Review of the Little Guide Deck oracle cards by Angel Skog

The Little Guide Deck Review and Interview

Review of the Little Guide Deck oracle cards by Angel Skog

The Little Guide Deck by Angel Skog is such a bright and sunny deck that it feels perfect to review it today. I’m in the North of England and the rain is pouring down yet again. It’s another day at the supposed height of summer with almost wintery conditions.

The summer of 2024 is going down in my personal history as the worst summer of all time. It’s starting to take a toll on my mental health to only get odd glimpses of the sun all summer. Thankfully, I did the video flip-through below one one of those rare days when the sun had burned through both artificial and natural clouds.

Angel Skog is a lovely Swedish Tarot reader and deck creator who has a popular YouTube channel. I recommend you check The Nordic Light out if you haven’t already. While she doesn’t offer personal readings, her pick-a-pile readings are always engaging and uplifting. You can buy the Little Guide Deck from her website She currently offers free international shipping with the voucher code ‘freeshipping’ (July 2024). I’m not an affiliate.

The 55-card deck arrived in the UK very well packaged and in less than a week after I placed the order. It seems my native Sweden and UK now also have a tidy tracking system set up so I knew where my parcel was along the way.

The Little Guide Deck Flip-through to Music

As you can see, each card has a clear watercolour image and just one keyword. I love the simplicity of this and find that the keywords and images are excellent jumping off boards for making further associations and synthesising meanings of cards in a spread. Furthermore, I find that the Little Guide deck pairs beautifully with the Tarot, highlighting and clarifying where needed.

Another use I have found for this deck is as a focal point for my daily Tarot draw on TikTok. I still use other decks to help formulate the question for the Tarot but the Little Guide Deck is quickly becoming my favourite. One of the things I love the most about this deck is how well it bridges the mundane with the higher spiritual planes.

The card backs remind me of the turquoise waters of Lemuria, threaded with the golden light of Christ Consciousness. The cardstock is a good quality and the finish is silky matte. Shuffling this deck is very enjoyable as it is the size of a deck of playing cards. (I have small hands.) But enough about what I think… Let’s interview the Little Guide Deck and also involve the Tarot in the process since the already work so well together!

Little Guide Deck Interview

The Little Guide Deck and The Biblical Tarot

1. Describe yourself in three words or less.

Resolution with the Nine of Feathers/9 of Swords

LGD: I offer resolutions

Me: Yes, I can’t help but think that Peter could have done with your guidance on the night he chose to betray Yeshua.

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words or less?

New Beginning with Mother Mary/The Empress

LGD: Encouraging and nurturing

Me: Yes, I can see that–So perfect!

3. What gift do you bring?

Protection with the Nine of Grains/9 of Pentacles

LGD: I protect you from going into negativity and despair about this earthly realm and instead help you make the most of the opportunities offered here so that you can truly prosper.

Me: Wow, that’s not bad for a tiny deck of oracle cards! I already feel the truth of this. You do act as a bridge for me between Heaven and Earth and make this incarnation more tolerable.

4. What do you expect in return?

Time with Yeshua/The Sun

LGD: Just that you recognise when it’s your time to shine and that you understand that you can’t spend most of your life hiding your light from the world.

5. How can you help me serve?

Cleanse with the Five of Candles/5 of Wands

LGD: When life hands you lemons, I can remind you how to make lemonade. and please know that you don’t ever need to compare yourself or your circumstances to anybody else; You just need to trust that in every moment, you can reset your energy and realign with the Light of your heart, just like Joseph had to do, over and over again. You may feel you have been dumped in a hostile environment but you have the power within you to turn everything around.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself?

Intuition with The Devil

LGD: I’m capable of proving to you that it is safe to trust your intuition and that your heart is good. Trusting your intuition will set you free from the bondage of self-criticism and negative self-talk.

Me: Thank you so much, Little Guide Deck. I’m already enjoying our friendship so much and look forward to working with you for many years to come!

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