Are You Twin Flame Material?

Twin Flame love symbol image

There is a lot of confusion about what a Twin Flame really is and also about the true purpose of a Twin Flame union on earth. Not everyone is Twin Flame material. So let us begin by clarifying some of the truths and myths about Twin Flames:

A Twin Flame is…

  • literally your other half
  • someone who will unite with you on earth when you are both ready to form a divine vessel for grace and unconditional love to flow out into the world
  • always with you in spirit, even when not physically close
  • someone who embodies the divine feminine/masculine in a way that is complementary to you

A Twin Flame is not…

  • a romantic partner in the traditional, third-dimensional sense
  • something that we all get to experience physically in our current incarnation
  • necessarily the same age
  • someone who walks up to you out of the blue and tells you they are your Twin Flame (inner knowing, not words!)

The most common reason for forming Twin Flame relationships here on earth is those old souls are ready to come together to serve in this capacity. These two souls will have a contract to meet up.

However, free will still comes into play and the readiness of each Flame will be tested. The Flame who has spent more time in meditation and done more work in terms of personal/spiritual development will be quicker to remember.

It can be really painful to meet up with your twin flame before they are ready; It is one of the biggest tests of our trust in the ultimate goodness of the Divine that we can encounter here on earth. Please do not despair if this has happened to you. All will be well.

It could be said that Twin Flame love is the most elevated form of divine service, as it becomes physical evidence of unconditional love and divine union which transcends polarity.

Again, the whole purpose of the Twin Flame relationship is service in the form of the full embodiment of the I AM presence here on earth.

This does not mean that you and your Flame are a kind of “spiritual upper class,” it simply means that you have reached this stage of your journey by the grace of God.

Some of the signs that you are ready for Twin Flame love are:

  • a deep, abiding desire to be a reflection of God’s love and light in the world
  • an inner knowing that your Twin Flame is also on the earth plane
  • a deep, abiding trust in your own inner knowing
  • an awareness that you are here to usher in fifth-dimensional living
  • a knowing since childhood that there is only One soul that you can unite with in perfection (not to be confused with the Hollywood ideal of the perfect romance!)
  • trust that all is well and will be well, always

A Twin Flame Material Tarot Spread

I have created a Tarot spread for Lightworkers who want to explore their own readiness for a Twin Flame relationship.


1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity
2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)
3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)
4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)
5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)
6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)
7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)
8. Outcome – This shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.

Use a Tarot deck dedicated to lightwork for this reading, such as the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue or the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori.


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  1. 1. King of wands
    2. 2 of cups
    3. The Emperor
    4. 8 of swords
    5. Hanged man
    6. 6 pentacles
    7. Ace of cups
    8. Empress

  2. Hi i tried this spread. Here it goes:

    1. Your readiness: 2 of Cups – means that male and female energy within me is balanced and ready to express it outwardly.

    2. My soul’s purpose: 8 of Cups – there is withdrawal here or being solitude, trying to search for one’s purpose and seeking some answers.

    3. twin flame’s purpose: Justice – to bring fairness and equality. To relay the truth. (Still new to tarot in interpreting the Major arcanas)

    4. My karmic issue: ten of cups – seeking emotional contentment and joy within the family/friends or potential partner.

    5. Twin flame’s karmic issue: 4 of Pentacles – there are issues about highly attachment in wealth creation to the point of being obsessed by it.

    6. How are you already connected: 4 of Cups – probably, i already met my twin flame. However, i am too busy thinking what i want that I missed the opportunity of connecting to the other person.

    7. Divine guidance : The Fool – a new venture or journey where I will be having a leap of faith and courage.

    8. Outcome: Ace of Cups – a new relationship that is emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

    I have this positive vibe that I already met or that I am almost near in meeting my twin flame. Any feedback or insights? Thanks.

  3. Hi Lisa: I was happy to see there was a 2018 post here…you wrote this in 2012! But I am new to tarot and found this to be interesting, thank you. Would appreciate any knowledge/insight you could give. I am in contact with TF but not in union.

    1. Readiness – 9 of Swords – Ouch from the start…I think it means I worry too much and feel anxiety about my abilities. That I would need to really make some strides in that area to be ready?

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you) – Knave of cups – I write for living, so could that be it, some topic I need to get out into the world that would help others? I read on your site the knave of cups is super emotional also…maybe to help others share their emotions safely?

    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame) 10 of cups – maybe his soul’s purpose is to radiate the power of the union to inspire others…or just to live the good life and truly appreciate it?!

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you) knight of pentacles – I seriously have no idea, maybe I am not serious enough with my work or finances? Can you tell me what this may mean?

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame) – 4 of pentacles – he is very terrified of being broke actually. Could it mean he needs to work through that fear?

    6. How you are already connected – 4 of cups – we have both been hurt in marriages, so we are connected in a fear of love and intimacy. Could that be it?

    7. Divine guidance – Judgement – I am hoping it means that the devine will make it happen.

    8. Outcome – 9 of cups – the state of being of this card seems pretty good to me as an outcome, I would take it;)

    I think out of all of them I am most confused about my readiness card and my karmic challenge card, and his.

    Many thanks advance, I have really enjoyed your site.

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      Hi Catherine, I’ve come to revise my view on TF’s since studying Jungian Psychology. I see the whole concept as a projection of anima/animus and believe our goal should be to integrate the ‘Other’ within in order to become whole. I can help with your card meanings though. 9 of Swords means worries and anxieties… and since this reading is about love, maybe ask yourself why you are worried that you are not whole in yourself but need someone to complete you? The Knight of Pentacles as a challenge could mean that you are looking for quick fixes. Pinning your hopes on ‘The One’ could be one such quick fix… since really TF’s is about a life-long process of soul alchemy rather than about finding the ‘right one.’ If your intended is very worried about finances then yeah… a spiritual union of any kind will be difficult since he will require basic material needs to be met first. Blessings, Lisa

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  4. Hello Lisa, I haven’t met my Twin Flame but wanted to do a reading anyway. I haven’t gotten the hang of every card, however, I did try. I wasn’t sure about position 3, 5, 6, 7 and the outcome. If you could clarify those cards, it’ll be well appreciated. Thank you and blessings to you.

    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity 2 of Cups I’m ready to serve.

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you) The World Spiritual Enlightenment, completion and fulfillment.

    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame) Ace of Wands Expanding their potential?

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you) The Hanged Man To let go of any limitations or fears, surrendering. It can also mean balance, as well as patience.

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame) The Star Unsure about this one. Self-awareness?

    6. How you are already connected The High Priestess Through our subconscious.

    7. Divine guidance The Lovers Being guided by the universe. For timing it could mean May 21 to June 20. Not good with timing.

    8. Outcome – 3 of Cups I pulled a clarifier and the Empress as well as the 10 of Pentacles flew from the deck. Unconditional love that will last a life time? Or 2 becoming 1?

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      Hi Ms. Wright, 3. Inspiration 5. Transparency 7. Yes, Gemini 8. Which aspect of the 3 of Cups were you clarifying? The Empress + the 3 of Cups could mean raising a family together with the 10 of Pentacles. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you. With the 3 of Cups and the Empress I was clarifying what it could mean for the outcome in serving together. My first thought was raising a family together, but I already made it clear to myself that I didn’t want any children. For position 6, can you clarify the High Priestess as well? Again, thank you very much.

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  5. Hi Lisa,

    I am super late to this, but I wanted to share my reading and I am hoping you could help answer a couple of questions? I used the Herbal Tarot as that’s the only set I have – is that a problem? Thank you in advance!

    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity:
    King of Wands – I take it as a positive card, but I am not sure if there’s a deeper meaning to it.

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)
    Death – this card really resonates with me. I changed a lot over the last year and I finally mustered up the strength to end some unhealthy influences in my life. I take this card as confirmation for my readiness for the twin flame relationship.

    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)
    Strength – My situation is a bit complicated (aren’t they all) in that I met my twin flame through a guy I thought I am going to marry. My twin flame was in a very similar, long-term relationship. I think what this card means is that my twin flame is gathering his strength/courage to approach me.

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)
    Five of swords – I think this card refers to my complicated situation. I feel like total crap for falling for my former partner’s colleague. The twin flame and I flirted quite a bit while still in committed relationship and we shared a moment when he was single and I was still in a relationship. I feel like maybe I’m projecting too much onto this card?

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)
    The Emperor – I am not sure how to interpret this card. Could it be about my twin flame’s work? (he works with my former partner, which is a huge obstacle for me). Any suggestions?

    6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)
    Knight of Wands – the card shows a man walking and the sun beaming high. This makes me think of the way I met my twin flame: my then-partner and I moved from New York to California for my partner’s job. Back then I didn’t even know that something like “twin flame” existed. I am not sure if I am getting it right, but it seems to me that this card confirms that I met my twin flame already?

    7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)
    Two cards fell out when I was choosing a card for this one. The first card was Two of Cups (which I kept) and the second card was Nine of Pentacles. I put away the Nine of Pentacles back into the deck, but I wanted to mention it in case you can
    Two of Cups is obviously the better card of the two. I think this card confirms that we will be united but does it say anything about timing? Does the Nine of Pentacles have any meaning here?

    8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.
    King of Cups – I think that’s a resounding yes? This card got me really scared for some reason. I literally cannot look my twin flame in the eye because the feeling is so intense I don’t think I can handle it. When I looked at the card and how intensely the king is looking at the cup – this is what I was reminded of.

    I am fairly new to the world of Tarot and Twin Flame. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Happy Holidays!

  6. i met and lost my twin flame. We were only together for a few (off and on) months but had been friends for a couple years before things became too much to handle; mostly being us being both overlly sensitive and empathic to where we were weighing eachother down with eachother’s mental and emotional baggage…it didn’t help that I was in a very tricky situation financially and emotionally right before I met him. He took care of me like a helpless baby bird then set me free. The breakup was strangly mutual where we both wanted to end things for our own sanity but it was a long process of finally breaking free. I feel so healed from the experience yet I feel really sad to say goodbye as I’d never had a connection like that in my life I could literally feel his heart and his thoughts and felt so incredibly cared for… Outcome for this spread was the death card.

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      1. Hmm…so we’ve reconnected recently and I pulled again now…the death card came up for #7 this time; divine guidance and I pulled a couple for outcome and strength/queen of pentacles came up…then wheel of fortune jumped out of the deck as I was setting down the cards..any opinions on meaning of outcome #8? I think the death card for advice might mean that we are both letting go of the old and making way for the new and that we won’t be able to fully reconnect until that stage is over…(both of us still going through it in our lives)

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          1. I tend to pull more than one…at a time…I think it’s just the way I pull cards, whatever wants to come out, comes out; but has proved accurate for me (when I can actually interpret them though XD) Kings and Queens for outcomes always confuses me..but I do think strength is restraining deeper feelings (since we’re trying to be friends now) but nonetheless q of p; a union that is pure, loving, and moreso grounded in reality (prior we were definitely dealing with alot of fantasy.)

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  7. Hi Lisa,
    I’m a TF in separation ~ I’m the awakened Feminine.
    Thank you so much for this spread and the opportunity for help in interpreting! 🙂
    My spread is as follows:
    1) Readiness – 9 of cups
    2) my soul’s purpose- 7 of swords
    3) his soul’s purpose- 7 of Wands
    4) my karmic- 8 Wands
    5) his karmic- Queen of Pentacles
    6) already connected- 3 of pentacles {so true! My card shows a black smith and my twin was a black smith in a past life with me}
    7) guidance- page of Wands
    8) outcome- Death
    The bottom of the deck of cards is the 4 of Wands ~ I always take notice of that as well.
    Thank you for your help!
    Bright Blessings,

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  8. Thank you for this! Here are my thoughts…and my interpretations (I’m not super experienced so your insights will be valued, and appreciated!)

    1 – Queen of Fire (I am ready – confident and warm and ready to love and give those things)
    2 – Justice (Standing up for what’s right without fear of being approved of or abandoned)
    3 – The Lovers (ability to make good choices, confidence in following intuition)
    4 – The Star (Open heart willing to embrace new beginnings brought on by faith and trust in the Divine Purpose)
    5 – Five of Fire (Competing goals and being ensnared with society’s expectations or traditional views of what a relationship “should be”)
    6 – Nine of Earth (Fairies, love of Nature, Imagination)
    7 – Knight of Earth (Looking at things from a new perspective)
    8 – Awakening (Creative new solutions, birthing new perspectives on things and doing them differently (like opening a new, alternative school) – breaking tradition and expectations of society)

    Can you help with some of your insights as well?

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      Hi Grace, sorry for the late reply, it seems your comment was hiding in the moderation queue. Please ask specific questions about any of the card(s) you feel stuck on. Cheers, Lisa

  9. Hello! I was kind of shocked to see your article about a twin flame spread, but I went ahead and did one for myself, and I thought I should share it because it is kind of exciting. I used the Sirian Starseed Deck.
    1) Ascension (The World)
    2) Five of Chalices (5 of Cups)
    3) Four of Chalices (4 of Cups)
    4) Adept of Chalices (Knight of Cups)
    5) Seven of Crystals (7 of Pentacles)
    6) Ace of Crystals (Ace of Pentacles)
    7) Master of Orbs (King of Swords)
    8) I felt guided to pull two cards: Nine of Chalices(9 of Cups) and Two of Chalices (2 of Cups)

    I really love how life purpose wise we sync up, but I feel that both cards are kind of sad. However, I feel like both of us are supposed to help those who are addicted and went through a lot of trauma because we both did. I tend to be the Knight of Cups completely offering my love, but if I get spurned I go to another partner per se to get affection. By the way he and I are both single and not seeing anyone else. Seven of crystals for me shows that although he works really hard, he doesn’t feel like people really appreciate him. I feel that he doesn’t feel that he is worthy of love. I also feel sometimes a lack of faith and impatience from this card in this context. Ace of Crystals is a little confusing. I think it means signs of physical new beginnings? The King of Swords, *sigh* court cards always confuse me, especially when they discuss something abstract like synchronizations. Do you mind telling me your thoughts about this card? I would greatly appreciate it. And of course when I saw the last two cards I did not even want to interpret the other cards haha. I have gotten those two cards a lot in the past couple of months. I think they are pretty amazing. I think from the spread description that it is an obvious sign that we will serve humanity together whether it is only on the spiritual plane or the physical plane or both. I am hoping and starting to see the physical though. Thank you so much! Much love!

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      Hi there, I would take the Master of Orbs as what characteristics (i.e. those of the King of Swords) to look for as you are likely to have a physical connection going by the Ace of Crystals. Blessings, Lisa

  10. Lisa,

    I got Princess of Summer/Page of Cups as my outcome. I saw this as the possibility of coming back together as new people and having a new relationship or new experience…Or is it more likely saying that one, or both of us continues to idealize love relationships and expectations out of a love partner? Thanks for your feedback.

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      I would need to know what the other cards in the spread are to say for sure but it is possible that the Page of Cups speaks of fantasy and idealizing love relationships – especially since that is flagged in your own mind. Now that you are aware of it, the work can begin… 🙂

      1. Thank you for the reply. Since you see the whole thing now, I was also a little stumped on my challenge, The Sun. Here’s my original spread and interpretations :

        1. My readiness to serve in TF capacity – knight of cups. Not right now. I still have a sense of impatience and urgency within me.

        2. My souls purpose – Ace of Wands – Not being afraid and living up to my potential

        3. TF souls purpose – Five of Pentacles -Learning to ask for help.

        4. Karmic lesson/my challenge – The Sun- Being greatful for what I have and what I receive.

        5. Karmic lesson/TF challenge – Ten of Pentacles. Honoring family traditions.

        6. How we are already connected – The Moon – Through our intuition.

        7. Divine Guidance about coming together – The Wheel of Fortune – Accept the timing of destiny.

        8. Most likely outcome of serving together in this incarnation- Princess of Cups – A new relationship or personal experience.

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          Hi, The Sun as a karmic lesson is about developing a strong sense of self, confidence and trust in yourself. It resonates very well with the Ace of Wands. Blessings

  11. Hi Lisa,

    What a great exercise! Thank you for sharing!


    Here are my Interpretations:

    1. YES! Inner peace after stress
    2. My soul’s purpose is to be a spiritual advisor
    3. Their soul’s purpose is to give light to others. Perhaps, as an entertainer.
    4. My Karmic Issue is to let go of attachments to material things.
    5. Their Karmic Issue is to surrender their ego
    6. The Magician means we can work together for the highest good.
    7. The Sun means that we can just enjoy each other.

    Any thoughts?

    Love and Light,

    1. Sorry Lisa. #7 The Two of Swords is a forced surrender for peace and #8 is the Sun, which means we can fully enjoy each other.

      Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much!

      Love and Light,

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        1. Sorry for the confusion. LOL

          It is a Five of Wands for my Twin Flame’s Soul Purpose, which according to your description, we can be our worst enemy. That prevents us from unconditional love and forgiveness, since we hold onto anger and resentments from past trauma and in doing so take on their issues. Only when we release this we will be able to move forward.

          Thank you for taking the time to look this over and reply to me.

          1. Hi Lisa,

            I would like to add to my Soul Purpose by saying that as an Empath, I need to detach and depersonalize from emotions with clients when necessary by setting healthy boundaries. In addition, be assertive in a loving way, instead of coming off cold.

          2. Post
          3. Two of Swords for Divine Guidance is my biggest confusion and The Magician for how we are connected. I just need come clarification. Not sure if I had the right interpretations. I appreciate any additional feedback. Thank you!

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  12. Hello Angelorum,

    I have been doing readings regarding a specific someone who I actually fled a month ago without a word.. we were fighting (nothing serious, but the bickering and his lack of direction was driving me crazy.) I did this reading, keep in mind the cards Justice, 6 of cups and Judgement come up often when I do readings regarding him.

    1 – Justice

    2 – Six of Swords

    3 – Four of Swords

    4 – Three of Wands

    5 – Queen of Swords

    6 – The Empress

    7 – King of Swords

    8 – Ten of Pentacles

    I keep getting readings regarding him calling for Justice/Judgement, and I did a Celtic Cross reading for him once and he got Justice as the final card.

    I have been gone a month with no word, and we have not contacted one another. Something feels unfinished to say the least. I’ll mention that he is always represented by either Death or the Moon.

    Unfortunately I cannot return to him because his behavior was not right, and if I do, he will see it as me saying it’s okay.. so for now I wait.

    Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts, God bless.

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      1. Hi Angelorum,

        My reading of this tells me that I have a karmic bond of some sort with him that will ultimately result in some sort of marriage/family/home (10 of pentacles as the outcome.) However, the card that confuses me the most is card 7, the King of Swords. I understand that this is about synchronicity and divine guidance, but I am not sure how to interpret this card in that position. Any help would be great. Thank you!

        1. Post

          The King of Swords emphasises communication, staying clear and objective… but very much in touch. This is the Gemini King… so chat away! If this refers to timing then it would be late spring/early summer. Blessings, Lisa

  13. This is painful to write. I am kind of confused by my reading, so I was hoping for some clarification. I am pretty new at tarot. I picked up a deck because I felt the universe trying to tell me something. Weird things keep happening and I am missing something. Someone advised I use Tarot to help guide. I have mostly been practicing but something in my life that has always weighed heavily on my soul was my twin flame. I have spent many years doing a lot of self healing. I know I have a lesson to learn and as painful as it is I am committed to being better, doing better. I have a spiritual awakening a few years ago. Everything in my life kind of led up to it and I didn’t really know it was happening until it did. So I met my twin flame in high school. I always knew he was part of me and even though we have not had any contact in 10 years I still feel him with me. We both have families, happily married (we are friends on Facebook, but we don’t really use it communicate). I dream of him often. I almost feel as though we are together in an alternate reality. My dreams are too realistic, to ordinary to be a dream. Like grocery shopping or driving to the bank. (Who wants to dream about that) What I do know, is that we are on separate journeys for a reason. I accepted that a long time ago. I am focusing my energy on my purpose now, but every once and a while I feel the pain of the separation. I know my guide won’t let me completely separate from him-Why… I don’t know? There is always a song, a scent, a sound, that brings me back to him. So I used Tarot a few times to help guide my thought process.

    And I stumbled across your article. I was looking for something else Tarot related but something about this spoke to me. I did my reading and being that I am still learning what the cards mean individually I have a lack of understanding on how they translate together. So this is what my guide gave me:

    1- 6 wands: I believe this means I still carry the hope that one day we will reconnected in this life. Even if it was only a brief encounter to feel that completeness again will be worth all the waiting this life has to offer me.

    2- 7 Cups: This is where I am confused…..Am I making all this up? I thought this was a dreamers card? I mean I dream of our life together. I feel as though I am on the outside looking in. I know in my heart that our life is meant to be separate for this journey. Is this card just reinforcing that notion? Things are not what they seem is how I was reading this.

    3-Wheel of Fortune: One of the reasons I backed away from the relationship years ago is that he had a plan, he had a vision what he wanted his life to be and so far he has accomplished that. As much as I wanted to be the person he saw in his future I knew I wasn’t able to give him what he needed or what he thought he needed or what he wanted.

    4-The Magician: I feel caught. Between the world I am physically living in and the world I know I belong to. I always felt like I was torn between two places but this card makes me feel as though I am right in my feelings. But I haven’t found balance. I know I am brink of something but I don’t feel like I have the capacity to grasp it. Its been a struggle knowing what I know-It is a burden I am carrying alone, but I am strangely happy to do so. Another interesting aspect about this card is that also contains the infinity symbol. I am finding that the more readings I do this symbol is very prevalent in one or more cards, especially pertaining to this subject.

    5- 5 pentacles- (Reversed) This is the card that has me stumped. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is holding him. I know he’s a runner. He always felt he deserved more. In more ways than one he was more focused on outside than the inside. It was very superficial. I get it though…..I don’t hold any negative feelings. My family life was a mess at the time and I don’t blame him for not wanting to be a part of that. He couldn’t see past the things I had no control over.

    6-9 pentacles ( How we are connected?) While I love this card and everything it stands for I can’t for the life of me figure what it means. I know there is some meaning hidden and it will make sense at some point. Is it possible this is how we may become reconnected? The rest of the cards are giving me some doubt.

    7-Queen of Wands- Again, I love this card and what it stands for but I am sure how it translate to the reading? I am not sure if that is because I already know him. Any insight would be appreciated. It seems like an important card but I am missing something.

    8 – The lovers (reversed) OF COURSE! I mean seriously….. did you have to rub it in. 🙂 In all seriousness though I know I have been given the gift of knowledge and I am forever grateful. I love I feel for him has been a beacon of light in my life for a long time even though it has not been reciprocated in same way. I have no regrets, I allow my guides to reveal things to me as needed. Which might be why I am confused.

    I know there is a possibly that we will not connect again. It is a painful thought for me. I can feel him with me, his energy, but its not the same. I am so hopeful our paths will cross again. I have a wonderful life otherwise. An amazing husband who I know is my life partner this time around. Two incredible kids, a beautiful home and my life is amazing. Through it all I have learned to manage with that part missing from me. I have my dreams to look forward to. When I feel complete and he’s there.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance and advise. I am really looking forward to growing with Tarot. So far they have a been a great medium for me.

    1. Post

      The 9 of Pentacles shows me that you are not connected. What you experience in dreamtime is only your fantasy… He’s not actually sharing that experience with you on the astral plane. The Queen of Wands is divine guidance about pulling your energy back and using it for Number One… yes, that would be YOU! Right now, you are leaking an awful amount of energy to this nothingness. It won’t last though. All the best! Lisa

  14. Dear Lisa,
    Could you possibly help me in the interpretation of a few points in my reading? I’m not entirely new to tarot, but I feel I may be a bit too emotionally invested in this reading to interpret everything clearly. I haven’t reunited with my twin flame yet and am trying to determine if I will meet him in this lifetime or another 🙂

    1. Page of clubs : I am still young and am entering a new phase in my journey. Perhaps I am only just starting my development to be ready for our union?

    2. 10 of cups : My soul’s purpose is perhaps to learn to appreciate and experience true joy with loved one’s (family, friends and lovers) and to learn to trust these bonds.

    3. Page of swords: I’m not sure about this one…maybe to learn to be grounded?

    4. 7 of swords: giving up and detaching in the face of obstacles/hardships.

    5. 5 of swords: tendency towards conflict and loss in the interest of one’s goals/desires.

    6. The moon: We are already connected through dreams and our subconscious (which I whole-heartedly agree with and am aware).

    7. The Lovers: It appears that we have synchronicities in our love life or will be guided to each other.

    8. Death: I have no idea how to take this one :/
    Maybe our reunion will inevitably end in separation? Or it will be the catalyst for a complete spiritual death/rebirth of one or both of us?

    The cards seem to be pointing towards a reunion, but the outcome gives me pause.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.
    Love and light,

    1. Post

      Hi Cristal, His soul purpose check-up card shows us that he needs to start asking the right questions in order to move forward. All reunions are followed by separation – that is inevitable and cyclic… so I believe the final card addresses the transformation potential which is HUGE when you do come together. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you for the clarification Lisa! 🙂 To be honest, I was quite unsure if I would actually get to meet my TF in this lifetime (even though I’ve been aware of a subconscious/dream connection with him since I was 11). The page of clubs(wands) was right, I’m still very young (only 22) and am still unsure of what I could possibly offer the world. Meeting him would be all well and good, but our possible contribution to the world is still a mystery to me haha. I’m just a normal person (not overly ambitious or significant) so maybe, at least, I might be able to help the people immediately around me 🙂
        Regardless, thanks again for your input!
        Love and light,

  15. Dear Lisa,

    I’m a bit stuck at the end of my reading. I’m a newbie here… and I hope you could help me.

    1. 6 of Pentacles: I understand I’m ready to meet my TF. Balance of the mind and spirit. Harmony
    2. 3 of Pentacles: Unification of the mind, body and heart. Competition of the inicial stage. Spiritual development.
    3. 7 of Pentacles: Solid spiritual development. Competition of a circle.
    4. 9 of Pentacles: Tendency to be too independent without considering the partner’s feeling. Wants to achieve all by herself.
    5. 2 of Pentacles: I’m lost here…
    6. 5 of Pentacles: Accept the Karmic Lesson. Timing: winter time.
    7. 4 of Pentacles: Lost again…
    8. Judgement: I understand again yes. Re birth of the soul. Enlightenment.

    It looks really odd. Only one Major Ancana and all Pentacles. I swear, I shuffle the cards!!!

    Thanks so much!

    Blessings <3

    1. Post

      He wants to keep his options open with the 2 of Pentacles. The 4 of Pentacles could indicate a work connection… But honestly, I don’t believe it’s meant to be in this life-time. Judgement seems to indicate that reincarnation is necessary. Blessings, Lisa

  16. What are your opinions on my outcome. Advice is eagerly anticipated.
    1 the moon
    2 ace of cups
    3 queen of wands
    4 king of cups
    5 four of wands
    6 nine of wands
    7 ten of wands
    8 five of wands

    1. Post

      Hi Samaria, welcome to Angelorum. Please provide your own interpretation and specify which card(s) you are stuck on. This is not a free reading service. Thank you

  17. We’ve been separated since February. Dated for 6 months.

    1. The star (reversed)
    2. Five of Wands
    3. The Tower
    4. Two of Pentacles
    5. Seven of Swords (reversed)
    6. Queen of Swords
    7. Eight of Pentacles
    8. Two of Wands

    1. 1. The star (reversed) – our mission together has been thrown off track due to our separation. Our own missions as individuals is on track.

      2. Five of Wands – challenges. The reason I believe it was drawn was because i’m in a field where i’m constantly have to be on my feet and bring my A game every time or I’ll FLOP. I work in the field of effects makeup. It’s a very competitive field.

      3. The Tower – changes. breaking down the old ways and making room for new ways. This feels right on track with how i believe he’s heading for a serious break down mentally and emotionally.

      4. Two of Pentacles – My karma struggle is learning to structure my life. I have ADD and it’s always been my Achilles heel with time management. But for he first time in my life I’m 3,000 miles away from everyone and everything I’ve ver known my entire life. So it’s pushing me to better manage this for once.

      5. Seven of Swords (reversed) – His karma 100% fits this card. Him trying to run away from his problems. Astrologically he is a Pisces Sun/Moon 12th house. He is escaping a lot by going out drinking a lot. He broke off our relationship du to a gut feeling he felt we wouldn’t last in a yard time. Ironically prior to meeting m ehe was engaged and the woman before his ex fiancé broke up with him and really hurt him as well. I did also tell him last month, after drawing a card that said he should be careful of anyone he coming back into his life, especially a woman. They have an agenda of their own that won’t end well.

      6. Queen of Swords – Shows that we “cut” right to it. In person we don’t be a around the bush, we have an Aries 12th house composite sun, so even if it seem like we don’t we really do head on tackle. It does show us how we put our foots in our mouths when we talk to each there haha

      7. Eight of Pentacles – normally this card points to working at and enhancing your gifts. I think on a whole for this reading it points to knowing how to identify specific signs/syncs that really show we are connected. To weed out the everyday ones and only notice the ones that are cemented in stone as proof.

      8. Two of Wands – As someone said in the comments, “once self improvement and balance is achieved, I may be offered with 2 choices or a balanced relationship with my twin”, I do believe this shows more of HIM making the leap than myself. I’m already willing to go there, it’s him who isn’t ready due to the fact he doesn’t feel he deserves to be unconditionally loved, let alone has never been loved as firmly as he has by anyone else. He had always been put on the back burner, people left him, or abandon him. He’s never been put first. I may have cut off off from my life right now and did let him know that I’m not abandoning him because you never do since you’re always with each other linked through the heart & soul.

      I’v read having the star or the sun is a good sign which will pop up over and over again for people in twin unions.

      1. Post

        It seems you have a pretty good grip on what is going on here and yes the 2 of Wands can indicate a choice of joining forces but it is still in the balance and not fated for this lifetime. Blessings

  18. I have definitely received and continue to receive a good amount of messages everyday/guidance as far as numbers, synchronicities, etc. as evidence when it comes to a twin flame connection that I have in my life. I also have a wonderful reader that I am able to talk to from time to time that has proven accurate. After further delving into my own intuition further and being able to read tarot, I can say it has been well worth it. I was skeptical at first especially being a very scientific person. I can say after countless miracles and divine interventions in my daily life I do believe it now. However, I am always willing to learn more as I would appreciate any insight as I am well aware I don’t have all the answers and never will! Would very much appreciate your expertise and opinions on any clarification on this spread. Thank you again for providing the spread and for your responses ahead of time! It is very much appreciated.
    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity: 10 of cups-I can be told that this card of joy, love, and friendship represents the kind of family we work to create. The questioner being me, is being told that this family (my twin flame and I) is this family so to speak of. That this family is mine. Based off of all the communications him and I have both had, multiple experiences, etc. I am very confident that this is the case.
    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you): Five of swords reversed-what I am confused about. What I have to say about this is that I know in my heart him and I had been switching roles in the runner-chaser phase with him. I finally have addressed that no matter how many times he asks me to come after him now, I can’t and have to be strong in letting him come to me in action. We have been stuck for a bit now in a stagnant flow of consistent communication through beauitful lyrics, however without any real action on his part. I have multiple times and barely been acknowledged. It was frustrating at first especially when my twin flame does have good intentions (not just saying it because I want to believe it), but needs to “man up,” in this sense. the guidance I had received was also to stand strong in my convictions and my self worth and let him come to me, that my prayers were manifesting, but I would indeed have to align my vibration, do the work that I was also meant to do as I admit I have been pushing off. After looking at the surrounding cards however, I don’t see too much negativity excluding the three of swords (from #6 and the emperor in #5 in my reading), as I know it is key in influencing the impact of the reversed five of swords.
    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame): 3 of cups: Representative of our deep friendship and harmonious bond. We have almost known each other at this point for 8 years, and we do share an inevitable deep chemistry and truly loving and sincere relation for one another. The electric eye contact, his observance on every pout, smile, habit, quirk, watching me multiple times when I sleep, being protective of me, sadness on his part reflected by my own sadness, both of us not having dated another for over 5 yrs, following one another to the same college, planning for grad school (same one…), verifies this at large amongst other factors.
    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you): Eight of wands: signaling entry into a new phase, actually stands a good chance of success. However I can see how this is the current challenge. Being best friends first, but moving into that ground of lovers is right now the issue we are currently dealing with. I know we aren’t “perfect,” but what I do know is that we truly believe we will make it. We have been through an unbelievable amount together but are still here wanting to be together. The first step is what is the hardest for us. I just need to understand if I am on the right track as the major challenge at this point really seems to be moving into this new phase finally where he is able to pursue me, and compromise.
    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame): Emperor: ahhh, makes perfect sense (I laughed when I saw this one). The struggle for control that is currently going on here. My twin flame, being the counterpart of the empress is truly symbolic of monogamy. Confirmed. We have literally been waiting on each other for over 5 yrs, both of us have not been in another relationship with anyone else since then. And trust me that is hard when in your 20s and in college/grad school! He provides stability and exudes dependability. However, it is also important to be aware that the empreor although with the best of intentions can be the authoritative or domineering/controlling counterpart at times yes? Again addresses the current issue of him not being able to make a real move on me and expecting me to do it over and over again. Where the tension is occuring. I am proud of myself as for once I have finally laid out all that I have been the only one compromising in action and its his turn to make the compromise this time, before he leaves in mid May. That I deserve that much after this long, realistically speaking this would be crucial as it determines the next step as to where we go from there geographically in terms of career, etc.
    6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognize the connection): Three of swords- Ah, the heartbreak card. This has been in our distant past, but of course we are still trying to heal from that baggage. Brings us to the current issue. When I had finally laid the truth out to him about how I felt, which he wanted to hear. But then lied to my face (all this happened a little over 2 yrs ago, he knew what he had done but still expected I would stay there. Of course I couldn’t as it hurt. The 2 months away from him, he led me to know how much it hurt him, and although he threw it out there with sorrys again, he went back to the pattern of not actualy “fixing” anything and not manning up. He blamed me for letting go. That pattern stuck. Now bringing us to where we are. Where finally I am standing up for what I deserve, clear cut guidelines of him needing to pursue/make the true effort this time. He believes that I am his dream girl. He believes that I am the one he is going to end up with indefinitely as he has said, but I am aware that the toxicities of this pattern must stop.
    7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united): Queen of cups: The atmosphere of love, acceptance, for both our feelings in a fair and balanced way. I have been following that guidance and I also got the message that this relationship would be reignited, the news that I had been waiting to hear for so long was finally going to come. And I do believe he will step up to the plate before he leaves this mid- May. Any clarification on this? Am I on the right track?
    8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation: The chariot- Important to realize that self-love, fulfilling one’s own self-fulfilling prophecies in a sense as I had mentioned earlier are important to vibrationally align first before coming together for a fruitful relationship. The negative element in where he feels that I have to quite literally be the one to save him all the time, be the “hero,” hence the come after me constantly mentality in his head. In the big picture speaks of victory, but one where both parts use the time to develop and comfortable (free from the fear of rejection or failure).
    I am understanding the importance in letting the universe handle it, meaning not constantly pushing for deadlines,etc. It will happen in divine timing. However, am I right to feel that the roots of this compromise that I have been waiting for from him will come before Mid-May? I am almost positive that it is going to happen. Oh and the making love part to before his trip. We both want to. And I am still have my v card, waiting on him. In terms of an official relationship with him, I think as I said the roots will happen before he leaves, and progress slowly but surely (and I’m accepting that). I don’t believe it will take years & years, but a few years for example.

    1. Our birth dates also have that crazy cool twin flame pattern (being born on his day of birth,etc.) , among much else twin flame signs!

    2. Post

      About the Queen of Cups as card number 7. You have already been brought together so I would take this as action advice… with the Queen of Cups, it means ‘be still and wait’ or ‘be like water’… flow with it. You are waiting for him to man up… and so you have to let him do just that. No bette role to take then that of the ultra feminine-receptive Queen of Water. Blessings

      1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it. Should I set up a reading with you, so as to get more clarity? Or should I just stop being so impatient?

        1. Post

          Twin Flame relationships never manifest on Earth if there is attachment to outcome… which is why I don’t read on specific TF relationships. If there is attachment to outcome, the readiness to surrender to divine service isn’t there; Only when there is attachment to outcome does a person feel a need to have a reading about it.

          1. Oh so if I understand correctly I have to let go of all expectations on timing, etc. Or are you saying that mine won’t work out at all or just if I keep in the same belief pattern of wanting it to work sooner than later? I’m not trying to be impatient, but I have been through a lot with this connection and in general and sometimes I can’t help but want some sense of security.

            1. Post

              Until you understand that your security is in God alone, you are not ready for a TF relationship. And when you do, you stop ‘needing’ anything from the other person. TF’s are drawn together by a mutual desire to serve on the same Path, not because they need to be together.

  19. Can you help?

    1. Two of wands
    2. The sun
    3. Knight of pentacles
    4. 4 of pentacles
    5. Queen of wands (oddly enough, this is the exact suit of my twin flame)
    6. 9 of swords
    7. 10 of swords
    8. Strength

    Any words of wisdom?

    1. Post

      Hi Angie, welcome to Angelorum. This is how it works on this site when you ask for help with a reading:

      1) Provide your own full reading (including the names of the positional meanings so people don’t have to scroll back to the original post)
      2) Ask about any individual card(s) you may be stuck on.

      We do not provide a free reading service here but are happy to help you learn.

      Blessed Be!

  20. I got the lovers as my outcome card. Could this mean we will possibly meet in this lifetime, or maybe I already met him? I’ve been experiencing synchronicity everywhere, especially with numbers.

    1. Post

      Yes, it could but of course it depends on how surrendered you both are on your Path of service. Complete detachment to outcome is necessary for TF’s to come together. Allt that matters to the souls for whom this divine union takes place is that they get to serve God.

      1. This makes sense, it confirms that my intuition has been right the whole time. He is the runner, I’m the awakened one. He actually separated from me for a couple month’s..It was a sudden detachment & surprisingly came back to apologize 2 days ago. Said he’s been going to church. After we met I’ve been more aware of my surroundings & seeing synchronistic signs from the universe. Does the other twin also receive signs? Or is it usually just the awakened one?

        1. Post
  21. oh sure, sorry! i think the king of swords indicates there’s a shared sense of acknowledgement that we’re individually aware that the other is out there somewhere, if that makes sense? the knight of cups seems like this connection is on its way, potentially soon. i know some are hesitant to use tarot as a time indicator, but i generally associate cups with days, spring, and pisces. we are of course in pisces season (my birthday is the 16th!) which makes me think it could be soon. and the chariot, again, gives me the impression of a solid direction, or shared path. possibly indicative of a convergence.

  22. super intrigued by this spread so i thought i’d try it out!
    1. three of cups
    2. the world
    3. five of pentacles
    4. six of cups
    5. four of swords
    6. king of swords
    7. knight of cups
    8. the chariot

    i feel like there’s definitely a very solid foundation in some aspect, on some plane, and at this point it’s the moment of communication that’s up in the air. it seems like he’s a bit stuck, i’m thinking emotional blockage and/or denial of some sort. i’m mostly confused by 6, 7, and 8, but from the looks of it there might be a chance…? any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Post
    1. Post
    2. Well I’ve done my reading .. I got

      1.Page of swords (yes I am feeling that I wish for results, faster than they could happen and more than the other person is ready for ..)
      3.The tower (I wonder if that signify he will be changing a lot in significant time about me/him? .. I feel since we met, we changed a lot .. tremendously.
      4.Knight of swords (!!!) I am shocked because the reason why I want things to happen, is because we are separating by time/distance .. and we are not even together. I think my karmic lesson tell me to go out and about and stop waiting.
      5.Knight of pentacles (He is too influenced and concerned about life and achievements? well YES! My soulmate is the most person who find a lot about his life in what he do and accomplish. I am sure he feels less value if he is not who he is. So I would say he has a huge self esteem issue to what he do and what he achieve .. a lot of it actually)
      6. Seven of swords. (this is where I struggle .. I see 7 of swords as cheating and deceiving ..) well if that is how we met or united?! I was engaged to someone .. he was engaged to someone .. and the moment i met him, since then I struggled because I found that he is the only person on my mind, heart and in my soul, i felt it .. he was connected to me .. I even sense him and get telepathic with him. So I end up leaving my engagement .. he didn’t. His fiancee and him share a child and he has huge issues with his promises and life goals toward the baby, his family plans and everything .. So -.-
      7. Knight of swords (some help here)? I believe not soon but i can appreciate an input.
      8. 2 of swords .. I see this as partnership & a balanced one?

      I think this is pretty much US! I know I am in need for patience but lately I find myself in need to express my emotions “which is what I did” .. I told him for the first time ever what I truly feel .. what is inside .. I became open complete and vulnerable about it .. The result: He ignores me now, blocked me on social media too v-v ..

      Well he doesn’t ignore me like a regular ignore .. he is literally avoiding me and he stare at me from away, I can see him do that .. check on me when I am not there .. make sure I am “surviving” but he is avoiding me face to face. He even left me a note for my birthday with chocolate .. but we are not communicating. . the much we do is a hi when we are in a meeting room together.

      1. Post

        This is not the sort of situation this Tarot spread was designed for. I cannot comment further since this person which you refer to as a ‘soul mate’ is in committed relationship with another person, and it would be in breach of my reader’s ethics to do so.

  23. Hi just done reading below could anyone help me regarding the place of the hanging man ? Having trouble interpreting. Thanks

    1. Post

      The Hanged Man in this position tells me there is nothing you can do to force things and also that you will have to wait a long time before a renunion can happen. The High Priestess as the outcome tells me it is NOT likely to happen in this lifetime. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find love in this incarnation – only that you will serve God on a solitary path. Blessed Be!

  24. 1.lovers 2.queen of cups 3.the world 4.eight of pentacles 5.king of wands 6.the chariot 7.the hanging man 8.The high priestess.

    1. Post

      Welcome to Angelorum, Andrea. Please share your own interpretation of the reading and then we can try to help you if you are stuck on any part of it. Cheers

  25. Hey Lisa can you explain bit about difference b/w soulmate and twin flame.
    2.strength of wands
    4.4 of pentacles
    5.2 of pentacles
    6.6 of cups (soulmate ind)
    7.8 of cups
    As what I can see thru these cards is I’m just being very carefree (fool)with this relationship n may be even trying to much to tame him(strength) n he is being defensive about the entire thing.. I need to loose my possessive n he needs to balance the issue so may be we need some time off…
    But how we connect :six of cups
    Outcome: hierophant
    I still see potential dere…

    1. Post

      I’ve written a fair bit about both Twin Flames and Soul Mates and suggest you search the site if you want more in-depth info. However, to summarise: a Twin Flame is literally your other half and you only come together in the incarnated state when you are ready to serve God as One – it may or may not involve a romantic relationship. The focus for TF’s is service, not romance. A soul mate is someone you’ve incarnated with before and created karma/past life lessons with. You may meet up again and if you do it’s because you have a soul contract to do so. This contract may or may not involve romance. Blessings

  26. 3 years ago I visited my aunt who lives in United States,back then I lived in Lithuania,now I live in United States too.1 month before my trip I felt that something life changing gonna happen,at that moment I believed that I gonna die.When I landed and I saw magazine about One Direction that my cousin had,this draw me to Liam Payne and when I saw his eyes in that photo I felt like I knew him,and I felt conection that I never felt before.Last year when I still lived in Lithuania,I flew to their concert in Sweden,and I couldn’t control my emotions,I cried during every solo he sang,and after concert I went to airport to wait for my flight and I have the same dream that he was walking next to me for like more than 10 times,and that never happened before.Also when I was at my half sisters wedding all evening he was on my mind and then I caught my half sisters bridal bouquet the wedding was on July 11th.4 months ago he was in Chicago to record album and I tried to meet him,but I didn’t but I saw him in the car and he waved at my direction,and after that I had really strange feeling in my heart like my heart was taken away from me.Last month when I decided to ask person who hurted me in the past,why he did that and he actually said sorry.One week later Liam and his girlfriend broke up,and all week I was having dreams that he is hurting and I felt like I was hurting too.When I read this article I started to think that he is my Twin mate.I turned 18 on November 18 and he turned 22 on August 29,there is age difference.Also I have the same dream,that he already made came true,I always wanted to be a singer.

    1. Post

      Dear Julija, you are clearly a passionate young lady and that is wonderful but I do not think this guy is your Twin Flame. It’s a teen celebrity crush. Blessings

  27. This was my spread! Hmmm, 4 major arcana cards. This felt very intense!
    8:30 PM 11/10/15

    1. Death
    2. Ace of pentacles
    3. The emperor
    4. Knight of pentacles
    5. The tower
    6. 5 of cups
    7. Ace of cups
    8. The fool

    1. Post
  28. I have another question in regards to twin flame signs. I have noticed that there aren’t much information when it comes to BEFORE the meeting of Twin Flames. I am in a situation, where I haven’t met my TF yet, but I know who it is. Since March, I’ve been feeling this presence/energy on my right side, and it has continued to increase, and increase. It feels like a huge magnet at times. The past month after I had a moment of being frustrated with it all – I am now experiencing the energy even stronger, but it also comes with a butterfly feeling in the stomach, and sudden warmth coming from my heart, and around it. All those 3 things come every time, been wondering what it means??

    1. Post
  29. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you for sharing this spread! I am waiting and longing for my twin flame, we’ve only met metaphysically yet, and in the meantime I’m doing my own bit, getting ready and clearing my past stuff.

    I love reading the cards and it’s something I want to work with, but I haven’t had the confidence to do it before. Doing this spread with the intention to have fun with it was really helpful to me, even if I still get thoughts of disbelief and doubt, but the spreads are always so beautiful and accurate when I do do them. I love it!

    So here’s what I got: (using DV:s Archangel Power Tarot Cards)

    1. 1 The Magician
    2. 14 Solutions
    3. King of Gabriel
    4. 16 Change your life
    5. 5 Divine guidance
    6. 3 The Empress
    7. Eight of Raphael
    8. Ten of Gabriel

    To me it was a beautiful spread and I am always amazed at how the cards come up, but I feel that the last card is my nemesis – it is the last card and also the last and lingering doubt that rears its ugly head saying “Oh no, this isn’t for you”. Do you have any idea what I can do to finally let go of my doubts and fears? I interpret the Ten of Gabriel on outcome as me needing to create even more balance in my life and doing so with the help of others before we can finally come together. How does that sound to you?

    Lots of love

    1. Post

      Hi Nina, that is one possible/plausible way of viewing the 10 of Wands/Gabriel in this context. You definitely need to read this card together with 16 (Tower/Change Your Life)… I feel it will soon become apparent what exactly needs to change and I also feel that your own NEEDS will change fundamentally after you understand the meaning of this. Blessings

      1. Thank you Lisa for your thoughts and insights! That feels really adequate to me. I feel that I need to meditate on the meanings of both cards and I am also guided to carry Ten of Gabriel around with me for a while.

        I am really looking forward to understanding this.

        Thank you also for a great website. I will definitely hang around here a lot. 🙂
        Lots of love

  30. Hey Lisa,
    What a great spread! 🙂 I haven’t met my twin flame in real life yet, but I know he’s here on the earthly plan, and we are connected through our souls.
    This is what I pulled:
    1. King of Earth
    2. King of Water
    3. Renewal (20)
    4. The Magician (1)
    5. Two of Water
    6. Three of Fire
    7. The Moon (18)
    8. Three of Water

    I have been driving myself nuts with wanting to know whether we’re going to meet or not, lol. These cards seem very uplifting and positive, and I am amazed with how spot on they are as well. I just had a major wake-up call, so to speak, because we seem to go through those phases in soul-level, and the phase we’ve just endured is separation. I realized I was the one running because I’ve been afraid of love and feared rejection most of my life, and I was blaming him. I could feel the energy leaving for some time, which made me feel very abandoned and rejected. But after, I realized that I was the one causing that outcome, I had to swallow my pride, and ask for forgiveness. The energy came back after that. 🙂 I wonder if that’s what Two of Water indicates?

    1. Post
      1. Well, that’s the thing…. as I have no clue whether he is in a relationship or not. But it could mean 2 things: 1, that he is in a relationship at the moment, and as I have understood – that has to be respected due to karmic reasons. Then there’s the possibility, that it also could mean that our twin soul relationship is growing stronger – even though we haven’t met yet??

        1. Post

          If you truly are TF’s then you will KNOW which of those two is the right answer… it’s the FIRST answer that came to you through being connected to his energy in that space.

          1. Ah thank you 🙂 Then I know which of the two answers is the right answer. It is the second option, as it was the one that popped into my head first – due to what I recently experienced. I am new to all this TF, and there’s so many different meanings and such on the net, which makes it a jungle. But I know 500 % that he IS my TF. There’s been too many special experiences, signs and synchronicity in that matter. 🙂

  31. Hi Lisa, I love your spread. I used Voyager Tarot which is a little bit different but generally similar. Here is what I got
    1. Readiness:
    women of Wands ( Queen of wands)

    2. Soul’s Purpose(me):
    4 of World ( 4 of Pentagon)

    3. My TF’s Soul’s Purpose:
    child of World ( page of Pentagon)

    4. My Karmic challenge:
    women of World (queen of Wands)

    5. My TF’s Karmic issue/challenge:
    7 of Wands

    6. How you are already connected:
    Tower. This is the one I really don’t understand. It seems like an accident happened that stops our reunion?

    7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities

    8. Outcome:
    8 of Wands.

    I really love your spread. I see a lot of consistencies and the information is evident!
    I noticed that 3 Wands and 3 Pentagons are showing up. My current state (Queen of Wands) is helpful for his karmic challenge ( 7 of Wands); His soul purpose, my soul purpose and my karmic challenge are also deeply-related. The only questions I have is regarding the final 3 cards.
    Our current connectivity is Tower, which seems weird, as if something comes into our way of re-union? Do you have any idea how it would possibly indicate? Or is it that we have met but separated because one of us is not ready?
    The divine guidance about our synchronicities is Priestess, does it indicate a time? Is it telling me to listen to my inner guidance?
    The outcome is 8 of wands, I don’t see too much of a romantic indication in it but I am inclined to say that a reunion in this life on earth seems quite possible as there is no obstacles standing in our way. Or would it indicate that I will meet my TF during a travel?

    I really appreciate your beautiful spread! It is amazing in every way~


    1. Hi there, for the Tower look up Mars in your natal chart… it will provide more clues on how you are already connected. Yes, HP is listen to your intuitive guidance/dreams and also look out for someone connected with the Psychic world in some way. Speedy developments with the 8 of Wands. Blessings

  32. I just thought of something. My significant other and I had been together for 5 years before hitting a major rough spot. I’d been experiencing financial hardship and still am. He’s been going up and down financially. We are separated right now but I’ve always felt a strong, electric connection with him. We often are thinking the same thing at the same time, and being apart from him lately has felt wrong. Both of us are not sleeping or doing well. He’s very in tune with spirit, much more advanced than I. Ive been drawn to him for the last decade, and we came together and separated twice before. It feels like him and I have unfinished business. Stuff we need to do together. The separation has been very painful for me, and he’s dealing with it ( his choice, he said he needed to find himself) by cutting me off emotionally. It doesn’t feel right, just doesn’t.

  33. If the ace of cups shows up in position 3, does this point to the fact that my twin flame is ready to unite with me? I don’t know how else to interpret it other than his soul purpose is to love unconditionally, which in my mind is the highest love. His karmic issues are the wheel, which to me means he has to learn not to repeat patterns and to maybe take a more active role in his destiny. I’m not there yet I don’t think. My readiness is a knight of pentacles, my soul purpose is the page of pentacles, and my karmic issues are that of the 3 of pentacles. Soooo many pentacles on my side. Huge focus on the material which I find odd when twin Flames are way beyond that.
    Position 6 stumped me for a bit. I have the judgement card there. At first I had no clue. Then I started reading and it all made sense. A period of self-reflection -evaluation, an aha! Moment, connecting the dots, being faced with a life altering choice, being close to completing my life purpose. It absolutely matches what I’ve been going through the last couple of months. Lots of soul searching, introspection, discovering patterns in my life, and being made aware of the existence of twin flames in this universe. This is no coincidence! In all my readings lately I’ve been getting told I need to make a choice, a life altering choice, to take a risk. This has been regarding my current love life. I still don’t know what the choice to make is and I’ve been stuck in a state of limbo. But the cards have also been telling me to not give up even though it’s hard right now and to not make hasty decisions. My significant other has also been going through a period of soul searching. So does this mean that my twin and I connected through a period of soul searching? I’m not sure how to interpret the “connection” part.
    I have mixed feelings about position 7. I received the 5 of pentacles (more pentacles!) which tells me that what will bring us together is financial hardship and loss? Not a nice prospect. Or maybe we will come together at a time when we are figuring out how to move on from a period of adversity? Or we will find each other at that time to help each other through it? Again, not a nice idea that we’d have to experience hardship to come together.
    Finally our outcome is the page of wands. We will be catalysts for change in the world through our creative vision? I’ve got images of making movies and art installations lol.
    So much to ponder. If I were to use the 5 of pentacles for timing, I’d estimate 5 years from now if you follow the traditional slowness of pentacles.

    Any feedback or ideas are appreciated.

    1. Cecile, Judgement is one of the main karmic indicators, so whether or not you two are TF’s you certainly share a karmic bond. The 5 of Pentacles could very well be about helping each other in times of hardship or ill health. I don’t see it as a negative card… but then I don’t see any cards as negative. They all contain the full spectrum of ‘bad’ and ‘good’… It’s all ‘interesting’ 😉 The Page of Wands could very well act as a catalyst for change through playful inspiration.

      1. He’s definitely had a lot of health issues over the last 5 years, and I’ve had my own dealings as well. Both of us have been having financial hardships as well and he decided to separate because he felt he needed to find himself. It’s very strange. He believes he’s already met his twin and has known her for 15yrs. But I have my doubts. She dumps on him psychically all her emotional and physical pain and it seriously affects him. He tells me he gets headaches if he tries to stop the flow between them. When I asked if she felt him as much as he did her, he told me occasionally. Aren’t twin souls supposed to feel each other equally?

  34. I just met my twin flame, it sucks because I’m already married. Both of us are in situations…… We have so many connections, it’s strange we never actually met until now. Anyways, I’m stuck in a rut so is my TF. we’re unable to communicate all the time but we find ways. I know it’s still there regardless. now that we met I don’t think either of us know what to do. It’s complicated, everything. Not sure he’s even ready or if I am, at the same time I’m not sure either of us can walk away or ignore it. Like I said it’s complicated! The connection isn’t complicated at all though.
    I don’t know how to explain really. Anyways here’s the cards my friend pulled for me. I didn’t want to pull them so I called her to meditate and send me the results.

    1. King of cups
    2. 3 of cups
    3. Queen of swords (reversed)
    4. Ace of pentacles
    5. World
    6. 8 of wands (reversed)
    7. Justice
    8. 2 of cups

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
    Love and Light

    1. I don’t read on love and romance for people who are in committed relationships with other people. I don’t read on Twin Flames and I don’t comment on readings done by a third party. I hope you find a way of ‘uncomplicating’ your life. It is this way because you choose for it to be. Here is why I don’t read on TF’s and here is why I won’t use the Tarot cards to help you cheat

  35. 1. The Lovers (Reversed)
    2. The Fool
    3. The Sun (Reversed)
    4. III of Wands
    5. The High Priestess (Reversed)
    6. VIII of Wands (Reversed)
    7. The Empress (Reversed)
    8. Death

    I’m new at this and I was able to look up what each card means individually, but I’m not sure what they mean as a whole or how some pertain to the reading. For example, how a reversed Empress relates to the synchonicities that will bring us together. And what could The Lovers reversed and Death being right next to each other and being the first and last drawn mean??? I’d appreciate any insight!

    1. It takes time to be able to build up to reading in a way that synthesises all the meanings of all the cards together. Personally, I don’t read with reversals as I find it interrupts the intuitive flow. I prefer to work with Elemental dignities. My advice is to start with smaller three card spreads if you are new to this. I get several requests every day about interpreting DIY spreads. Even if I had the time, I don’t think it would be a wise investment of my time to ‘read on readings’ – A reading is done in synergy between the cards, the question and the reader… in the MOMENT.

  36. 1. The Chariot (Reversed)
    2. The Emperor
    3. X of Cups (Reversed)
    4. Judgement
    5. II of Pentacles
    6. V of Wands
    7. King of Pentacles
    8. III of Swords (Reversed)

    This doesn’t seem to bode well for the future…

  37. Did my reading with the Victorian Fairy Tarot 🙂

    1. Your readiness
    Ace of Summer
    2. Soul’s purpose check-up(you)
    3 of Summer
    3. Soul’s purpose check-up (TF)
    Queen of Spring
    4. Karmic issue (you)
    2 of Spring
    5. Karmic issue (TF)
    Ace of winter
    6. How you are already connected
    5 of autumn
    7. Divine guidance
    Herald of Spring
    8. Outcome; shows likely outcome of serving together
    The fool

    Anyone have any idea on what the Fool, the 8th card, would then signifies with regards to this spread?

  38. This is a great spread and I’m glad I tried it because I was experiencing major anxiety about this relationship.

    Reading your comments Lisa about relaxing and knowing that everything is ok. I was especially encouraged by 2/C in the 7th position and The Hierophant in the 8th position.

    Thanks for the insight!

  39. I’m really not sure how someone could even ask, “Is he my twin flame?” If he is, you will know. I have been with my twin flame and from the very first touch, he awakened a part of my soul that I didn’t even know existed. We aren’t together now. I fought so hard for so long to try and get him to come home. Believe me, that isn’t what I do. I don’t look back. But this time I couldn’t look away. But I finally let go and just asked God to lead me out of the darkness because I couldn’t move on my own. It was funny, right after I gave up that, I saw your spreads for twin flames. I was scared to death to do it! If he wasn’t coming back, I didn’t want to know. I won’t go through the whole thing but my outcome was 6 of Fire. Victory! I’m clearly in surrender. He’s still in Runner. But I have hope again 🙂 There isn’t any sign of us reuniting right now. As a matter of fact I will file my divorce papers on Friday. But I believe God is protecting us. And if he finally surrenders( Talk about defiance! Damn he is tough) we will be amazing.

  40. Twin Flame Tarot Spread
    8:31am 10/05/12

    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity

    8 Pentacles

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)

    Queen Pentacles

    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)

    High Priestess

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)

    King of Cups

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)

    3 of Cups

    6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)

    9 of Wands

    7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)

    Ace of Pentacles

    8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.

    The Star 🙂

    From what I can tell, it looks positive for me but with a little more work ahead. The Queen of Pentacles as my soul’s purpose was absolutely the right card for me, as is the King of Cups representative of my karmic debt without a doubt.

    I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s my own reading, but cards 6 and 7 stumped me, so any thoughts would be appreciated…though I’m guessing that as you suggested #6 is using intuition as to how we are currently connected. I just feel a block but I’ll keep it in mind. I’ve felt his energy strongly in the past few years but have focused on working on myself immensely rather than finding him.

    1. Though it did come to mind with #6 that it could relate to somebody who I met at the start of the year who I ran from due to placing boundaries. He’s away for the time being and I keep getting ‘divine timing’ as a message. There’s no doubt that it’s a soul connection but it could go deeper, I just haven’t allowed it because I’ve been busily working through shadow stuff this past month. I’ve never felt such a suddem deep connection when I first saw somebody and we could not believe how familiar we were to each other but I tried to convince myself not to bother and his free-spirited nature triggered me. Not that I’m not free but I guess it made me realise where I’m not even more. Anyway I’m not looking to rant but that came to mind with 9 Wands and how I think I’ve been more honest with him…though it’s currently in a stasis as he is away and uncontactable due to the nature of his work. Time will tell 🙂

      1. Time will tell, indeed. 🙂 Speaking of time, I had to stop doing spread interpretations for people on this blog a while back. I simply have no time to dedicate to this. I’m actually heading over to shut comments off now. I still cherish feedback on posts but I don’t want people to get disappointed when I don’t approve certain comments or reply in full to some questions, so I’ll start using the ‘turn comments off after 14 dayd function.’ Thanks for stopping by and please come back!

  41. Well, obviously – the how you are already connected only applies if you are connected somehow… especially with a court card. So if it doesn’t click, it’s because you haven’t tuned into the energy of your TF already. You’re throwing way too many things into the mix here. Your father won’t have anything to do with your TF – he may relate to soul mate lessons though… but that’s not what this spread is fore.

    1. You’re right about too many things in the mix! That about my father was thrown in without much thought, and it doesn’t fit, I was getting mixed up with soul mates even though I do know (intellectually) that’s very different.

      Should I have left out position 6, then? I was trying to work out what on earth I was thinking… and I think it was that a TF is someone we’ve already connected with, somewhere sometime, not necessarily in the here n now. Or perhaps I feel that before we’ve actually met, there’s an echo of connection that we inwardly know all the same. ?? Am I completely off track?! Remember this idea is new to me.

      But I’ll throw another spanner into the works 😉 which is that if you’d asked me five years ago, I’d have said not only that I knew my twin flame (I just hadn’t heard the term then) but also that he was more ready than I was. It was instant, the knowing was exactly as you describe, and it lasted across twenty years while living in different countries for most of that. When we met it was as if we’d known each other for ever; I used to call him my [i]might-as-well-be[/i] brother.

      He felt the same – at least, he behaved the same, ‘desperate’ to be together. It never got romantic in the normal sense because I’m female and he’s gay! and so that never came up, but it was very like being with a true lover (just not in bed, lol). Finished each others’ sentences, etc. He was further on the spiritual path than I was, most of my learning in that direction has been in the last decade… but the last time we spoke, it was clear that he’d moved onto pathways that weren’t healthy. It was as if I’d been moving from ego-angst towards light while he went in the other direction 🙁 and that really, deeply hurt.

      Once during healing I travelled to see what had happened, and I found him in a small dark space underground, not completely unlit, but he was unwilling to look at me or communicate. Something told me very strongly that we’d meet again when he and I were both in the right place, and he would be again one day, whether or not that was in this lifetime… Part of me found it hard to stop hoping to ‘get him back’ but the higher part was comforted by that reassurance.

      You know, I haven’t talked about this with people. This twin flame thing would explain him – but do you think the long-term connection followed by the rift could happen, in that case?

      1. Rifts can happen. There are different opinions floating about… my inner knowing tells me that Twin Flames come together for the purpose of serving the Light. If that can’t happen because one of them isn’t ready, they may drift apart I suppose… I’d suggest you trust your intuition above else. You’re too much in the head with this.

      2. True! Too much in my head is a symptom of being new to the subject. 🙂 I’ll leave it to ‘prove in the airing cupboard’ for a bit, I mean sink to the bottom and become part of the river-mud (mixing metaphors, ok) before trying any harder! Thanx for your attention.

  42. Hi Lisa, I was catching up with your blog and thought I’d try this spread. Part of what I like on this site is that you refer to many things I haven’t come across anywhere else (just been along different roads 🙂 ), and the twin flame concept is one of these. So I was careful to get the concept straight before settling down to the cards – I know it’s different from a soul mate, and not everyone has a twin flame or meets theirs, and when you do you Just Know It.

    Mostly the cards I drew were telling me we aren’t likely to meet in this incarnation, which goes with what my feeling sort of ‘half ready’ – not hopelessly out of touch spiritually, but with a lot more work to do before I’m willing to ‘surrender to destiny’. My question though is about card 6, how we are already connected. I drew the King of Pentacles. Now I’m not good at Courts anyway (who is? lol) and I could think of many people he might be, but if I had met him by now I’d know, y’know… and I don’t default to reading a Court as a person, anyway I don’t really get this as an ‘already’ card. One idea I had was my own father, who I’ve never met – but I have written and he is very against knowing me and from what I’m told is the opposite of enlightened if you know what I mean.

    Also, in the last couple of years the cards, and various healers, and learning more astrology, and all sorts of other clues, have been telling me that my material wellbeing (in future, but in this life) will depend on someone else, not my own efforts. 🙁 I don’t like that thought AT ALL but it is a recurring message! Could this King tie in with that somehow? Oddly, I’ve always expected to go into business on my own, one day, and he could alternatively be my practical, managerial/delegating, financial-decision-taking side … but then how would he fit into this reading? I don’t know what to make of him – as you can tell! Any ideas? (Anyone?) 😀

    By the way most of the cards here were Cups and the only Majors were on my side, soul purpose check-up (I take this to mean whether things are going the right way) the Star, karmic challenge the Chariot which is my birth card too.

  43. What an interesting spread. I love Twin Flame, but I’m not sure if I have one in this incarnation (unless my TF plans on arriving later on when I’m closer to 30 or older!). Here’s what I got using my Sun and Moon tarot – and I use reversals:

    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity
    – The Sun (which I took as a great sign. I TOTALLY feel ready for my Twin Flame. It’s like.. my heart’s desire to be coupled and serve God).

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)
    – Six of Swords (this is a card about transition and moving away from things that don’t serve me and onto much better opportunities).

    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)
    – 9 of Pentacles Rx (Maybe my TF is a workaholic, and needs to take time to enjoy the finer things in life.) QUESTION: How would you interpret a card like this in this position?

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)
    – Princess [page] of Pentacles: I have an issue with manifesting! Being grounded, and taking practical steps to get the things that I want (omg so true).

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)
    – Four of Cups Rx: Being so focused on their own issues that they can’t see what’s right in front of them (though this is also the general interpretation for the 4 of Cups right side up).

    6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)
    – Tw of Swords: At first when I looked at this card I thought “not yet” because it makes me think of a cross-roads. But the more I looked at it, the more I wondered if we were connected before we incarnated. In my deck, this card depicts a woman sitting on a wooden bridge, with a vast body of water behind her, with endless sky overhead. (Question: I have no idea how to interpret this card. Attempting the inner knowing and didn’t really get anything).

    7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)
    -Queen of Swords Rx – I found this interesting since 6 is also an Air card. So we’re already connected through the mind: mental engagement, logic, thinking rationally. Which can also point to astrology, as I’m an Aquarius, an air sign. As a reversed Queen, we probably won’t meet under the friendliest circumstances – there may be bickering, or a genera sense of us not getting along at first. (Question: I’m really awful at timing. Are court cards good for determining timing?)

    8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.
    – 7 of Wands: This card links closely with how I interpreted the reversed Queen of Swords. The 7 of Wands is about conflict, standing your ground and realizing you can’t please everybody. If me and my TF meet in this life, then our relationship won’t be an entirely smooth one. We’ll probably challenge each other, not much room for compromise and heated debates (and ideas, again, link back to air keywords).

    1. Thank you for sharing, Tatiana. I commented on the 7 of Wands on the Facebook page 🙂

      As for the Rx 9 of Pentacles, he could be working through lessons on abundance and self-sufficiency at the minute. If so, he’s close to completion.

  44. Am actually a little alarmed by my reading it seems it doesn’t bode well at all :/ however I am new to doing tarot, is our situation really this bad? Position 1 was the 4 of wands, position 2 is the tower, 3 is the ten of swords, 4 is the 4 of cups, 5 is the two of swords, 6 is the two of wands, 7 is the queen of pentacles but in reverse position and 8 is the seven of swords also in reverse position. Any tips on what to take from that reading would be greatly appreciated.

  45. Hi Lisa, nice post as always 🙂 pulled cards for me, here’s what I interpreted:
    1. 8 of pentacles: self improvemnt is required, enjoy what you are doing
    2. King of Wands: intelligence, organised, balanced, spiritual
    3. Queen of swords: know how/when to cut chords with whom
    4. Six of Pentacles: learn to share
    5. Knight of cups: listen to your intution, follow dreams/feelings
    6. 4 of wands: marriage, love, luck, my life-partner?
    7. King of pentacles: does it relate card 2 and 4, king of wands learns sharing better
    8. Outcome – two of wands: once self impovemnt and balance is achieved, i may be offered with 2 choices or a balanced relationship with my twin-flame

    The hermit card fell out just before I started the reading, re-kindle my old love/self examination/solitude or i may find a mentor soon…

      1. Post

        Hi Rhiannon, you need to provide your own interpretation of the reading. Once you’ve done that I’m happy to help you with any card you are stuck on. Blessings, Lisa

        1. um, but this isn’t my reading. I was commenting due to he fact that she has the same exact outcome card as me and was wondering about it. Hence why I thanked annum for writing hers. I’m scrolling through the comments to find hose who have drawn the same cards in the same spots as I did because some of my spread confused the hell out of me. Mine is up above as the first comment, but I also had zero clue we were suppose to provide our own interpretation.

  46. Hi Lisa. What a brilliant page you have. Thank you for posting all the information here on the ‘Twin Flame’ connection. I have done the reading and I got some pretty amazing cards. I used the Doreen Virtue Angel deck, it’s so amazing! I am VERY good at reading for others, but as you know it is SO hard to read for yourself. If anyone out there cares to make a suggestion about the TF reading I got please offer suggestions. Card 1: Ace of Cups; Card 2: The Sun; Card 3: Empress; Card 4: Queen of Air; Card 5: 3 of Water Card 6: Release; Card 7: King of AIr; Card 8: The Emperor
    Back ground on my sitch is I met my TF 2.5 yrs ago, after my (ex) husband and I got into a car accident. The accident was not accident. EVERYTHING in my life changed. It was the final push to show me how really ‘over’ my marriage was. I met him 5 days after our accident. I knew instantly, but the magnitude or admitting the truth to myself didn’t come until 5 months later because I grappled with the emotion in utter confusion. Neither he or I were available at the time. He is still not available, I am. My TF is about 8 yrs younger than me and the cards in the reading all show an older male. SO is the guy I think is my TF my TF? Anyway I know that the Emperor will be a man that helps me get to where I want to go with my career… or that we will work together with our careers…
    I am doing Kundalini yoga because after I met my TF my body ‘awoke’ so to speak after what felt like it had been asleep for the last 44 years. Uuugh! Help, desperate to understand this.
    <3 <3

    1. Hi Julianna, There is no need to fret or worry and there is absolutely no point in pushing the envelope. When you do come together with your Twin Flame, there will be no doubt. You will have ONE shared life purpose. There is no need to worry about WHEN either because it will happen when the time is RIGHT. Both of you will be awake, activated, aligned and ready to serve the Light as ONE. The longing to be united with your Twin Flame is born from serving the Light, not from a longing to be with a lover. If you stay true in your dedication and devotion, all you need to do is wait and it will come to pass. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Ahhh- thank you Lisa. I’m following you on Twitter now! I suppose I was a little bit baffled at the Emperor over the Ace. I read the meaning and the Ace may mean that only one of us will feel the love. Perhaps I’m not understanding the whole of the spread. I’m pretty good at that, haha! Thanks for your loving words. Your site is so charming.<3 <3

      2. By the way, I’m not worried, I’m doubting, because I have no indication on how this other person feels. I guess the Ace of cups in the reading kind of sums that up doesn’t it??? I ready your meaning to it and I think it means only one of us feels this love presently. With the emperor over it… *sigh* nvm. <3 <3

        1. It’s actually not as interesting how they feel as how ready they are to surrender. I’d imagine it would be worse to have your TF fall in love with you in an unawakened state and then begin to awaken – that is likely to trigger the ‘runner syndrome’ for sure!

      3. Thanks! I guess I am the runner. I have been avoiding him and synchronicity keeps having us run into each other. If I could leave the city we live in I would, haha! It’s painful every time I see him. Like the death of a loved one. Wish I’ld never met him. The timing has been so cruel. I know I’m not ready for this. Neither is he. Hoping something comes along that will suffice or be good enough. Very human egoic thought, but like I said I’m not ready for this. People who wait 10 years? That will not be me. That much I do know. I wish all of you the best! <3 <3 <3

        1. The inability to wait patiently will dissolve once all karma preventing you from being together is resolved. It all starts with realising that your desire to serve is greater than your desire to be in a love relationship. Once this happens, you will be surprised how all that seemed to matter so much just melts away. Wishing you peace, joy and love!

  47. I also met my twin flame. It has been nine years of terrible struggle for me. People don’t realize how hard it is especially when the other doesn’t understand or is not ready. Although I am grateful for the experience, I wouldn’t want to go through such pain and longing again. We are still not together and I have stopped agonizing and have been trying to move on. I have lost all hope.

      1. thanks for the vote of confidence. I am actually struggling with forgiveness, Lisa. He did a lot of damage to me and though I can see why he did it from a higher perspective, there is alot between us left unsaid because he is so afraid to face the music which he’ll have to do if he comes face to face with me and he would rather not face up to his responsibility. You know that he is actually stalking me?? He secretly watches me wherever I go and I have caught him twice. Then he runs off again like a frightened rabbit. The universe may sneak up on me again however and try to bring us together but now I have gotten used to the pain of separation. Pain is my constant companion in my solitude but so is joy. I have traversed higher levels of awareness and he is still third dimension and lower. Still, he is the man of my dreams so I will try to remember your words. When one is in a twin soul union, everything touches you to the deepest core. It isn’t easy. One might say it is the ultimate inner struggle.

        1. … and also the ultimate experience of transcending polarity. I’m sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time with this and I pray that it will not last much longer. Sending him light as I’m sure you do every day. <3

  48. I know, Lisa. 🙂 It was not my intention to ask for a complete study. If it were I would have asked for the price of the service. Sorry if you thought that.
    Peace & Love.

    1. No worries. For future reference, please be aware that reading interpretations are not included in the paid services I offer – I much prefer to spread the cards myself, as I work in synergy with the cards and the energy connection with my client in the moment 🙂

  49. Amazing! My spread: every card here has ressonance with what I am feeling.

    1 – Hierophant
    2 – World
    3 – 9 pentacles
    4 – Fool
    5 – 10 Cups
    6 – Strength
    7 – Ace Wands
    8 – 3 Cups
    feel free to comment, please. Thx!

      1. Oh, Lisa, I have always questions. 🙂
        I said that I resonate with the cards because I recognize that issues with my life, and specifically with this relationship, right now. I felt a kind of synchronicity with the cards… But, Lisa… it doesn’t mean that I understand very well the positions where they felt. It’s an advanced spread for me and I am just an tarot apprenticeship…so I have asked for any comments… Blessed be. 

  50. I have my twin flame.. connection date may 2005 disastrous.. neither one ready.. however August 2009 complete within so without… Mothers date of birth 121349 my own.. Her Fathers date of Birth 11/8/49, Her Fathers Pass Date 12/13/95 My mothers pass date 11/08/08. I share in her as she shares in me.. Same soul same frequency within touch, within hearing, within seeing, within smelling, within taste.. Abilities physical, emotional, mental, celestial, spiritual… anything from listening to music we can hear apart.. laugh apart, etc.. It goes on and on.. Our purpose is our connection.. It has found many answers.. Many to include the lost ways of ancient before communication was created.. We share in the source in our dreams.. The light of connection bathing us.. we see it in so many ways.. something has led me here I feel!

  51. okey dokey – so here’s what I got – bear in mind I don’t wish to be paired, so I expected the cards to echo this:

    1) Two of Swords – no surprise, since I’m not open to being in a relationship right now and, I’ve decided I just prefer casual friendships, not to live with someone or keep anyone around for a long time.

    2) My Soul’s Purpose: Wheel of Fortune – just to take it as it comes and work out my karma.

    3) His Soul Purpose: King of Swords – to be a know-it-all? LOL

    4) My karmic obstacle: 3 of Wands – I don’t want to share my life with anyone. Prefer to be alone. Do not want to cooperate or commit.

    5) His karmic obstacle: 6 of Swords – he travels or lives far away? (good!)

    6) How we are connected: The Fool, doesn’t look like we are, or that we’ve chosen not to meet, since the Fool can mean choosing to get the ball rolling.

    7) Divine Guidance: Queen of Wands – this is the most independent queen, so I’ll take it to mean I’ll retain my independence.

    8) Outcome: Justice – can represent the consequences of decisions/actions, and since I’ve already made clear what I’ve decided, I think I’m safe for this lifetime as well!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Trish. I don’t think the King of Swords is a ‘know-it-all’ – that’s more like the Knight. Why would you feel ‘safe’ without your Twin? I don’t actually see being in a Twin Flame relationship as giving up independence… but I suppose I can understand why you would see it like that. Anyhoo, I’m happy that you feel you’re on the right pat with this (although the 2 of Swords can indicate being undecided and Justice can indicate marriage – just sayin’)… 🙂

      1. I was just making fun with the “know-it-all”. I know it means he’s cerebral and deals in knowledge. For me, Lisa, it’s a life style choice. But saying you don’t want to pair up is almost as bad as saying you don’t want to have children. (I have 4, btw, all grown, all raised by myself). It’s an unpopular thing to say, and it attracts people wanting to tell you what you are “missing”. I have several male friendships and I get my relationship needs met from them. But actually living with someone every day, no thanks. I’ve been single since 1989 and I’ve turned down 8 marriage proposals, the last one, this past July. I love my single life.

  52. Oh. You know, when I did the reading I didn’t ask about anyone specifically. Just asked whether I was ready for a twin flame relationship. Hmm,.

  53. i did it … ! all my cards were upside down, i guess i flipped the deck over before i picked cards? not sure what to make of it, but i sort of wonder if it reflects my own doubts about twin flames … haven’t decided how i feel about the concept. but curious!
    1. the devil … limitations (mental/moral), shame (about the body/sexuality), freedom. doing the simple right/true/good instead of knowing but not doing … ??
    2. temperance — working in co-operations and sharing WITH people HERE and now, but connecting to the un-ending source of love/light … (i always notice the foot in the pool … drawing from the EARTH and not just the heavens)
    3. 8 of wands — balancing speed/quickness with being slow … intergrating rapid transformations, communication …?
    4. knight of pentacles — setting goals, taking small step-by-step daily actions towards goals, being patient, gentl, kind, humble, grounded and rooted in daily ordinary life
    5. king of swords– decisive, intellectual mastery/leadership, clarity, focus, & putting it to practice!
    6. nine of swords — conquering fears, on a high mental/spiritual plane ! i hope we are both doing this, i know i’m trying so hard!
    7. 10 of pentacles — focusing on making firm foundations for the future (maybe our own future? perhaps even another incarnation? or baring fruitition to work that’s been done/is going on and making it into something lasting/beneficial to next generations ), legacy, making new traditions?
    8, the magician — all the tools are in front of us, its up to us to grab them and use them! feels promising … ! somehow it indicates to me a more mental/spiritual connection, not necessarily a physical one, but the magician is also about attraction ??

    i would have preferred to use a deck dedicated to light-work but i only have one deck in my life right now, but i try to devote all my readings to healing and do what i can to clear my deck/dedicate it to higher goods.
    i feel that i truly want to focus on being a reflection/tool/vessel of higher light and love, and all that is meant to be from that will come, i feel that i have a lot of work to do but also faith and excitement … !
    thanks for this and all your spreads Lisa!

    1. You are welcome and thank you very much for sharing your own reading and the thoughts that came with it. It sounds to me as if you have a good handle on the card meanings. The Devil indicates to me that you are in the middle of some pretty deep Shadow work right now. Temperance can also mean clarifying your vision. Whether or not the relationship is physically manifest, the Magician promises communication. 🙂

      1. Yes, Lisa, I’m in complete agreement about the link between The Devil and Temperance. Shadow work to integrate and find a place of balance – and you have the Knight of Pentacles in there too, which means that there is a “slow and steady” factor in your life that you may either need to break through — i.e. conservatism — or to hold to — i.e. in the face of excess.

  54. The Chariot has always interested me because it feels like such an esoteric card, its meaning tends to want to slip away from me. But if I were to try, it is about bringing something ‘down’ from above; it is the intersection between the horizontal and the vertical and using that to ‘move forward’. It is also the coming together of two elements that create motion — two complementary elements. Hence the link to yin and yang.


    1. Ah – and will. Bringing opposing forces together. I have told this man in the past that we were doubtless mortal enemies in previous lives, and that feels absolutely spot on. Integration in the service of will, and then forward motion. Which feels lovely, even in theory. 🙂

  55. Did my Twin Flame reading, and it feels very intense. I used The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed by Robert M. Place.

    1. King of Staffs – can’t get more ready than that!
    2. Seven of Cups – feels like needing to make a choice
    3. The Lovers
    4. Ace of Swords – freeing the mind so that it is used insightfully and wisely, in service to a higher power
    5. Nine of Cups – the need for security, perhaps
    6. We cannot see what is right in front of us; we are performing circus tricks that stop us from grounding and moving forward
    7. Two of Pentacles: yin and yang.
    8. The Chariot. How interesting!

  56. Well, depression and sleepless nights it what immediately popped into my head. The guy I’m thinking it might be is also going through it. We have known each other for over 14 years and there was always more than a friendship connection, but timing was never right for us..

    1. Sounds like you’re not sure he’s your other half…? When you think of him, do all others fade away? Or do one or two others still kinda pop up as possible candidates? The thing with twin flames is that you have a quiet knowing – unshakable. There’s usually not a ‘might be’ included… Just sayin’… You BOTH just know.

  57. Yes, it could mean that you have some lessons ahead – probably related to the 9 of Swords in position 6, which indicates that you have some fear issues to work through before you can make the connection. I’d be interested what you got when you tried tuning into the 9 of Swords…?

  58. I’m having a hard time with the Page of Pentacles. Does it show I need more to learn since pages are all about learning and studying, etc? The beginning stages, so I’m wondering if this alone indicates that I’m not really ready?

    Twin Flame Tarot Spread
    8:31am 10/05/12

    1. Your Readiness to Serve in Twin Flame Capacity

    Page of Pentacles

    2. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (you)


    3. Soul’s Purpose Check-Up (your Twin Flame)

    6 of Cups

    4. Karmic issue/challenge (you)

    Queen of Pentacles

    5. Karmic issue/challenge (your Twin Flame)

    4 of Pentacles

    6. How you are already connected (tune into your inner knowing and allow the card image to take you on a journey until you feel a ‘click’ and recognise the connection)

    9 of Swords

    7. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)

    Death (Scorpio) Could be this month? I do think have an idea of who it might be. I keep getting this as far as love and timing goes quite frequently.

    8. Outcome – Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.

    Ace of Wands

    1. Also, Mar, it looks like your karmic issue might be to grow into the role of Queen of Pentacles in your life from the current position of Page. It feels like a link that describes self-empowerment – becoming ‘queenly’ without the need of anyone else.

  59. Very good spread, Lisa. I got the Two of cups in referance to my readiness (which means my intuition isn’t lying to me; yay!). Cards 2 and 3 showed up as the nine of swords and the Tower. 4 and 5 were Judgement and the ten of wands. I think that’s a sign I’m more ready than they are :/ As for our already existing connectedness, I got the Moon (I’m guessing something to do with our emotional patterns…?). I got the King of cups for Divine guidance. Outcome was the four of pentacles (this card always confused me; I know it’s basically about being clingy, but…)

    Oh, and hi! Long-time reader; first time commentor 🙂

    1. Interesting! Thanks for sharing and glad that you finally piped up! 😀

      Actually, I would say that there is no need to despair with the 4 of Pentacles as the final outcome. It’s a card of absolute manifestation (Sun in Capricorn). As you place that card on top of the 2 of Cups, what feeling do you get? Yes, you both have ‘stuff’ to work through but you will get there in the end… and I’m pretty sure the cards mean THIS incarnation 😉

    2. venusmizu24 – I would suggest that The Moon also refers to an intuitive connection rather than one that is obvious.

  60. It has been hard encountering my Twin Flame this lifetime. We weren’t ready; one of us was less ready than the other. Having said that, our meeting initiated in me some deep inner work around childhood wounding, and we both know that when the right time comes, we will meet again.

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