2017 Snow Moon Tarot Giveaway

In honour of this weekend’s triple celestial event (Snow Moon, Eclipse and Comet), I’m hosting a Tarot Giveaway today. Get posting your questions in the comments and I will answer as many of them as possible. Please read the instructions carefully before posting:

  • Make the question be about you (no third-party or ‘psychic spying’)
  • Make the question succinct and suitable for a one card draw (questions with multiple options such as ‘Which of these three…?’ won’t work)
  • Don’t get bummed out if I don’t get to your question. I do the questions in the order they come in, and as many as I have time for today (and only today, 10 February). ‘First come, first serve’… IF the question is suitable for a mini reading. If I don’t get around to yours or if your question is one that would require a bigger spread, you know where to find me for a private reading.

This is a suspicious time for letting go, so asking about what you need to release now is highly appropriate but you can, of course, ask about other things.

Because comets are about luck (bad or good), you can ask about the luck factor too… although this is not for the faint of heart as it concerns fated events. If you’d rather not know, ask about something that is more likely to be within your power to control instead.

OK… Hit me with your questions! Ready, set… GO!

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg