7 Root Chakra Healers

root chakra

The root/base chakra is the energy centre located at the base of the spine that relates to issues surrounding survival, security, sexuality, fear and the adrenal gland fight/flight response. Any time you feel fearful of poverty or ill health, this energy centre is taxed and the flow of energy becomes blocked. The main requirement for a healthy root chakra on the emotional level is a basic trust that you are supported in life.

People who have root chakra issues later on in life were often abandoned and/or abused as children. They never learned to feel safe. However, not everyone who has root chakra issues had an abusive childhood. Being overly obsessed with accumulating vast sums of money or being stuck in poverty consciousness also shows an imbalance here, as does sex addiction or frigidity.

A sure sign of a dysfunctional root chakra is that you keep bumping into things, stubbing your toe, tripping… This means your energy is not grounded into your physical body due to a root chakra blockage.

So what can we do to make sure this chakra is in balance? Quite a lot actually, besides wearing red (the colour of the root chakra) and using our intellectual understanding that we are supported – fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real.

Root Chakra Self-care

1. Get organised. The more organised and in control you are when it comes to finances and spending, the smoother this chakra spins. Being organised is not the same as being a control freak but it does take some mental activity and actually writing down what goes out and what comes in each month. It also means that you do not spend more than you earn and that bills are prioritised before pleasure and leisure activities.

2. Have regular meal times and at least one hot, homemade meal a day. This gives your physical and emotional body a feeling of being nurtured/supported and keeps your energy levels even.

3. Spend time around trees. It is through the root chakra we ground our energy deep into the core of Mother Earth. Spending time around trees, naturally reminds us of the importance to allow our roots to soak up sustaining and grounding Earth energy. Try sitting with your back against a tree and just breathe for five minutes. You will feel recharged and grounded.

4. Dance the root chakra. Native/tribal music that is heavy on drumming is ideal as this connects us to Earth energy and to our ancestral blood line. When you feel connected to the past in this way, it is easier to understand how infinitely supported your existence on earth actually is.

5. Eat the fruits of the earth. Root vegetables and wholegrain foods are grounding, nutritious and very affordable. This is a great way to make sure you get all your nutrients if you are on a shoe string budget. Win-win!

6. Work with red, brown, black and grey crystals. Use the ones you feel drawn to work with. Red jasper and black tourmaline are my two favourite root chakra stones. They have many uses and one of the most obvious ones when it comes to combatting fear/anxiety is in the form of palm stone as this can help relieve stress directly.

7. Work with the Tarot for a deeper understanding of how to heal any root chakra issues. More than just tools for working with archetypes, you can also use the Tarot vibrationally, by placing a relevant card over your chakra or using a card to make a Tarot essence. Learn more about how to use the Tarot cards for root chakra healing in the video below.


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