13 Things to Do to Celebrate the New Moon in Cancer

Celebrate the New Moon in Cancer

Today (2016), the Moon is New at exactly 12 PM BST. It is new in caring Cancer, which happens to be ruled by none other than the Moon. Luna is also the ruler of Mondays. Hence, this is a bit of a special day for women everywhere… a day to celebrate womanhood and the divine feminine. ‘How can I do this, Lisa?,’ I hear you asking…

By actively developing your caring and compassionate nature and also by doing one of the things I have listed below… all of which can help you become more compassionate if that is your intent.

13 Things to Do to Celebrate the New Moon in Cancer

  • Wear white
  • Spend some time in meditation while holding a piece of selenite
  • Spend some mindful time with your mother/children
  • Heal any female health conditions through energy healing/magick
  • Honour one of your female elders (it can be someone who has passed over)
  • Create a Moon Goddess altar (decorate it with a statue of the Goddess, silver candles, Jasmine, white roses, pearls and seashells)
  • Meditate with the High Priestess (Moon) and/or Chariot (Cancer) Tarot cards
  • Create a simple Tarot Spell to set the intent for the New Moon
  • Plant some jasmine in your garden
  • Spend some time by a body of water
  • Connect with the Water Fae (undines, mermaids, star dolphins and nymphs) in meditation
  • Start drinking more water and bless the water you drink
  • Connect with Archangel Gabriel, ruler of the Moon

Bonus tip: If you are currently bleeding, this is a highly auspicious time to cast a truly powerful spell. Cast it for the benefit for someone else in the caring fashion of the Cancerian energy of this lunation. Since it is the New Moon energies we are working with, make sure that you cast a spell for something you wish to see increase in the life of the other person, such as peace, joy, good health etc.


New Moon Blessings )O(