7 Health Benefits and 7 Magickal Properties of Pine

Pinus Sylvestris

Pine essential oil (pinus sylvestris) is one of my favourite oils to use in massage blends for tired and aching muscles after a tough workout or run but it has many more uses for health and spellcasting. Our ancestors used pine to ward off evil. It had the power to not only clear the negative energy but to return evil forces to their source.

The ancient Romans used pine in spring equinox rituals to resurrect Attis, lover of the Earth Goddess Cybele. Attis had been transformed into a pine tree after being killed by a wild boar. The ritual reenactment of his resurrection ensured the return of life to earth after the winter months.

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree refers to the old pagan tradition of decorating the home with evergreens at Yuletide. The church tried to suppress this habit to celebrate the life force of Mother Nature but to no avail… It is easy to understand why people would want a reminder of the earth’s bounty when we contemplate that winter used to be an extremely harsh season which meant starvation for many people. Any light and hope would be extremely welcome during the darkest time of the year.

In spring, our ancestors would chew pine tree shoots to cure vitamin C deficiency. Scurvy is the main visible symptom of this deficiency. Chewing the shoots boosts the immunity of bodies weakened by a limited winter diet. Pine needle infusion is a traditional remedy for the common cold and cystitis.

You will find some useful information on how make an infusion that can be taken as tea or added to your bath to treat arthritis and gout HERE.

Physically, pine is an expectorant (loosens phlegm) and is used in many cough preparations for this reason. It is also antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic and antiseptic. Emotionally, pine is uplifting and energising. Mentally it helps with concentration.

NB. Never ingest the essential oil which is for topical use only.


7 health benefits and 7 magickal properties of pine
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