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A Dark Moon Tarot Spread

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We’re coming up to the New Moon in Capricorn tomorrow, 11 January 2024. I already created a Tarot spread for the Capricorn new moon but I thought it might be nice to prepare ourselves with a Dark Moon Tarot Spread today.

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In the Wheel of the Year, the solar equivalent to the Dark Moon is the Winter Solstice. So every month, we get a chance to go within, rest, contemplate and start planning what seeds to plant for the next lunar cycle. The exact time of planting those seeds varies depending on which tradition you adhere to. Some do it on the day of the New Moon while others prefer to wait until the first sliver of Crescent Moon becomes visible in the sky.

Dark Moon Goddesses

Traditionally, witches turn to an aspect of the Dark Goddess at this time of the month but you don’t have to do that. If you choose to connect with the Dark Mother but aren’t sure which of her ‘faces’ you can best relate to, ask her to guide you. Go through the list below and see if one of them jumps out at you.


Known as the queen of the night and the goddess of witchcraft, Hekate is associated with crossroads, entranceways, light, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery.


Often considered a symbol of independence, equality, and sexual freedom, Lilith is associated with the dark and feminine aspects of life. She represents rebellion, dominance, freedom, and sexual liberation.


Regarded as the goddess of time, change, power, creation, preservation, and destruction, Kali is associated with empowerment, fierceness, protection, and the transformative energy of the dark aspects of life.


As the queen of the underworld, Persephone embodies the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She represents the duality of nature and is often linked to themes of transformation, renewal, and the mysteries of the underworld.


In Norse mythology, Hel is the ruler of the realm of the same name. She rules the underworld and those who die of natural causes. The Goddess Hel embodies themes of death, rebirth, and the passage to the otherworld.

Black Madonna

Revered in various cultures centred around Marian devotion, the Black Madonna represents the dark or hidden aspects of the divine feminine. She links to concepts of mystery, compassion, and transformation, embodying the nurturing and transformative powers of the divine.


Associated with war, fate, and death, Morrigan is a Celtic goddess often depicted as a crow or raven. She embodies sovereignty, prophecy, protection in battle, and the power of fate and transformation.

Harnessing the Power of the Dark Moon Goddesses

Use the eight-card Tarot spread below to connect with the qualities and energies of the seven Dark Moon Goddesses mentioned above and tap into their guidance for self-care and renewal. Light a candle before you begin and ask for the protection and guidance of the Goddess.

You may also wish to invoke the aspect of the Dark Goddess you feel most drawn to. This spread works best if you think ahead to what you wish to manifest at the New Moon and the options you face for this. That way, you will be able to make the most of position 1 a+b in this spread.

Really take your time with this spread and contemplate the qualities of each Goddess when you interpret the card. Don’t be surprised if you hear from one or more of them!

A Dark Moon Tarot Spread for Self-care and Renewal

dark moon tarot spread for self-care and renewal
  1. a + b Hekate’s Crossroads
    This card represents two options concerning the best way forward at the time of the upcoming New Moon. Ask the Dark Mother to show you the best way forward. You need to have a specific situation in mind and assign values to the a+b positions. You will then choose the option that most appeals to you.
  2. Lilith’s Liberation
    This card reflects an aspect of your life where you can cultivate freedom and sensual self-expression.
  3. Kali’s Empowerment
    This card signifies an area of your life where you need to reclaim your power.
  4. Persephone’s Renewal
    This card guides you towards an area of your life that is ripe for renewal. This is where to plant your seeds during the New Moon.
  5. Hel’s Passage
    This card signifies what you need to let go of for the transition you are currently going through.
  6. Black Madonna’s Nurturing
    This card represents a way to nurture and show compassion to yourself during this Dark Moon.
  7. Morrigan’s Protection
    This card signifies an area of your life where you need to invoke protection and strength. Call on the Dark Mother for this!

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