Health Tarot Reading Dos and Don’ts

Most of what you will find in this article about Tarot health reading dos and don’ts is just common sense. But as some of you already know, common sense is so rare that it’s considered a superpower these days.

So… Should we read about health issues at all? Some say no and point at the risk of litigation as a main deciding factor. Others believe that unless you are a health care professional you really don’t have anything to add to the discussion.

However, if you have worked with the Tarot for any amount of time, you will have come to adopt a holistic view of life as a whole, understanding that your state of mind affects your well-being and that a healthy human is someone who has a good balance of the Four Elements represented by the four suits in the Tarot. You may also already have experienced how the Tarot cards relate to the chakras.

That said, here are some of the absolute don’ts:

Tarot Health Reading Don’ts

  • Never ever diagnose anything
  • Do not predict life-span/death date (You’d be surprised but people sometimes ask!)
  • Do not give information about how to treat or change the treatment for a diagnosed condition
  • Do not tell your client to stop taking a certain type of prescribed medication
  • Never consider mental health issues to be within your grasp just because they don’t affect the body

Tarot Health Reading Dos

  • Only read on specific health-related questions*** and always from a holistic point of view
  • Only read on the above specific health-related questions after you have made sure the client is receiving proper medical care. Otherwise, you must refer them to the appropriate medical professional first
  • Be very clear that any advice you give out is complimentary and that the client should only follow it if it doesn’t contradict the doctor’s advice
  • Look at the client’s emotional well-being and how that could be affecting their overall health
  • Look at factors in the environment that may contribute to dis-ease
  • Look at the overall elemental balance or any cards that you relate to the chakras
  • Know when to refer the client to a healthcare professional

Are You a Tarot Healer?

In addition to the advice given above, if you feel very drawn to use the Tarot for healing work, do study up on correspondences and also consider learning some sort of holistic healing modality.

I find that my work with both Bach Flower Remedies and Reiki is helpful in my Tarot work. All holistic modalities, of which I consider Tarot one, help inform and enrich each other. It is from this integrative way of working with Tarot and energy medicine that I came to develop Tarot Essences.

You may find that some Tarot decks speak more clearly than others about health-related issues and that combining the Tarot with Oracles such as the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle, Chakra Wisdom Oracle or the Psychic Tarot Oracle works best. The Crystal Tarot is another great holistic deck for questions about health if you work with crystals since the cards have remedies on them.

What’s your favourite Tarot and/or Oracle deck for doing readings on health-related questions? How has your own health benefited from working with the Tarot?


*** Sometimes clients come to us and just want to alleviate worries about symptoms that they are unsure of and have yet to seek help for. They want the reader to tell them that they are not going to be ill, or at least not seriously ill. These clients must always be encouraged to seek medical help for their symptoms.

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  1. I think you got it all covered here Lisa, good job. I prefer not to read for health issues at all unless it is in the sense of helping the client deal with things. Unless you are a Dr anything that doesn’t compliment their treatment or diagnosing is probably the biggest no no in Tarot for me.

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      Thanks Sandra, glad I seem to have managed to remember to cover them all! I was quite shocked to learn that some Astrologers who work professionally DO diagnose in readings.

      1. It’s not too surprising. Traditional astrology has a wonderful method of diagnosis that actually does take a holistic worldview. Of course, traditional astrologers will still recommend seeing an actual physician, but it’s amazing what a horary can present and reveal.

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