the wyld godde tarot devil

The Wyld Godde Tarot Devil

the wyld godde tarot devil

The Wyld Godde Tarot Devil symbolises all of life’s little (tiny red devil) and big (traditional tarot devil) triggers and traumas that disconnect us from our power source. Both of these devils can only operate when we fail to remember that we are one with that source. They function as a side effect of the veil of forgetting that we receive at some point between conception and the age of about 5-6.

Big T Traumas such as childhood abuse can lead to nefarious wiring of our subconscious mind. This wiring then serves to intermittently dysregulate our emotions. Dysregulation, in turn, perpetuates the illusion of us being separate from Godde/Source/Creator.

Essentially, there are only three different basic emotions that occur when we are dysregulated: anger (fight), fear (freeze/flight) or grief/loss (despair). Of these, the latter, grief/loss is the one that has the strongest choke hold in terms of perpetuating the illusion of separateness.


Anger happens when someone or something stands between us and what we desire. It makes us want to lash out. It makes staying calm very difficult. When our mind and physiology are in a state of anger, we are never able to make any life-giving choices. Anger also wreaks havoc with the healthy functioning of our organs if we allow it to run away with us.

This emotional state affects our solar plexus (seat of power).

The corresponding tarot card from a psycho-spiritual point of view is The Tower.


Fear happens when we are under some kind of threat or believe that we are. For someone suffering from childhood trauma, this can be a near-constant state. You may have learned early on that nowhere and nobody is safe. Anxiety is a form of fear. Think of fear in terms of an animal under threat of prey. They either roll over and play dead (freeze) or run for their life (flight).

The natural response in a life-or-death situation is for the body to empty its bowels so that it can escape. This is why this emotional state affects the gut. If you suffer from CPTSD, you most likely have gut/digestive issues.

The corresponding tarot card from a psycho-spiritual point of view is The Moon.


Loss happens to all of us at different points in our lives. It can be a small loss or a big one. Nobody else can quantify it for us. For instance, to one person, the loss of a household pet can be a relatively minor loss and to someone else, it can be hugely traumatising. Another example is the loss of a working environment and the company of colleagues when a person retires. To one person this can feel like the end of life itself and to another person, it is just the end of a phase.

But when we grieve a loss, it hits our heart chakra and this is why it strengthens the illusion of separateness more than the other two states. Because it is through the heart chakra that we connect or plug into Source. Physiologically, it is entirely possible to literally die from a broken heart.

The corresponding tarot card from a psychospiritual point of view is Death.

Yeshua and The Devil

Jesus conquered death. Whether you believe that he actually rose from the dead or not, his resurrection can serve as a metaphor for the human spirit conquering the devil. It proves that love is stronger than death and that nothing has the power to eternally disconnect us from our loving Source. The devil then serves as a metaphor for the ego-mind that perpetuates the illusion that we are separate from Source.

From a higher perspective, since everything, including the devil, comes from the same Source, the devil can be seen as the gatekeeper between your Spirit-Self and a transcended state of being, beyond all duality.

7 Questions from the Wyld Godde Tarot Devil

  • What is your greatest fear?
  • When did you last suffer a great loss and how did you respond?
  • Who and what triggers anger in you?
  • What are you running from?
  • What are you still grieving that happened a long time ago?
  • Where in your body are you currently experiencing an energy blockage signalling a disconnect from Source?
  • What can you do regularly to remind yourself that you are whole and connected and that everything else is an illusion?

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