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There is a lot of confusion about what a Twin Flame really is and also about the true purpose of a Twin Flame union on earth. So let me begin by clarifying some of the truths and myths about Twin Flames:

A Twin Flame is…

  • literally your other half
  • someone who will unite with you on earth when you are both ready to form a divine vessel for grace and unconditional love to flow out into the world
  • always with you in spirit, even when not physically close
  • someone who embodies the divine feminine/masculine in a way that is complementary to you

A Twin Flame is not…

  • a romantic partner in the traditional, third dimensional sense
  • something that we all get to experience physically in our current incarnation
  • necessarily the same age
  • someone who walks up to you out of the blue and tells you they are your Twin Flame (inner knowing, not words!)

The most common reason for forming Twin Flame relationships here on earth is because old souls are ready to come together to serve in this capacity. These two souls will have a contract to meet up.

However, free will still comes into play and the readiness of each Flame will be tested. The Flame who has spent more time in meditation and done more work in terms of personal/spiritual development will be quicker to remember.

It can be really painful to meet up with your twin flame before they are ready; It is one of the biggest tests of our trust in the ultimate goodness of the Divine that we can encounter here on earth. Please do not despair if this has happened to you. All will be well.

It could be said that Twin Flame love is the most elevated form of divine service, as it becomes physical evidence of unconditional love and divine union which transcends polarity.

Again, the whole purpose of the Twin Flame relationship is service in the form of full embodiment of the I AM presence here on earth.

This does not mean that you and your Flame are some kind of “spiritual upper class,” it simply means that you have reached this stage of your journey by the grace of God.

Some of the signs that you are ready for Twin Flame love are:

  • a deep, abiding desire to be a reflection of God’s love and light in the world
  • an inner knowing that your Twin Flame is also on the earth plane
  • a deep, abiding trust in your own inner knowing
  • an awareness that you are here to usher in fifth dimensional living
  • a knowing since childhood that there is only One soul that you can unite with in perfection (not to be confused with the Hollywood ideal of the perfect romance!)
  • trust that all is well and will be well, always

I have created a Tarot spread  for Lightworkers who want to explore their own readiness for a Twin Flame relationship.


1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity
2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)
3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)
4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)
5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)
6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)
7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)
8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.

Use a Tarot deck dedicated to lightwork for this reading, such as the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue or the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori.

Please feel free to share your own readings, questions and comments below and don’t forget to share this post on all your social networks if you believe it might be helpful to fellow seekers!

Blessed be!

☆ Lisa Frideborg

178 thoughts on “Are You Twin Flame Material?”

  1. Hello Lisa, I haven’t met my Twin Flame but wanted to do a reading anyway. I haven’t gotten the hang of every card, however, I did try. I wasn’t sure about position 3, 5, 6, 7 and the outcome. If you could clarify those cards, it’ll be well appreciated. Thank you and blessings to you.

    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity 2 of Cups I’m ready to serve.

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you) The World Spiritual Enlightenment, completion and fulfillment.

    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame) Ace of Wands Expanding their potential?

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you) The Hanged Man To let go of any limitations or fears, surrendering. It can also mean balance, as well as patience.

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame) The Star Unsure about this one. Self-awareness?

    6. How you are already connected The High Priestess Through our subconscious.

    7. Divine guidance The Lovers Being guided by the universe. For timing it could mean May 21 to June 20. Not good with timing.

    8. Outcome – 3 of Cups I pulled a clarifier and the Empress as well as the 10 of Pentacles flew from the deck. Unconditional love that will last a life time? Or 2 becoming 1?

    1. Hi Ms. Wright, 3. Inspiration 5. Transparency 7. Yes, Gemini 8. Which aspect of the 3 of Cups were you clarifying? The Empress + the 3 of Cups could mean raising a family together with the 10 of Pentacles. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you. With the 3 of Cups and the Empress I was clarifying what it could mean for the outcome in serving together. My first thought was raising a family together, but I already made it clear to myself that I didn’t want any children. For position 6, can you clarify the High Priestess as well? Again, thank you very much.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I am super late to this, but I wanted to share my reading and I am hoping you could help answer a couple of questions? I used the Herbal Tarot as that’s the only set I have – is that a problem? Thank you in advance!

    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity:
    King of Wands – I take it as a positive card, but I am not sure if there’s a deeper meaning to it.

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)
    Death – this card really resonates with me. I changed a lot over the last year and I finally mustered up the strength to end some unhealthy influences in my life. I take this card as confirmation for my readiness for the twin flame relationship.

    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)
    Strength – My situation is a bit complicated (aren’t they all) in that I met my twin flame through a guy I thought I am going to marry. My twin flame was in a very similar, long-term relationship. I think what this card means is that my twin flame is gathering his strength/courage to approach me.

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)
    Five of swords – I think this card refers to my complicated situation. I feel like total crap for falling for my former partner’s colleague. The twin flame and I flirted quite a bit while still in committed relationship and we shared a moment when he was single and I was still in a relationship. I feel like maybe I’m projecting too much onto this card?

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)
    The Emperor – I am not sure how to interpret this card. Could it be about my twin flame’s work? (he works with my former partner, which is a huge obstacle for me). Any suggestions?

    6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)
    Knight of Wands – the card shows a man walking and the sun beaming high. This makes me think of the way I met my twin flame: my then-partner and I moved from New York to California for my partner’s job. Back then I didn’t even know that something like “twin flame” existed. I am not sure if I am getting it right, but it seems to me that this card confirms that I met my twin flame already?

    7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)
    Two cards fell out when I was choosing a card for this one. The first card was Two of Cups (which I kept) and the second card was Nine of Pentacles. I put away the Nine of Pentacles back into the deck, but I wanted to mention it in case you can
    Two of Cups is obviously the better card of the two. I think this card confirms that we will be united but does it say anything about timing? Does the Nine of Pentacles have any meaning here?

    8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.
    King of Cups – I think that’s a resounding yes? This card got me really scared for some reason. I literally cannot look my twin flame in the eye because the feeling is so intense I don’t think I can handle it. When I looked at the card and how intensely the king is looking at the cup – this is what I was reminded of.

    I am fairly new to the world of Tarot and Twin Flame. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. i met and lost my twin flame. We were only together for a few (off and on) months but had been friends for a couple years before things became too much to handle; mostly being us being both overlly sensitive and empathic to where we were weighing eachother down with eachother’s mental and emotional baggage…it didn’t help that I was in a very tricky situation financially and emotionally right before I met him. He took care of me like a helpless baby bird then set me free. The breakup was strangly mutual where we both wanted to end things for our own sanity but it was a long process of finally breaking free. I feel so healed from the experience yet I feel really sad to say goodbye as I’d never had a connection like that in my life I could literally feel his heart and his thoughts and felt so incredibly cared for… Outcome for this spread was the death card.

      1. Hmm…so we’ve reconnected recently and I pulled again now…the death card came up for #7 this time; divine guidance and I pulled a couple for outcome and strength/queen of pentacles came up…then wheel of fortune jumped out of the deck as I was setting down the cards..any opinions on meaning of outcome #8? I think the death card for advice might mean that we are both letting go of the old and making way for the new and that we won’t be able to fully reconnect until that stage is over…(both of us still going through it in our lives)

          1. I tend to pull more than one…at a time…I think it’s just the way I pull cards, whatever wants to come out, comes out; but has proved accurate for me (when I can actually interpret them though XD) Kings and Queens for outcomes always confuses me..but I do think strength is restraining deeper feelings (since we’re trying to be friends now) but nonetheless q of p; a union that is pure, loving, and moreso grounded in reality (prior we were definitely dealing with alot of fantasy.)

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I’m a TF in separation ~ I’m the awakened Feminine.
    Thank you so much for this spread and the opportunity for help in interpreting! 🙂
    My spread is as follows:
    1) Readiness – 9 of cups
    2) my soul’s purpose- 7 of swords
    3) his soul’s purpose- 7 of Wands
    4) my karmic- 8 Wands
    5) his karmic- Queen of Pentacles
    6) already connected- 3 of pentacles {so true! My card shows a black smith and my twin was a black smith in a past life with me}
    7) guidance- page of Wands
    8) outcome- Death
    The bottom of the deck of cards is the 4 of Wands ~ I always take notice of that as well.
    Thank you for your help!
    Bright Blessings,

    1. Hi Karrie, please provide your own interpretations and ask specific questions on any card(s) you may be stuck on. Thank you! Blessings, Lisa

  5. Thank you for this! Here are my thoughts…and my interpretations (I’m not super experienced so your insights will be valued, and appreciated!)

    1 – Queen of Fire (I am ready – confident and warm and ready to love and give those things)
    2 – Justice (Standing up for what’s right without fear of being approved of or abandoned)
    3 – The Lovers (ability to make good choices, confidence in following intuition)
    4 – The Star (Open heart willing to embrace new beginnings brought on by faith and trust in the Divine Purpose)
    5 – Five of Fire (Competing goals and being ensnared with society’s expectations or traditional views of what a relationship “should be”)
    6 – Nine of Earth (Fairies, love of Nature, Imagination)
    7 – Knight of Earth (Looking at things from a new perspective)
    8 – Awakening (Creative new solutions, birthing new perspectives on things and doing them differently (like opening a new, alternative school) – breaking tradition and expectations of society)

    Can you help with some of your insights as well?

    1. Hi Grace, sorry for the late reply, it seems your comment was hiding in the moderation queue. Please ask specific questions about any of the card(s) you feel stuck on. Cheers, Lisa

  6. Hello! I was kind of shocked to see your article about a twin flame spread, but I went ahead and did one for myself, and I thought I should share it because it is kind of exciting. I used the Sirian Starseed Deck.
    1) Ascension (The World)
    2) Five of Chalices (5 of Cups)
    3) Four of Chalices (4 of Cups)
    4) Adept of Chalices (Knight of Cups)
    5) Seven of Crystals (7 of Pentacles)
    6) Ace of Crystals (Ace of Pentacles)
    7) Master of Orbs (King of Swords)
    8) I felt guided to pull two cards: Nine of Chalices(9 of Cups) and Two of Chalices (2 of Cups)

    I really love how life purpose wise we sync up, but I feel that both cards are kind of sad. However, I feel like both of us are supposed to help those who are addicted and went through a lot of trauma because we both did. I tend to be the Knight of Cups completely offering my love, but if I get spurned I go to another partner per se to get affection. By the way he and I are both single and not seeing anyone else. Seven of crystals for me shows that although he works really hard, he doesn’t feel like people really appreciate him. I feel that he doesn’t feel that he is worthy of love. I also feel sometimes a lack of faith and impatience from this card in this context. Ace of Crystals is a little confusing. I think it means signs of physical new beginnings? The King of Swords, *sigh* court cards always confuse me, especially when they discuss something abstract like synchronizations. Do you mind telling me your thoughts about this card? I would greatly appreciate it. And of course when I saw the last two cards I did not even want to interpret the other cards haha. I have gotten those two cards a lot in the past couple of months. I think they are pretty amazing. I think from the spread description that it is an obvious sign that we will serve humanity together whether it is only on the spiritual plane or the physical plane or both. I am hoping and starting to see the physical though. Thank you so much! Much love!

    1. Hi there, I would take the Master of Orbs as what characteristics (i.e. those of the King of Swords) to look for as you are likely to have a physical connection going by the Ace of Crystals. Blessings, Lisa

  7. Lisa,

    I got Princess of Summer/Page of Cups as my outcome. I saw this as the possibility of coming back together as new people and having a new relationship or new experience…Or is it more likely saying that one, or both of us continues to idealize love relationships and expectations out of a love partner? Thanks for your feedback.

    1. I would need to know what the other cards in the spread are to say for sure but it is possible that the Page of Cups speaks of fantasy and idealizing love relationships – especially since that is flagged in your own mind. Now that you are aware of it, the work can begin… 🙂

      1. Thank you for the reply. Since you see the whole thing now, I was also a little stumped on my challenge, The Sun. Here’s my original spread and interpretations :

        1. My readiness to serve in TF capacity – knight of cups. Not right now. I still have a sense of impatience and urgency within me.

        2. My souls purpose – Ace of Wands – Not being afraid and living up to my potential

        3. TF souls purpose – Five of Pentacles -Learning to ask for help.

        4. Karmic lesson/my challenge – The Sun- Being greatful for what I have and what I receive.

        5. Karmic lesson/TF challenge – Ten of Pentacles. Honoring family traditions.

        6. How we are already connected – The Moon – Through our intuition.

        7. Divine Guidance about coming together – The Wheel of Fortune – Accept the timing of destiny.

        8. Most likely outcome of serving together in this incarnation- Princess of Cups – A new relationship or personal experience.

        1. Hi, The Sun as a karmic lesson is about developing a strong sense of self, confidence and trust in yourself. It resonates very well with the Ace of Wands. Blessings

  8. Hi Lisa,

    What a great exercise! Thank you for sharing!


    Here are my Interpretations:

    1. YES! Inner peace after stress
    2. My soul’s purpose is to be a spiritual advisor
    3. Their soul’s purpose is to give light to others. Perhaps, as an entertainer.
    4. My Karmic Issue is to let go of attachments to material things.
    5. Their Karmic Issue is to surrender their ego
    6. The Magician means we can work together for the highest good.
    7. The Sun means that we can just enjoy each other.

    Any thoughts?

    Love and Light,

    1. Sorry Lisa. #7 The Two of Swords is a forced surrender for peace and #8 is the Sun, which means we can fully enjoy each other.

      Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much!

      Love and Light,

        1. Sorry for the confusion. LOL

          It is a Five of Wands for my Twin Flame’s Soul Purpose, which according to your description, we can be our worst enemy. That prevents us from unconditional love and forgiveness, since we hold onto anger and resentments from past trauma and in doing so take on their issues. Only when we release this we will be able to move forward.

          Thank you for taking the time to look this over and reply to me.

          1. Hi Lisa,

            I would like to add to my Soul Purpose by saying that as an Empath, I need to detach and depersonalize from emotions with clients when necessary by setting healthy boundaries. In addition, be assertive in a loving way, instead of coming off cold.

          2. Two of Swords for Divine Guidance is my biggest confusion and The Magician for how we are connected. I just need come clarification. Not sure if I had the right interpretations. I appreciate any additional feedback. Thank you!

  9. Hello Angelorum,

    I have been doing readings regarding a specific someone who I actually fled a month ago without a word.. we were fighting (nothing serious, but the bickering and his lack of direction was driving me crazy.) I did this reading, keep in mind the cards Justice, 6 of cups and Judgement come up often when I do readings regarding him.

    1 – Justice

    2 – Six of Swords

    3 – Four of Swords

    4 – Three of Wands

    5 – Queen of Swords

    6 – The Empress

    7 – King of Swords

    8 – Ten of Pentacles

    I keep getting readings regarding him calling for Justice/Judgement, and I did a Celtic Cross reading for him once and he got Justice as the final card.

    I have been gone a month with no word, and we have not contacted one another. Something feels unfinished to say the least. I’ll mention that he is always represented by either Death or the Moon.

    Unfortunately I cannot return to him because his behavior was not right, and if I do, he will see it as me saying it’s okay.. so for now I wait.

    Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts, God bless.

      1. Hi Angelorum,

        My reading of this tells me that I have a karmic bond of some sort with him that will ultimately result in some sort of marriage/family/home (10 of pentacles as the outcome.) However, the card that confuses me the most is card 7, the King of Swords. I understand that this is about synchronicity and divine guidance, but I am not sure how to interpret this card in that position. Any help would be great. Thank you!

        1. The King of Swords emphasises communication, staying clear and objective… but very much in touch. This is the Gemini King… so chat away! If this refers to timing then it would be late spring/early summer. Blessings, Lisa

  10. This is painful to write. I am kind of confused by my reading, so I was hoping for some clarification. I am pretty new at tarot. I picked up a deck because I felt the universe trying to tell me something. Weird things keep happening and I am missing something. Someone advised I use Tarot to help guide. I have mostly been practicing but something in my life that has always weighed heavily on my soul was my twin flame. I have spent many years doing a lot of self healing. I know I have a lesson to learn and as painful as it is I am committed to being better, doing better. I have a spiritual awakening a few years ago. Everything in my life kind of led up to it and I didn’t really know it was happening until it did. So I met my twin flame in high school. I always knew he was part of me and even though we have not had any contact in 10 years I still feel him with me. We both have families, happily married (we are friends on Facebook, but we don’t really use it communicate). I dream of him often. I almost feel as though we are together in an alternate reality. My dreams are too realistic, to ordinary to be a dream. Like grocery shopping or driving to the bank. (Who wants to dream about that) What I do know, is that we are on separate journeys for a reason. I accepted that a long time ago. I am focusing my energy on my purpose now, but every once and a while I feel the pain of the separation. I know my guide won’t let me completely separate from him-Why… I don’t know? There is always a song, a scent, a sound, that brings me back to him. So I used Tarot a few times to help guide my thought process.

    And I stumbled across your article. I was looking for something else Tarot related but something about this spoke to me. I did my reading and being that I am still learning what the cards mean individually I have a lack of understanding on how they translate together. So this is what my guide gave me:

    1- 6 wands: I believe this means I still carry the hope that one day we will reconnected in this life. Even if it was only a brief encounter to feel that completeness again will be worth all the waiting this life has to offer me.

    2- 7 Cups: This is where I am confused…..Am I making all this up? I thought this was a dreamers card? I mean I dream of our life together. I feel as though I am on the outside looking in. I know in my heart that our life is meant to be separate for this journey. Is this card just reinforcing that notion? Things are not what they seem is how I was reading this.

    3-Wheel of Fortune: One of the reasons I backed away from the relationship years ago is that he had a plan, he had a vision what he wanted his life to be and so far he has accomplished that. As much as I wanted to be the person he saw in his future I knew I wasn’t able to give him what he needed or what he thought he needed or what he wanted.

    4-The Magician: I feel caught. Between the world I am physically living in and the world I know I belong to. I always felt like I was torn between two places but this card makes me feel as though I am right in my feelings. But I haven’t found balance. I know I am brink of something but I don’t feel like I have the capacity to grasp it. Its been a struggle knowing what I know-It is a burden I am carrying alone, but I am strangely happy to do so. Another interesting aspect about this card is that also contains the infinity symbol. I am finding that the more readings I do this symbol is very prevalent in one or more cards, especially pertaining to this subject.

    5- 5 pentacles- (Reversed) This is the card that has me stumped. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is holding him. I know he’s a runner. He always felt he deserved more. In more ways than one he was more focused on outside than the inside. It was very superficial. I get it though…..I don’t hold any negative feelings. My family life was a mess at the time and I don’t blame him for not wanting to be a part of that. He couldn’t see past the things I had no control over.

    6-9 pentacles ( How we are connected?) While I love this card and everything it stands for I can’t for the life of me figure what it means. I know there is some meaning hidden and it will make sense at some point. Is it possible this is how we may become reconnected? The rest of the cards are giving me some doubt.

    7-Queen of Wands- Again, I love this card and what it stands for but I am sure how it translate to the reading? I am not sure if that is because I already know him. Any insight would be appreciated. It seems like an important card but I am missing something.

    8 – The lovers (reversed) OF COURSE! I mean seriously….. did you have to rub it in. 🙂 In all seriousness though I know I have been given the gift of knowledge and I am forever grateful. I love I feel for him has been a beacon of light in my life for a long time even though it has not been reciprocated in same way. I have no regrets, I allow my guides to reveal things to me as needed. Which might be why I am confused.

    I know there is a possibly that we will not connect again. It is a painful thought for me. I can feel him with me, his energy, but its not the same. I am so hopeful our paths will cross again. I have a wonderful life otherwise. An amazing husband who I know is my life partner this time around. Two incredible kids, a beautiful home and my life is amazing. Through it all I have learned to manage with that part missing from me. I have my dreams to look forward to. When I feel complete and he’s there.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance and advise. I am really looking forward to growing with Tarot. So far they have a been a great medium for me.

    1. The 9 of Pentacles shows me that you are not connected. What you experience in dreamtime is only your fantasy… He’s not actually sharing that experience with you on the astral plane. The Queen of Wands is divine guidance about pulling your energy back and using it for Number One… yes, that would be YOU! Right now, you are leaking an awful amount of energy to this nothingness. It won’t last though. All the best! Lisa

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