simple dark moon ritual and reflection

Simple Dark Moon Release Ritual

simple dark moon ritual and reflection

The astronomical New Moon falls on the witch’s Dark Moon. Magick for manifestation is traditionally not done until the first sliver of the New Moon is visible in the sky, which is usually the day after the calendar New Moon. Hence, tonight we celebrate the Dark Moon, the perfect time for releasing and clearing out unwanted energy, thought patterns, clutter and toxic relationships.

Devotees of the Dark Mother leave offerings at the crossroads and/or on altars for Her tonight. She is a refuge and a comforter to those in need. The Dark Mother is the Allmother, ‘Pammetor‘ in Greek. She is known by many names: Cailleach, Hel, Kali, Nephthys, Santa Muerte, Hekate, Morrigan, the Black Madonna, the Crone Goddess, Mother of Dragons…

Hear Her Cry

We need Her more than ever and we need to recognise Her in each other. She is the one crying out now… Whether you hear Her crying in agony over those of her children who are still abused by men in power or whether you can hear her battle cry depends on where you are at on your own journey but not long ago, we all tuned into the same frequency, heard and acknowledged Her lament for those who are oppressed.

Hearing this lament fuels both sorrow and rage – both of which are totally legitimate feelings for where we are on our global journey. Both are needed, and both trigger transformation. And for those of us who are survivors, it can help us tune into any deeply repressed unhealed grief. As we work on healing on an individual level, we heal the collective.

So today, let go of the need to be a success in the eyes of the world. Those eyes don’t know what the heart knows anyway. Those eyes don’t recognise that our most valuable treasure lies within. Go deeper tonight. Go to Her with everything for release and renewal.

Simple Dark Moon Release Ritual

This is a Dark Moon Ritual of non-doing. It’s permission to simply BE and FEEL. You can follow the suggestions below or say ‘Fuck that shit’ and do your own thing. It’s all good, as long as you are true to yourself.

The only requirement is that you honour your soul by taking a few minutes of quiet time for release and reflection.

* You can also light a candle because it can help set the mood for going within in a way that electric lighting simply can’t.

* You may wish to make an offering to Her of some kind. It doesn’t have to be food or a libation. It can be a dance or a poem, or something you crafted, or a flower… Trust yourself to know what is appropriate.

* Make yourself comfortable. You may wish to sit or lie down – Either is perfectly fine.

* Scan your body for tension. Talk to the tension, either out loud or in your mind. Ask the tension what its message is. If you feel you are OK with releasing it, thank it for serving as a way-shower and politely ask it to leave. Breathe it out, gently and deeply… You will know when it is done. Keep scanning your body this way until all tension has been released.

Talk to it and ask it to reveal itself…

* If there is stubborn tension that refuses to leave ask it to tell you more about itself. Ask for a colour, shape and texture. Visualise the object that presents itself leaving your body. If the release is blocked due to an inability to forgive, allow yourself to go ‘Fuck it’ and forgive the other person (or yourself!) anyway – Not to condone bad behaviour in any way, but because you deserve to be free of this tension/burden.

* Cry as much as you need to. Tears go hand in hand with release…

* Ask the Dark Mother to comfort you and fill you with Her compassion. Ask Her to show you what it would be like to accept yourself radically and completely. Again, simply relax and breathe as She fills you with Her love. You will know when it is done.

Give thanks and make a journal entry in your Book of Shadows. You may wish to try the Dark Moon Tarot spread or just pull one card for a message from the Dark Mother. The Dark Moon is a wonderful time for divination. You will find 300+ Tarot spreads for Personal Development here.

love raven liora

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