Dragon Fire Medicine Wheel Tarot Spread

The Dragon Fire Medicine Wheel Tarot Spread

The Dragon Fire Medicine Wheel Tarot Spread

The New Age/modern occult practices are just a revival of the ancient Gnostic deception. After my deliverance from a spirit of python, I no longer stand by what I have shared below. Only Jesus Christ saves. Only the blood of Christ has the power to heal, cleanse of us sin and drive out all wicked spirits. As of 9 January 2023, I only publish Christian content on Angelorum. I am keeping older posts to help people looking for answers in the realm of false light find Jesus.

It’s all beginning to come together and make sense… My love for dragons and the strong pull I felt toward learning Munay-Ki. Munay-Ki is a form of neo-shamanic rites, pass on to the world via Alberto Villoldo with the blessings of the Peruvian shaman masters he trained under and worked together with to make the 9 Rites of Munay-Ki fit in a modern Western context.

The other day I was reading D.J. Conway’s ‘Dancing with Dragons’ and there she writes:

(…) the priests of Quetzalcoatl referred to themselves as ‘the race of Dragon.’

Quetzalcoatl is in Munay-Ki seen as the organising principle of the Middle World, the world we live in and associated with the third eye chakra.

Before performing the 9 Rites (or any kind of healing work), the shaman opens sacred space by turning to each of the cardinal directions, calling on the winds of the South, West, North and East (in that order).

The power animal associated with the South is Serpent who teaches us to shed the past the way the snake sheds its skin.

The power animal associated with the West is Jaguar who teaches us to move beyond fear and death.

The power animal associated with the North is Hummingbird who helps tap the wisdom of the ancients, our ancestors, as well as to enjoy the nectar of life.

The power animal associated with the East is Eagle who lends us his vision so that we can fly wing to wing with Great Spirit and find solutions for any problems that arise on our journey through life.

The invocation is completed by greeting Mother Earth (Pachamama) and Father Sun (Great Spirit). 

You can try invoking these forces + the spirit of Dragon in the centre for guidance before you lay the cards out for the The Dragon Fire Medicine Wheel Tarot Spread. Please not that this is entirely optional. If you do call in spiritual assistance, please be aware that you must maintain a strong focus on the connection and close sacred space with deep gratitude and respect after you complete the reading.

If you like, you can use the following invocation for the guidance and wisdom of the most ancient order of Cosmic Creator Dragons, the Seraphim:

Oh, Seraphim, sacred winged serpents of Holy Spirit Fire! I humbly ask that you grant me wisdom so that I might bring Heaven to Earth and the love of Earth as an offering to the Forces above, walking the Beauty Path that Great Spirit desires for humanity. Help me balance my mind and my heart, my masculine and feminine energy and move forward in harmony with the All.

If you already know your Dragon Guardian, you may wish to invoke their assistance as well/instead. Feel free to use your own words for this purpose since only you know what type of connection you two have.

Sample Reading for General Guidance with the Dragon Tarot

The Dragon Fire Medicine Wheel Tarot Spread Sample Reading with the Shaman Oracle and the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot
Radiant Rider Waite Tarot and the Mystical Shaman Oracle
  1. The South/Great Serpent What I need to shed and leave behind in the past: 8 of Wands. I need to leave behind jumping to conclusions and wanting to cut corners/take short-cuts. I have to slow down so that I can see the bigger picture and learn in a way that sticks. As a Gemini rising, I have a ‘magpie mind’ and like to quickly collect lots of shiny facts/factoids and throw them together with haste to test them and see if the hold… This is not a method favoured of Dragons who prefer timeless wisdom of the kind that takes considerable time to gather and integrate in an objective and methodical fashion.
  2. The West/Mother Jaguar What fear I need to overcome in order to move beyond death and step into the fullness of power: 7 of Cups. Frozen with indecision (a living death) about choosing a spiritual path for myself is how I felt for much of my life. Again, my Gemini rising mind has been raising and I’ve doubted/questioned endlessly if I can be certain that the path I choose is the RIGHT path. Now the question itself is slowly falling away. It seems that enjoying the path is becoming more important than it being ‘right’ since right is arguably extremely subjective. And I enjoy the path of the Shamanic Witch more than any other path I have tried, so there is that… Plus it was only once I stepped firmly onto this path that I reconnected with the dragons, so yeah… I’m ready to move beyond this fear now. I’m ready to PLAY my way home!
  3. The North/HummingbirdWhat ancient wisdom will help me make the most of this new direction and drink deeply of the nectar of life? 3 of Cups. Celebrating life more. Focusing on building healthy, reciprocal friendships with kindred spirits. Truly befriending my spirit guides and ancestors, as well. Dancing and playing will nurture my creative spirit and feed my soul.
  4. The East/EagleWhat vision for the future will be most helpful to my path of Divine Service? 8 of Cups. How what I learned about getting myself unstuck from being frozen in indecision and unable to move forward on a spiritual path can help others get unstuck.
  5. Dragon Fire EmpowermentWhat do the Seraphim want me to know about connecting Heaven and Earth at this time? The Child. There is a return to innocence happening now. Thanks to becoming like a child (a wise child, not a childish one) once more and trusting my inner vision, I am able to connect deeply with the world of Spirit and find my way back home – a redemption of sorts. My one deep and abiding wish is to act as a bridge between the seen and the unseen realms – man and spirit – as a shaman or hedge witch.


Lisa Frideborg

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