hay house boycott charity event

Hay House Boycott Charity Event

hay house boycott charity event

An official Hay House Boycott has been brewing for some time now. Ursula Clarke rose to the challenge by setting up a Hay House Boycott site, a FB page and a Twitter account for this very purpose. Not only that, she came up with the genius idea of turning this boycott into a way of raising money for charity with this event. ETA 26/10/17: The FB Page and Event have been deleted by Facebook without any notification as to why. Stand by for a group to be created… And HERE IT IS!

Here is the event video Ursula made:

I had already managed to purge my collection of most of my Doreen Virtue decks but I had these four left so here is my eBay listing. 100% of money from this sale will go to the RSPCA. It felt apt to help animals in need of rehoming since Doreen Virtue decided to give away 300+ of her own rescue animals that she had promised their forever home.

Will this Hay House Boycott make a difference?

It will if you add your voice to ours and take part, as well as share as much as you can on social media. Use the hashtag #hayhouseboycott so that we can find, like, share and retweet if you do decide to take part.

One great way to get as much as exposure as possible is to change your FB profile picture for a while:

My personal reasons for taking part in the Hay House Boycott

In addition to the many objectively valid reasons listed on Ursula’s hub site about this boycott, I want to list a few personal reasons…

  • I’m outraged. And if you are not, you just don’t have all the facts yet. I have shared all I know in this post.
  • Hay House are counting on getting away with it. After all, they got away with covering up for Doreen Virtue giving out wrong suicide info back in 2012.
  • Legal action is not possible. At least not for me personally since I don’t live in the US but I will take part if class action does go ahead.
  • I’m doing this as part of my embodiment of the Divine Feminine now that Doreen is trying to turn the clock back 150 years with statements such as this: “All holy angels are ranked and submit themselves to God’s authority, just as a wife is admonished to be submissive to her husband.” I raised this point on a couple of the Hay House FB pages. It got me blocked and my comments were deleted.
  • I have been personally bullied by the Virtues. Michael Virtue sent me the note below with the reimbursement I got for the Angelologist course:

You can read about my reasons for requesting a refund for the Angelologist course HERE but I will briefly say (in the context of this event) that the main reason was that Doreen and Michael decided to give away all rescue animals that my course fee was supposedly helping to sponsor. At least this way, I get to use some of the money I spent on Doreen’s products to help rescue animals who will hopefully end up with people who keep their promises.



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  1. Wow. Thanks for your documentation of the darker side of Dorreen. I’ve used her decks in the past, and I have a couple of her books, which I’ve referred other people to as well, though I haven’t in a few years, as I’ve been kind of feeling like Dorreen is going off the rails a bit, especially with her anti-vaccine stance, and now that she is going more extreme / conservative Christian.

    There are *so many* paths to god. I want to say it baffles me when people start to preach there is only one path… but it’s not really baffling, just follow the dollars.

    Thanks for the updates, I appreciate you putting this out there. This is why it’s so important for all of us to keep our brains plugged in so we can remain grounded while we do our various spiritual work.

    Have a wonderful day, Kate

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