“What was the lesson?” Break-Up Tarot Spread


No lengthy introduction is needed for this spread. We’ve all been there… We thought he was the One and it turned out to be just another lesson. Sometimes it’s worth not looking over your shoulder but certain relationships leave you thinking there’s a lesson you were meant to get. If that’s how you feel then that’s your truth and you need to honour it… Tarot to the rescue!

1. Theme – The overall spiritual/higher reason for why you got together in this incarnation. A Major here can indicate a soul mate connection, as well as lessons carried forward from past lives. Example: The Sun – The higher reason is self-expression, courage and playfulness

2. What he brought – Individual theme for him (or her if you are in a female same-sex relationship.) This is what he brought to the table in order to create the dynamic underpinning the main theme. Example: 9 of Disks – He brought issues surrounding money and independence

3. What she brought – Individual theme for her (or him if you are in a male same-sex relationship.) This is what she brought to the table in order to create the dynamic underpinning the main theme. Example: The Empress – She brought  issues surrounding nurturing, sexuality and creativity

4. His lesson – What he was meant to learn. Example: The Moon – For those money-related issues and concerns about independence he was meant to learn to dive deep into his subconscious and face his deepest fears. His lesson probably spans more than one lifetime

5. Her lesson – What she was meant to learn. Example: 8 of Wands – For those Empress-related issues her lesson was to slow down and pause for contemplation, perspective and spiritual instruction

6. How he did – A report card from the Cosmos. Example: 6 of Wands – Initially brave and boisterous, pride may have obscured the vision and prevented him from diving deep into the murky waters of The Moon

7. How she did – A report card from the Cosmos. Example: The Lovers – She kept her heart open but may have struggled with making the right choices due to a lack of prudence which depends on deliberation

8. Karma – This indicates if there are cords that need to be cut. Example: The Devil – Yes, a definite sign that cord cutting would be helpful. There may have been karmic issues coming into this relationship with a Major as the first card and if anything, more karma has been generated. This doesn’t mean it can’t be resolved for each party individually though – All it takes is a willingness to forgive and release, both of which are usually easier once a bird’s-eye perspective of what is going on has been gained.

A whopping 5 out of 8 cards in this sample reading are Majors, a strong indication of a soul mate bond between these two. Even with the karma released and full healing taking place in this incarnation, it is possible that they decide to try the lesson again with slightly different parameters in another incarnation – at the level of the soul, we are ever so keen on getting it right and if it is with someone we love we don’t mind so much… 😉

Blessed be!