wyld godde tarot judgement

The Wyld Godde Tarot Judgement

the wyld godde tarot judgement card

The Sun, the card preceding Judgement, symbolises the individuation and reintegration of fragmented parts of the self. It is a card of healing and wholeness. In the Wyld Godde Tarot Judgement card, you can glimpse The Sun in the background. That is because the solar soul retrieval must always precede the calling represented by Judgement. Only when we know our subconscious selves consciously can we understand what we are here to do. And that, my friends, is why some of us are late bloomers.

Judgement is also a card of choice. Sometimes, the more important choices we make can shift us from one timeline to another. These are the fork-in-the-road or sliding-doors moments in life. Maybe you can recall one or two of those yourself. Perhaps you ponder how different your life might have turned out if you had chosen the other path or option from time to time.


The three coffins in the Judgement card represent the three parts of the self that need to be integrated before we can move fully into our calling. They are the solar/conscious self, the lunar/subconscious self and the wounded inner child. The middle coffin is the largest and represents the wounded inner child. This part of the self is the key. It carries the passion and vitality that we need to move firmly onto our path. And this passion and vitality only become available once we have healed our inner child.

That’s not to say we can’t start working or doing great things before then. It just means that once we have healed our inner child, we can take things to the next level. This is the level that is our soul’s blueprint for our current incarnation.


So the coffins represent the three ego deaths or initiations we must all experience on our Fool’s Journey.

The death of the solar self means the death of our pride. This can happen in stages and through many humbling trials. Often, it takes a Dark Night of the Soul to shed the final vestiges of ego pride.

The death of the lunar self means the death of the fears that drive our subconscious programming. This death is dependent on us being willing and able to face and heal our shadows. In other words, just as the moon depends on the sun to shine, our subconscious selves need the light of consciousness to heal. If we are projecting instead of owning those shadows, we are unaware and there is still work to do. We know we are done when we no longer judge others.

Like the midwinter sun, the wounded Christ child (Sun/Son) never truly dies but needs to be resurrected all the same. It has been buried alive and it is waiting to spring back to life within our hearts. This reawakening happens when its parents, the lunar and solar selves, have been healed and reintegrated.

The Angel

The Angel represents the voice of the Higher Self or our Holy Guardian Angel. Once we have reintegrated the missing pieces of ourselves, we can hear their voice clearly. But, more importantly, it becomes imperative for us to follow that voice. There may be a sense of urgency, realising how short our earthly lives are. And if there isn’t, a daily memento mori practice may be good medicine. Meditating on the coffins in the Judgement card or on the Death card in the tarot can help.

7 Questions from the Wyld Godde Tarot Judgement

  • What would you say your calling or mission is in this lifetime?
  • How well are you currently able to fulfil that calling?
  • What vital piece is missing right now for you to be able to fulfil your mission?
  • What action(s) can you take to retrieve this piece?
  • Who are you here to help?
  • Exactly how are you meant to help them?
  • How will earth be a better place after you fulfil your mission?

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