7 Health Benefits and Magickal Properties of Jasmine Essential Oil

jasmine flowers magical properties

If you are anything like me, you won’t be able to walk past jasmine in bloom without sticking your nose into the flowers and inhaling deeply. It’s a totally magical and natural high. The word that springs to mind when I think about the scent of jasmine is ‘bliss.’

The scent of jasmine is cooling and arousing at the same time.

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Jasmine essential oil is incredibly expensive in its pure form, so the most common way to buy it is diluted. The actual flowers and sprays containing jasmine essential oil are traditionally used as an aphrodisiac for young Asian couples on their first night together.

An easy way to get your jasmine fix is to drink it as tea. Because of the cooling effect, I wouldn’t recommend it in the winter though. I suppose it depends on how sensitive you are to the cooling/warming effects of herbs but I can actually get shivers from jasmine green tea when I drink it in the winter.

Esoterically, jasmine corresponds with the Moon and Archangel Gabriel. It is therefore the best scent to use for lunar magick, to invoke Archangel Gabriel and for any workings involving the home, breasts, mothering or female reproduction. Interestingly but not surprisingly, the health benefits and the magickal correspondences overlap as Jasmine is also one of the main essential oils to bear in mind for women’s health.


* Boosts the mood. There are several other essential oils that can lift the spirit but jasmine essential oil is one of the most effective in giving an almost instant high. Rub a couple of drops of the diluted oil between the palms of your hand and place your hands over your face so that you can inhale the aroma deeply.

* Expectorant. While lifting your mood, inhaling the aroma also does your lungs good! It helps clear out phlegm, just like Eucalyptus (another cooling oil).

* Balances hormones. Can help regulate irregular periods and put off the onset of menopause.

* Increased milk production. Breastfeeding mothers can benefit from the galactagogue effect of jasmine. This effect also prevents sore lumps in the breasts and according to some even breast cancer but the jury is out on the latter as I have yet to read any scientific data supporting this.

* Partiturent. While best avoided during pregnancy, jasmine essential oil is one of the best oils to use during childbirth. It is calming and uplifting and eases the pains of giving birth.

* Libido enhancer. As mentioned earlier in the article, this is a traditional remedy for increasing arousal and feelings of romance. Therefore it makes an excellent oil to use in an erotic oil massage blend together with rose, patchouli and ylang-ylang. Jojoba or almond oil make excellent carriers.

* Diminishes scars. Can help reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes on your skin. Be very careful to not use on broken skin though as jasmine can be an irritant/allergen and it is always best to do a skin sensitivity test first.


* Use as a blessing/dressing oil for white candles for general blessing, lunar magick or any magick invoking the aid of Archangel Gabriel.

* On a charm/talisman for increased happiness.

* Any spells for fertility or successful, healthy childbirth.

* Tarot Magic spells where The High Priestess is used.

* To honour/invoke the blessings of the goddess Diana/Artemis.

* Healing spells for breast, uterus or ovaries.

* Spells for a new, spiritual lover and to help an existing relationship or your love, in general, to ascend to a state of higher love.


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