Stop Doing These 5 Things for Peace of Mind

Stop Doing These 5 Things for Peace of Mind

Stop Doing These 5 Things for Peace of Mind

To find peace of mind in troubled times isn’t easy… Or it isn’t until you awaken fully. You see, the reason your mind is not at peace is that you are still asleep to what is real. Instead, you’re tossed this way and that on the seas of illusion. Hence, awakening fully equals (re-)gaining your peace of mind. In today’s post, we will look at five things you need to stop doing to give yourself peace. These five things are things that keep you trapped in the illusion.

1. Stop Judging

As soon as you realise that the way individuals perceive things is not exactly the way they are, it becomes easier to release judgment. Judgment leads to tension and a lack of peace. This is because judgment leads to a need to be right and to prove your hypothesis, typically skewing perceptions further due to the bias established.

2. Stop Trying to Control the Perceptions of Others

The truth does not need to be defended. It is enough to state the truth. If others do not resonate with the truth, you can’t make them. They are on their own path, for reasons unknown to you. Do not judge their perception as bad or wrong and yours as good and right. Simply trust that the truth stands in its own right.

3. Stop Worrying About How You are Perceived

It is none of your business how others perceive you. Your only business is to align with your own calling and then to stay in your own lane. Persistently working away at your calling will attract all the right people to you. And they are the kinds of people who appreciate you for who you truly are. Why would you want to attract anybody else into your life?

4. Stop Resisting Change

The only certainty in life is change. Accept that many changes happen due to causes unseen and unknown to you. Accept that those causes are in harmony with the Whole in ways that you do not understand and adapt accordingly. Again, focus on your own calling and vision for moving forward. Do not allow yourself to get swept away by the collective trauma caused in times of global upheaval. This way you can fulfill your divinely ordained mission during times of change and transformation.

5. Stop Clinging to Outdated Habits

It can be very tempting to cling to old habits in times of change. They feel safe and familiar, right? However, those very habits are part of why we remain stuck when the world around us is changing rapidly. They could even prevent us from discovering great opportunities that only occur because of the very changes that we are trying to prevent from encroaching too much on our lives. If you feel stuck and uncertain about how to move forward, remember that motion creates creative momentum. Start by moving your body in new ways and the mind will follow. I highly recommend doing the 75 Hard challenge as a way to get unstuck.

Bonus Tip

If you are reading this, chances are you have already stopped doing this for peace of mind… But if not, now is a GREAT time to stop watching the news. Swap the ‘noose’ for some good books, like the Tao Te Ching, the Gospel of Thomas, the Poetry of Rumi or Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Your quality of life will improve by at least 95%, guaranteed.


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