Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview

Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview

Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview

This is not my first copy of the Norse Tarot by Clive Barrett. I used to own a second-hand copy that I had bought on eBay but something was off with the energy of that deck and I ended up getting rid of it. Those of you who are sensitive to energy can probably sympathise. I thought the deck of out-of-print and forgot all about it until I stumbled upon an Instagram post where a proud owner of a brand new Norse Tarot was showing off the deck, saying she had bought it directly from Clive Barrett. This was music to my ears because I missed my Norse Tarot and the temptation of getting a brand new copy, without sticky energy, was too great to resist.

I decided to go for the Norse Tarot deck and book set, including the Journey Book because it was the best deal and I am glad I did. Before I only had the deck and, flipping through the book, I can already tell that it will come in useful, especially for the Anglo-Saxon runes that I’m not familiar with (though I do intend to learn that system too). As some of you know, I work exclusively with the Elder Futhark.

To be honest, I can’t remember if I had the LWB for the previous copy but if you decide to go for the deck without any of the books, you get a folded-up sheet as your LWB. You can see this LWB below and also the deck backs. If you can’t cope with the very tiny font type, this is not for you – You will need the companion book!

Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview - card backs & LWB

The Card Stock

I think the card stock is a bit thinner in than in the previous edition but I might be wrong since it’s been a while. To me personally, thin card stock is better than card stock that is on the thicker side but that’s because of my preferred method of shuffling and I know plenty of readers who disagree with me.

The cards themselves have a sheen to them but are not super glossy to the point of being a pain in the arse to photograph. I mean in this Insta-age, that should be one of the FIRST considerations for any deck creator if they wish to get their cards seen on social media… I’m going off on a tangent here but I have to get this off my chest because this is my biggest beef with the otherwise stunning Star Tarot.

Video Flip-through of the Norse Tarot

I did a quick flip-through video below, showing all 78 cards in the deck. You can either view it at a slower speed or stop at the cards you want to see more clearly if you feel I’m going too fast for you.

Below, you can see a sample page for one of the Major Arcana cards in the companion book titled ‘The Norse Tarot for the Viking and Saxon Peoples.’

Tyr - Strength. The Norse Tarot for the the Viking and Saxon Peoples.

And below are three pages from the Journey Book – The first is for notes about a Major Arcana Card and the second for notes about the Minors. As you can see there is a lot less space for the Minors. There are some good compendices included at the back of the Journey Book and the first page (third and final image below) has a Norse Pagan Wheel of the Year image which I really like. The journey book is also a great Tarot study resource for anybody wanting to learn the Golden Dawn correspondences.

Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview
Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview
Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview

Norse Tarot Deck Interview

Norse Tarot Deck Review and Interview

1. Describe yourself in three words or lessAce of Cups

NT: Overflowing with love

Me: Love for our Norse roots, the Aesir and Yggdrasil?

NT: *nods in agreement*

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words or less?9 of Wands

NT: Stalwart sentinel

Me: That sounds spot on from my past experience of working with one of you and it is a good fit with the Viking vibe!

The Ace of Wands as the Gift! Woohoo!

3. What gift do you bring?Ace of Wands

NT: Courage

Me: I can totally see that!

4. What do you expect in return?King of Discs

NT: That you accept and honour the heritage of your forebears by doing your best, working hard and leaving behind the best possible legacy for future generation.

Me: Wow, not a small ask but I’ll do my best and it is easier now that I feel much closer to my ancestors and my ancestry than before.

5. How can you help me serve?7 of Cups

NT: I help you make better choices. I know that sounds pretty general but that is what you rely on the Tarot for. Thanks to my connection with our common roots and ancestry, I help better than many decks with the right perspective and bigger picture.

Me: Yes, I do feel part of a greater whole when I work with you. It’s a good feeling. The sense of being rooted gives me security which in turn provides greater clarity.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself?Strength

NT: You really can rely on guidance for right living from me. I will lend you strength when you feel troubled and help you move forward with dignity and faith in yourself and your abilities.

Me: Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you!

love raven liora

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