Tarot of Dragons Review and Deck Interview

Tarot of Dragons Review

The Tarot of Dragons deck and book set arrived a few days ago. I wanted some time to familiarise myself with this deck before publishing a Tarot of Dragons Review. That is because I rarely have such a strong visceral reaction to a deck as I did when I saw the preorder info for this deck. The stunning artwork is by Firhat Solhan. Rarely have I seen such gorgeous dragons!

But the concept and companion book by Shawn MacKenzie deserve equal recognition. Shawn knows dragons and has worked with both them and the Tarot for decades. This set is a treasure trove of knowledge, in other words! This set is published by Llewellyn Publishing. I was delighted to find that they now produce sturdier boxes with flip-top magnetic lids. Here are a couple of shots from inside the box.

Wisdom of the Dragon Realm, the Guidebook for Tarot of Dragons, by Shawn MacKenzie
The High Priestess adorns the book cover
Tarot of Dragons Inside the Box and Card Backs

Aren’t the card backs gorgeous too? And what about that proud Emperor on the inside cover?! *swoons*

The card stock is not the best, however. The cards feel a tad flimsy, even to me, and I don’t normally mind thin-ish cardstock. But I expect (hope) the gloss coating will help protect them, though my preferred coating normally would be silky matte. I will be extra careful when shuffling because I already know I want this deck to last a loooong time!

As far as I can tell, not many of the cards have been renamed. The only court cards that have non-traditional titles are the Kings. They are referred to as ‘Sires’ in the Tarot of Dragons. Then there is The Shaman for The Magician.

The Guidebook – Wisdom from the Dragon Realms

The guidebook is really well made, with full-colour illustrations, a page of card meanings for each card, and five Tarot spreads (three bespoke). There are 204 pages in the guidebook. You can view a sample card meanings page for The Tower below.

Tarot of Dragons - Card Meanings for The Tower

Shawn MacKenzie’s take on the Tarot is similar to my preferred way of using the cards:

While some people see the Tarot as oracular, I see it as a means to cut through mental and emotional clutter. In retrospect, you will find that the reading didn’t tell you much that you don’t already know, but that knowledge was hidden beneath fears, anxieties, and life’s distractions. The Tarot digs deep and helps you unearth it. (Wisdom from the Dragon Realms, p. 190.

The sample spread below looks ideal for clearing the mental and emotional clutter… Can’t wait to try it!

Tarot of Dragons - The Dragon's Tail Tarot Spread

Below, you will find a video flip-through to music of the Tarot of Dragons. It’s not a full Tarot of Dragons review since it only shows the cards (no commentary either). Personally, I prefer to read my reviews and not have to wait to see all the cards or hear someone else’s long-winded thoughts about them.

Video Flip-Through to Music

Tarot of Dragons Deck Interview

Tarot of Dragons Deck Interview

Describe yourself in three words or less. Ace of Pentacles

ToD: Matter that matters

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words or less? The Shaman

ToD: Elemental mastery

3. What gift do you bring? Strength

ToD: Every time you work with me, you will be guided by dragons and feel their strength beside you.

4. What do you expect in return? Queen of Wands

ToD: That you act on the guidance with confidence

5. How can you help me serve? Judgment

ToD: I will be there for all the big decisions you need to make, especially regarding your mission/life purpose.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? 10 of Pentacles

ToD: Out of all the Tarot decks you pass on to your grandchildren, I will be the one that you have the most fun with and that all the kids will be fighting over.

Me: Sounds like I’m going to have to save up and buy some backups!

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