your overall health. Place this card to the left.

Pull another card (2) to highlight one health issue you may be facing. This card goes in the middle. Personally, I use the Astrological correspondence for each card as a clue to where in the body/energy field there may be an issue. If you have pulled a Major Arcana card, you can also use chakra correspondences, which you will find HERE. Or you may simply choose to tune into how the energy of the card connects with any issue/challenge/misalignment you are currently experiencing… Trust what comes and give thanks for the lesson brought to you this way.

Pull a crossing card (3) to show you what challenge you need to overcome in order to heal this health issue.. A King (Knight in Thoth-based decks) or Queen here could be an indication that you need the help of a health or medical professional**

Next you will pull one card (4) representing Mother Earth – this is what currently nourishes and sustains you. This card goes below the second card. Give thanks.

Now pull one card (5) representing Heaven/Divine Grace – this shows you how to re-charge if/when you start feeling run down. This card is placed above the second card. Give thanks. A really ‘dark’ card here or in position 4 is a clue that the lack of connection may be contributing to your ill health, showing a need to reconnect by spending more time in Nature and Meditation.

To the right, place a card (6) which represents your health in the future. You can set any time frame you wish for this but stick to max 12 months. If this is not a card you like the look of, invoke Raphael, Guardian of the East and Master Healer and look at the card at bottom of the deck (7) for how to reverse or dispel this influence. Cards 3 and 7 then work together to bring healing and re-alignment.

Without going into great detail, I can reveal that I have been given an important heads up on a recurring throat/upper chest problem that I have (Gemini Prince of Swords), which will require some more medical attention (Knight/King of Swords) as well as TLC from family (10 of Cups).

**Always get in touch with your GP/doctor if you are experiencing worrying or persistent/recurring symptoms of any kind.

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

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