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Done with Doreen

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I’d like to start this post by thanking Doreen Virtue for all that she has done that is good, beautiful and uplifting – It’s a great deal and I know many people (myself included) who have been helped by her. I have journeyed with her since I read the Lightworker’s way back in 2003 but I have realised that I must now part ways with her and her body of work. The certificates I gained through training with her are still valid for insurance purposes but I will certainly not reference them for any other purposes in the future – not much point when the Teacher has denounced the teachings.

That said, I have no regrets about studying with Doreen. It was all good fun – especially the Certified Angel Card Reader Course (waves to Radleigh Valentine whose input was totally fabulous). It’s a different matter with the ongoing Angelologist course though. After Doreen turned to traditional Christianity it has gotten very serious. I can do serious if the content is also meaty and in-depth but the Angelologist course seems rushed together and for much of it Doreen is just reading from various versions of the Bible in a monotonous voice. It’s all so turgid when compared to previous courses.

It doesn’t help that the monthly online test system crashed and that separate videos have been pushed together so that you can’t easily reference the material… but what annoys me the most, since I have studied the Bible at a Christian University are the blatant factual errors, which – when raised in the student forum – are just ignored by the moderators… and, of course, no word from Doreen herself. Had the money for this course not gone toward caring for the rescue animals on the Virtue estate, I would have demanded a refund.

The thing about Doreen Virtue’s courses is that though spiritual in nature, they cost a lot of money and lead to certification for aspiring spiritual professionals. She’s a talented business woman and her business is a multi-million dollar industry. Since this is in fact a business and not a religious cult, the students should be entitled to a certain amount of accountability from their teacher. Sadly, what we have learned so far is that when students ask questions about whether their certificates are still going to be valid, after learning in roundabout ways that their teacher reaches out via other channels to denounce her own teachings, the admins of Doreen Virtues forums simply delete the discussion threads.

This kind of lack of accountability lead to me leaving the Fairyologist forum yesterday, as well as helped me realise that I was ‘done with Doreen.’  Commenting on my public FB post from last night about this, a friend who is a PR professional had the following to say:

…this was poorly handled by her. Her legions of students/consumers made her who she is today by buying into her brand. The fact that the thread was shutdown on the Fairyologist site shows disrespect to us all. Her team should have proactively reached out to all her social media when she had her transformation and explained her new direction. Even a video with a personal message from Doreen would have helped. There is no excuse when you run a multi million dollar business.

The Tarot Denounced

I must admit that even though how poorly handled this was handled in the Fairyologist forum, I would have called curtains on my own involvement with Doreen Virtue after she publicly denounced the Tarot the other day. She is clearly buying into ready-made beliefs by traditional Christianity about this and it was just this kind of brainwashing that made me realise I really could not be part of organised religion.

There is nothing intrinsically evil about the Tarot – a game of cards which first surfaced in Italy during the early Renaissance era. In fact, back in the day it was seen by most people as morally superior to a regular deck of playing cards since it contained the moral stories associated with the archetypes of the 22 Major Arcana cards. The irony here is, of course, that the those images were steeped in traditional Christian values (much like the medieval morality plays), so a traditional Christian denouncing the Tarot simply means that they are ignorant about the origins of the Tarot.

Since the 15th century, the Tarot has gone through many processes of evolution with big landmarks happening in 18th century France and 19th century England, culminating with the publication of the Order of the Golden Dawn inspired Waite Smith Tarot in 1910. From there, we have had many Tarotists of renown who completely departed from the influence of Western Mysticism and instead sought to claim the Tarot for earth-centred spirituality.

I have to laugh at myself now because it wasn’t that long ago since I denounced certain schools of Tarot thought myself, in my absolute hubris of claiming to be in possession of ‘the Truth.’

Full Disclosure

My biggest blessing of 2017 has been to be able to see my own mirror image in Doreen Virtue’s journey in and out of New Age and back into the arms of traditional Christianity, though she professes to have embraced only ‘the teddy bear version’ in her younger years. Apparently the ‘teddy bear version’ didn’t carry a need to denounce anything because it was all love. I think I know which version I prefer.

The need to denounce other teachings or practises only arises with dogma and it is that kind of dualistic Christianity Doreen has embraced now. I fell back into that dogma myself not too long ago so I know how strong the pull is. Essentially, it addresses our ego’s need to be right… the need to claim to be in possession of the truth… It creates an us/them paradigm… and it reminds of the following story from the very same American Christian fundamentalist (sic!) university mentioned higher up…

Our computer teacher (back in the good old floppy disk days) wasn’t like the other university professors. He was most definitely not a ‘hyper fundy’ and would sometimes walk into class wearing brightly coloured shades, humming the tune to ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ I think I’m only now starting to appreciate how much his presence was needed in that kind of environment.

One morning, he randomly (everything about him seemed gloriously random) chose to open the lesson with the following story:

Once, when I was home alone, there was a knock on the door. Two Jehovah’s Witnesses greeted me and asked me if I wanted to see God’s truth in Holy Scripture. I asked them to please hang on a moment… and I went into my office to retrieve something from the top drawer. I showed them the small tin box I had fetched. I asked them if they wanted to see the sunshine I had trapped inside the box. Their reply was, ‘That’s ridiculous, you can’t catch sunlight and trap it inside a box.’ I calmly looked at them and said, ‘No, you can’t – You’re right… Nor can a book capture the truth.’

That story has stayed with me my whole life and now I finally understand that the truth is only found at the zero point where we become one with love. From there we can BE the truth and we can never teach it any other way. I have finally lost my need to claim to be in possession of the truth. And I really cannot thank Doreen Virtue enough for being my mirror on this journey where I have hurt both myself and many others because of my insistence on dogma when life (rejection/abandonment in particular) felt too difficult to accept and deal with any other way.

Now I have learned to deal with fear-based emotions of rejection by going within and hooking back up with Source. In that space, there is no need to denounce or defend, no need to preach or teach… only a need to connect deeply with other souls in a loving way and in the full knowledge that we ALL belong to each other. We are one. There is only one truth and its name is love. Knowing this is what brings peace.

The Eclipse

It’s no coincidence that all of this is happening on the day of the Great American Eclipse. Many who feel dismayed about Doreen’s denunciation of former teachings and seeming rejection of her own students are Americans and to them this sense of rejection is naturally compounded by the far right being in power, claiming to espouse traditional Christian values.

What we all need to understand is that this is all part of patriarchy kicking back against the return of the Divine Feminine. Patriarchy is in its death throes and doing all it can to cling to power. It impacts us as individuals and it also impacts power structures which we will very soon see crumble to the ground.

You see, people are becoming wise to the sneaky tactics of fear (that alien space fungus) and we are joining hands in one almighty love revolution. But first we must surrender… and before we all choose to do just that, many of us will revisit old haunts like the church where we can feel safely in possession of sunshine in a tin box.

So pray with me that this eclipse shadow will reveal the light within, which we can all BE and radiate but can never possess.

And so it is!


Eclipse Blessings )O(




97 thoughts on “Doreen Virtue Denounces Tarot + Other Eclipse Musings”

  1. I just found out about her complete turnaround when I went to her YouTube Channel last week to listen to her weekly oracle card readings and saw that she had stopped doing those. It was like checking in with an old friend every once-in-a-while. Her guidance always seemed positive and was what I needed to hear at the time. I knew she talked about Jesus a bit more and I didn’t mind that-actually I’m a very open-minded Christian myself and love to study other religions and their teachings. but I was shocked and bewildered that she did such a complete about face. I lost a close friendship recently and learning this about Doreen feels the same way. I wonder if she had this planned for a while or if something happened over the last few weeks to cause such a drastic change?

    I grew up in a staunch Southern Baptist Church and their teachings left me with lots of anxiety issues over the years. This has brought back some of these old feelings. I have seen some of those near-death, hell videos that her husband supposedly got her to watch and they will put a LOT of fear in you if you are not grounded and secure in your own path. I wonder just how co- dependent she must be. If you see the past few videos she posted with her husband, you will see how much she leans into him and how he is more distant in his body language. She appears to be uncomfortable and wanting his approval really bad and he seems more confident and in control or more likely in control of her.

    I get the feeling like she was trying to wean her followers away from her old teachings and was going to drop the ones who were not going to go along with the direction she was going in. It was like a relationship that slowly was heading towards a break-up. It felt like she was trying to let us down easy. So, deep-down inside I really shouldn’t be surprised after all. But in a way, I’m still shocked at the same time, if that makes any sense.

    it feels as if she is under the control of not just her husband but a few others. The last church I went to was very controlling in that way and in the end I had to run for my own sanity. Thank you for this article. It helps to confirm my own feelings about what is going on.

    1. Hi Stacey, thanks for sharing. I totally understand about the SBC leaving you with anxiety issues. I spent three years in the South and had a conversion experience there in my teens which left me with a lot of faulty programming. Please know that the fears that have been triggered by these events are all normal and you are not alone. If you work with astrology at all, you will probably find this video helpful for understanding the patterns we are dealing with here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rezG1cwrWyU Love, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa, great article, thank you for writing this as it is deeply supportive for a lot of folks who may be feeling a bit adrift at the moment. I’ve never been a “follower” of DV, but I’ve always loved the unabashed positivity that she put forth, and even though her messages have never really seemed quite deep enough and researched enough for her to be a teacher for me, I always appreciated that she was quite a sensitive soul who flew a flag for other sensitives out there and made us feel like it was acceptable to be loving and positive and light bearing in an often bleak, and saddening world -we humans sure know how to hurt each other and the world around us! Strangely enough though, after having watched her coming out video (which was quite bizarre viewing) I actually felt as though she was being a lot more honest than ever before, because perhaps she feels the energetic weight of all the people who follow her and she needs a break from everything, from everyone, from the world! Perhaps she has just reached the end of her tether and she needs to be held and supported by others for a change? Perhaps she has given all that she could give and now she’s putting up some massive energetic boundaries? I did a card reading for her with the Crystal Mandala Oracle, and I drew “Danburite – Original Self”! It was magical, it even had little white angel wings in the centre of the image! It was never going to be easy for her to draw the line somewhere, so it’s convenient to use the righteousness of the Church in aid of it, as like that, no one can really argue, and she can have her cake and eat it to by saying that she no longer wishes to continue endorsing what she did before, but still come out of it “smelling of roses”. It’s very clever if you ask me! But I raise my hat to her, and wish her well, and I just hope for her sake that she is able to find the peace and connection with God that she so needs, the unconditional love and acceptance that perhaps has eluded her for her whole life? Many blessings, love and light xx

    1. Cheers, Nirmala! I’m going by all the (contradictory) things she is saying and haven’t done a reading on it – thanks for mentioning the Crystal Mandala Orace. I checked it out the other day and feel drawn to it… will probably end up getting it 🙂 Maybe she will land in unconditional love soon, I hope so. It’s not unconditional love when you feel a need to make others follow the path you’re on. She is actively evangelising and subtly condemning practices that aren’t stritcly in the Christian church tradition (fear tactics were evident in the video she took down – she got more subtle after that). The Christian fundamentalists are putting a lot of pressure on her to become even more hardline Christian and condemn all remnants of any New Age practices she may still be holding onto. We shall see… I’m done with this now and pulling back my energy so that I can get on with my work. My task here was to be a sentinel. Jobe done. Love and Blessings, Lisa xx

  3. Years ago I attended one of the very first Hay House Writers Workshops, live in Sydney, Australia. I was flabbergasted at the constant message:
    Your subject means nothing, find what people want and write about that and be sure you grab a cause to make people feel they are supporting something they care about, preferably animals because ~ hey look at the way people care more about animals than other people.

    My ‘favourite’ takeaway was that ‘research’ showed that over 90% of readers read no more than the first 10 pages of Self-Help and Spirituality books and looked at their divination cards perhaps four times after purchasing them. (yeah thats not me either but these facts were excitingly taken in by the crowd). We were then told that really our job was just to catch the public with subjects and titles they wanted and that it was far more important to build a ‘Tribe’ through making ourselves loveable and caring.
    Doreen was held up as a pillar of perfection when it came to this equation along with other authors that were paraded out. Sure, some wrote about their passion to start with but we were told over and again, be ready to jump ship to the next big thing. Examples of this constant subject changing was shared as if it was the golden key to success.

    As an aspiring author and artist who has a very focused subject which I’ve studied and written about for decades and had my work constantly rejected over this time, at least some things started to become clear to me. I left feeling really deflated but with answers.
    Oh but then I was bombarded from their self-publishing arm for years. Years! My subject was FANTASTIC, my work BRILLIANT and it was sure to be the next best seller. For a price. That kept dropping. No thanks.

    Well I got published 4 years ago by a traditional publisher who values my work and I’ve stuck to my subject, because it is my passion and it is what I know about and want to share! I have oracle decks and books out there and they are doing ok.

    But I’ll tell you what I see and I know.
    The public is the problem.

    They help create these celebrity authors because they want to be part of the excitement and love of a group and then want to consume anything they write, no matter what the subject is! I have stood at major festivals, at my publishers booth and watched countless and I mean countless people pick my work up, say they love it so much and the subject is their favourite thing of all or of great interest them… BUT has “insert famous author name” got a similar title? No? Then blank-faced put mine down and walk away.

    I have no doubt at all that Doreen/her publisher will drag a whole lot of tarot-loving followers over to Christianity. Nothing wrong with that but… they won’t stop to check in with themselves to see if that is what they are really interested in, they will just go. If she decided to be a Satanist, the same. Seriously, you may laugh, but I’ve seen similar in action.

    The answer is with us, those who wish to learn, to expand, to contribute.
    If I want to learn something, I’ll go look for the person who has the experience, the depth and I’ll listen to them. I’ll support them and I will love being part of their journey. I’ll buy their work, I’ll go to their talks, I’ll follow them on social media and I will share their work with others.

    This is pretty much the way it is in the big wide world. My botanical science, gardening, art and history heroes and peers are reliable sources of knowledge and inspiration. Sure they may have other interests, but on the whole, they stick with their passion and they contribute to the knowledge base and community. They are not waiting for the next wave of public adoration to ride and dictate what they write about.

    Unfortunately in the Spirituality arena it’s just not, for the most part, the case. There are most definitely those authors who are focused and dedicated to their passion and I look up to them, support them and praise them for it, but I can assure you, because they refuse to dilute their vision it is the very hardest road and not many stick to it because the public overwhelmingly may want something very different each day.

    You need to work out what a person’s passion is before you decide their work is for you.
    Maybe their passion is not the subject that you are interested in learning about.
    Maybe their passion is money, fame and world domination and that is totally ok,
    if that’s what you want to be a part of and learn about.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for this, Cheralyn – you really exposed HH sales tactics here… I really appreciate it. Do I have your permission to copy and paste this to share on my FB page, giving you credit of course? I think the world needs to know!

  4. As a CACR, AI and Red Tent Facilitator thank you so much for helping to unpick all this. Honestly, this announcement has hit me alot harder than I thought it could have. I agree that the patriarchy is pushing back. I understand that Jesus was a good role model – and so was his partner Mary Magdelene – we need strong role models for women and I feel like this is heading backwards. And I honestly thought Doreen was evolved enough to understand the true meaning of the Tarot – something I first learnt from her. I respect her choices but find it all so puzzling.

    1. Read the comment above and you will understand how she could never evolve. She just jumped from one spiritual topic to the next and skimmed the surface. The parable about the seed that wasn’t able to grow roots springs to mind. May she find peace and grow those roots now in her Christian faith… but first she must assume the role of student… and that’s not something she is willing to do. She is teaching a certification course in Angelology based on her Christian faith and it is full of factual errors… It is really quite embarrassing. I think I was intuitively guided to sign up for it so I could help expose her for what she is… 😛

  5. Thank you for this article. I recently unsubscribed from her email list due to this sudden and bizarre change in her beliefs. She said in one email that ‘no one has told me yet that I’m too Christian.’ Well, I’m saying that, and apparently others are as well.

  6. I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. Her shift is bizaar to me bc she is so much older now, it doesn’t make sense or add up to me, this going backwards to fear based teachings after years oF studying/teaching healing through love. I love Jesus too, I have been baptismed through the Lakota Souix and adopted by them, with a Jesus based Lakota Souix teacher. But I’m not traditional Christian. I know you can belive in Jesus without buying in to all the bullshit that a lot of religions try to sell. I am disappointed in her way of handling her shift also. but love how you have put such a possitive focus and spin in your article here.

    1. You’re welcome, Liz! I so agree that you can love and believe in Jesus without the burden of religion. How exciting to have been adopted by the Lakota Sioux – I bet you have stories to tell 🙂 Blessings

  7. Thank you for your beautifully written piece. Very diplomatic. I have watched the Doreen Virtue Circus from afar for about 20 years and been dismayed at how successful she has been… When, search tho I would.. Her information has always felt to be superficial. However… I came to applaud her brilliant marketing and… She was obviously filling a need that was not entirely negative or destructive.. But… The older I get… More and more I see… The truth always comes out in the end. And… Let’s not forget.. We are all on a journey. Her intentions were probably positive… Her entrepreneurial skills MUCH BETTER.

  8. hello from Germany… Thank you for your lovely article about Doreen Virtue. Many years ago perhaps 15 years ago I came across her work ,but she did not appeal to me. However in recent years I began to love her work and attended many of her workshops, even though I would not share all opinions with her. I could always sense that she had a Christian background ,but in a moderate way. I think I remember that she stated ones in her videos that she wanted to create her own church where of course God and Jesus would be the Centre point but also with Angels, Unicorns and Meermaids. Fairies ect.. I would have loved that way more than the current one. That video had been taken after she stopped travelling. She also announced that she would talk more about that project very soon.

    I can sense like some of the people here that there is a lot of fear behind her sweetness and almost like an obsession clinging to the bible and reciting parts of it to give more strength to her sentences. I agree she speaks faster, and her body language is different. I respect her choices ,but also I am worried about her.

    I had Jesus experiences as well. In a way same like her . I think all in all 3 times in my life, but never ever did I feel the need to obey the bible and the words that are written in the bible. It was more the opposite. That the energy of Jesus freed me and became more spiritual and less afraid and certainly removed the fear towards God. Actually while I am writing this I remember the last time I saw Jesus was when I was concerned that I do something wrong in using Tarot , Runes , Reiki.. ect. It was than that Jesus appeared to me also in a church not during a service but while I was sitting there meditating . After that experience I never had these thoughts again.

    I also had experiences with Lady Magdalene , Lady Mary and Lady Kwan Yin, I might have been sometimes when the energy was very strong a bit ungrounded for a couple of days but with sleep and good food all went well.
    I wonder if the years travelling and the responsibility she might have felt towards her students where to much for her . On top of that having now about 300 rescue animals . Can you imagine how much money that is . She stated something of down sizing her video… On the other hand perhaps she is realising now in the fullest what impact she had on millions on people and is overwhelmed by it once she has settled down for a while now in her home ?

    This year I became an Angel Therapy Practitioner for one reason to be in one association that is good anwhere we all working with the same principles and guidelines

    1. Very good analysis of what may be going on here. I see/feel the same. My visions of Jesus also made me more free and like I didn’t need to be at church… but Doreen would say that’s the ‘wrong Jesus’ because the right one gets us back to church and reading/obeying the Bible. Sad, really…

      1. Firstly thank you for this insightful blog.

        When I “Came Out” as gay in 2007 I had been part of an evangelical church. They did not accept what I told them out of a simple need to be as honest as I could (as I felt that was what God would want… honesty).

        When I made the tough, but necessary, decision to leave the church the feeling I got from Jesus was simply – acceptance of my decision – and a reminder that if I ever needed him, he’d be right there for me… whether I was part of a church or not.

        Like many people it is very easy to get caught up in the rights and wrongs of any path. In many respects it comes from a fear of being excluded or ostracised from a community you do feel a genuine connection to, and do feel you need to impress,

        And of course, as you do things “right” you get validation, praise and even greater acceptance.

        I would just like to say to all of you who read this, who may be an Angel therapist, or have worked through Doreen’s courses…. have faith in your own connection to spirit, to the angels, to your guides. Use this as an opportunity, as confronting and challenging as it may be, to shape your spiritual futures now independent of Doreen.

        I can say from my own experience that it was through Doreen’s books and research into Earth Angels that I personally came to understand my natural strengths and inclinations more deeply and I drew a lot of confidence in that understanding.

        So while the teacher may have decided to walk another path. And may have decided to renounce all her previous work. If the techniques, and the connections you have with your angels, your guides, tarot or oracle decks helps you, brings you peace of heart and spirit… then don’t be too disheartened.

        I send you all courage, peace of heart, mind and spirit, resilience and inspiration at this time.

        Stay always inspired,

  9. Liked the article too, very revealing. Doreen seems off or is it only my impression?! She was a lady that above all had the capacity to give hope to people, and sometimes it is just what someone needs. She had also a loving energy at least to me… I say “had” because I don’t follow anymore her posts and some of the decks seem all the same to me, they don’t give you the opportunity to go deep and be active in your life, in my opinion of course. She was a very important figure and will be, with people continuing to follow her. As I was reading your post it seems that she went to the point A to B and later said that A does not matter anymore, anyway I respect whatever is happening to her.

    1. Knowing where she’s coming from when she says that A does not matter any more, one has to infer that they do not matter any more because they are not of God. Hence, she is – in a roundabout way – admitting that she was involved in dealing with lower entities. Then it follows that the she was either deceived or deceiving in all her former teachings and that is what her students is trying to wrap their heads around… I respect her soul. I do not respect how she has handled this.

  10. Lisa, This is beautifully written, extremely thoughtful and I’m sure bound to be very helpful to the community as well. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    I am a CACR and was originally drawn to Doreen as a bridge OUT of the traditional religious world and “softly” into the metaphysical realm. I grew up in a religious cult and have NEVER had a desire to return to the dogma or fear of the environment. When I first found Doreen I thought, how lovely to be “guided in” to this practice (and LOVE Radleigh!) That was years ago now and shortly after taking her course I drifted away from aligning with her. Something there was just not resonating with me (now I see clearly why that was).

    It’s interesting to me that she now mentions becoming a “bridge” for the community – in the exact opposite direction of the one I first walked with her. She does not seem peaceful nor centered and has certainly lost her radiant spark and for that I am saddened. I do hope she finds herself, her truth and her joy.

    Thank you for sharing so freely about this situation which, has many people quite lost and uncertain about their own “faith”.

    And… tarot on I say! I adore that beautiful statement above about the true nature of tarot and the depth of it’s love.

    1. Thank you, Loreen. The whole intent of this post was to help soothe as many broken hearts as possible so I’m glad you felt that. I know many people who have exited from organised religion where they had been oppressed and abused in various ways and who have been extremely triggered by this turn of events. My heart goes out to everyone concerned, Doreen included. I do hope she finds herself again! Love, Lisa

  11. Obviously this lady is a hack and just using all this light & love crap to make money If she wants to follow Christianity, sell it for what it is. She talks to god & angels like I talk to Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny

  12. well now I have seen her video, it makes a bit more sense. Doreen says she is still using cards, but she is not using them for psychic prediction, because she believes this is forbidden in the Bible. She is however using them as a tool for contemplation, and she is asking God for the answers, ie she goes direct to Source rather than using any intermediary, and it seems she mainly reads Bible passages as her answers, as a kind of bibliomancy. This is quite confused, as most of us do not use tarot for psychic prediction anyway, and I am pretty sure God-Source does not mind which books or cards we use to access higher insight. Maybe she will be able to gain access to a whole new audience of Christians who would not have been able to access her before…. we are all so different, so it is important both that we follow our own truth in spiritual matters, and that we do not judge anyone else who is different to us. Where she is does not feel right for me, it feels like her energy has somehow been squished because she is very frightened of something. As she is a very intelligent person, I am sure she will figure it out in time.

    1. Yes, she is still using oracle cards (not Tarot) – as contemplation points… and, as you say, not for prediction. However, I see nothing wrong with predictive readings. We do not judge here, not even when the other person claims to be in possession of the truth and placing us on the other side of truth because we know they haven’t figured out the tin box metaphor yet… It took me ages and I’m sure Doreen will get there in the end to 🙂

  13. Lisa,

    I consider you my dear sister from across the pond. I have to be frank and share that I truly felt it was only a matter of moments before Doreen Virtue denounced or renounced all things Tarot, etc. I say this because I have been deeply involved in a certain type of Christian ministry during which I renounced EVERYTHING that I EVER did or enjoyed in the past: Reiki, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Shamanism…and a host of other things. I have been a Reiki master since my early 20s. Please try and imagine where my life might be today had I stayed the course. Even though I was involved with a church where the “gifts of the Spirit” were actively practiced and was told in that church that one of my gifts was “Miraculous healings,” I remained unhealed. Move forward to a separate church and the Pastor (much more conservative church at that) saw a deliverance ministry in me, He sure wasn’t wrong about that.
    The fact is that I was willing to buy into anything that said I was “intrinsically evil” and that would offer me salvation from myself because I grew up experiencing some things kids should not experience and grew to believe I deserved it. Maybe I was full of original sin, a disgusting product of a disgusting act…sure was made to feel like I was disgusting growing up.
    I am still looking at that today. I am still not 100% sure where I want to be and am so grateful that I have sisters, like yourself, who are willing to share honestly where they are and what their process looks like. And while I realize this has little to do with what you are sharing about Doreen, yes she could have handled this differently, I wanted you to know that. Be blessed as you continue to bless others, my dear sister.

  14. Good afternoon!!

    I just wanted to share my experience:

    Doreen was my hero. Literally and metaphorically. She really saved my family back in 2011. We had somewhat of of personal relationship.

    I personally believe that “my” Doreen left the earth plane in late 2011, when her fiancé Michael died. We communicated weekly and I had a dream that she was saying goodbye and I woke to horrible pain in my chest. I believe that was her leaving the earth plane and a new soul “walked in.” A day or so later, she announced her fiancé had died and her life changed completely.

    The walk in soul was immediately different.
    Look for the signs:
    She colored her hair, changed her platform and immediately jumped into a relationship with Michael Robinson Virtue.
    Then over the years, the differences became more obvious – the return to fear based religion. And so on.

    (I have an email from several years ago that I sent to her private email where I told her that she was a walk in, so I’ve known this since 2011.)

    Just an FYI – Doreen did make a video explaining her change in direction, but she recommended that we throw away her books and cards because they were misleading.
    She told us to ask for forgiveness for our sins and that God had forgiven her for misleading us because God knows she didn’t mean to. . . And she recommended we all join a traditional church, ask for forgiveness and get baptized. She also said we need to watch youtube videos on Jesus on Nazareth going to hell to free souls – videos that Michael had turned her onto

    But the video caused a huge backlash and I think Hay House made her take it down because it disappeared just a few days after it was released.

    I wish the walk in nothing but the best and I remain so grateful for Doreen’s help back in 2011.

    But . . . as an intuitive coach, medium and mystic myself, this puts me in a complicated position because I recommended her materials so much over the last decade.
    It breaks my heart.

    1. how strange that her husband took her name (which is her ex husbands name) i dont know about walk in stuff- too new agey for me. Maybe she just changed. i saw the video she put up and was horrified that she would say hers is the only one religion when i am sure many of her students have been jews, muslim and hindu etc.

      1. Yes, I agree, Jules… saying those sort of things to her students who basically built her fortune (which is considerable) is truly horrific and will have karmic repercussions.

    2. Thanks for sharing, Leslie. I don’t get the walk-in concept. I’m not saying I don’t understand it intellectually but I don’t resonate with it. Not because it’s too ‘New Age’ but simply because I’m not feeling it. Maybe something will happen to change my mind…. but I’ve seen the kind of life changes Doreen made without any other soul walking in so I know they can happen on a more mundane level. Heck, I’ve made them myself! I’m sorry this has hit you hard. Take some time to let it sink in and be gentle with yourself. Many feel the way you do now. I even watched a young man sob in a YouTube video because he felt like he’d lost his spiritual mother. It truly is heart-breaking. Love and Blessings, Lisa

  15. Dear Ms. Lisa,

    Thank you for your intimate and thoughtful reflection. I know you have been on a heartfelt journey, searching for your inner truth and this sharing sums up much of what you have accomplished.

    I appreciate your first-hand account of the “Virtue” issue and your succinct summary of Tarot history. In the end, it is not Dorene who has rejected Tarot, but Tarot that has shown her her own one-sidedness, which is not the ultimate, unitive message of the Tarot. If she had any understanding of Tarot, she would be blown away by its depth and message of true love beyond fear and of healing our dualistic split.

    Love & hugs,

    1. “If she had any understanding of Tarot, she would be blown away by its depth and message of true love beyond fear and of healing our dualistic split.” Yes, so very well put! Thank you, Katrina. Love & hugs, Lisa

  16. Thank you, Lisa! I was already into angels when a student asked me if I know Doreen Virtue. I said No. But because they say she was popular, I have to know her. So, because she is popular, I made it a point to know her, but I had never become her student but I respect her work. I am not surprised that this happens. This is like a spiritual crisis for her but she decided to take the dualist path as a resolution. Guilt falls on her with the dualist view May the Christ in her ressurects for her own sanity and unity.

  17. Your blog was the first thing I read when I opened my Facebook app this morning. And I have to say first, I’m not surprised she’s done this, and second things have fallen into place for me in a spiritual sense. I always found it odd she would always say her tarot decks didn’t have any of the harsh or negative energies original tarot decks have, an unusual observation for someone who works with tarot I thought. But in hindsight, it’s evident she didn’t know about tarot much thus felt uncomfortable using it. I have many of her decks, including the tarot decks, and only about a week ago bought her Angels of Abundance deck. Not too sure what to do about them though. Once thing I know, I will too, be parting ways with her, though I have to admit, I haven’t watched her you tube videos for months, I sensed there’s was something about them I didn’t align with anymore. And here I was, thinking the eclipse hadn’t made much of an impact in my chart! Thank you for your blog, it’s been most timely.

      1. Wow! More synchronicity! Just been looking at your website, found that you work with runes! Which I have been doing (self teaching) for the past couple of years but nit drawn to Asatru. I was meant to find you. So glad to see I’m vibrationally matching to my my interests and the path I’ve chosen to follow. Blessings to you!

  18. Excellent post! Thank you. You captured so much of how I was feeling about this. But in the end I see my mirror. Love is all we need to shine!

  19. Doreen has just explained her shift in this video on her channel, which I woke up to this morning.


    My heart is heavy for her. It’s ironic, but she looks like she’s lost her sparkle (she wrote a book about not losing your sparkle). She says she’s happy and free, but I get a totally different feel from her body language. I’ve been there. I remember being so restricted and my world so small by the confines of patriarchal religion. And beautiful Doreen is now in its clutches. Strangely, the card I drew this morning for my Instagram feed was the five of winter (Fairy Tarot) about leaving those who aren’t being honest or who you’re not aligned with anymore. My heart is sad, but I can’t subscribe to her channel anymore.

    1. I’ve been seeing this in her body language and hearing it in her tone of voice for months. I stopped following her videos but went back every once in a while to see how she was doing and how her energy was. I sense nothing but fear, paranoia, sadness and all sorts of restrictive and sad emotions that come from being in the clutches of restrictive and damaging dogmas of organized religion. I hope she can get out of it. The Goddess is indeed rising and it’s sad to see one of our own fall to the last grasps of patriarchy.

  20. I haven’t heard the comment from Doreen as I have avoided her for couple of years now. I didn’t know why, she just didn’t feel right. I lived her book light workers way and have bought it at least twice. I could understand why I felt that way and now it makes sense

  21. Thanks for this post; very strange overall. I share your thoughts on this. I also have gone through a few of her courses. Now, like you, I doubt I’ll be presenting that as any kind of verification of anything.

  22. I am not familiar with Doreen but I know the feeling of having to let go and move on from something or someone who longer serves you or your journey. I recently read a book by Matt Kahn called “whatever arises, love that.” I found myself being a more loving person to the things inside myself and outside myself that I never thought I could love. Thank you for sharing! Blessings and love!

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and the comments. I am impressed at the straight forwardness and compassion expressed throughout. It pleases me to see a topic so well handled. Thank you and all who commented.

  24. Love ‘sunshine’ in s box’ story!!..

    LOVE IS ALL! WE ARE ALL ONE…. and all part of the ONE…. who is above dogma and other human constructs!

    1. Thank you. I’m not as adversely affect by it as some since I have had time to clear the negative emotions that surface quite quickly (thank you, eclipse energies) and also because I didn’t pin my career on her certifications… unlike many others. It was for them I wrote this post, as well as to clarify to my own readers and clients where I stand now.

  25. Doreen Virtue is the best Christian in the Pagan community. lol. She was always a Judeo-Christian who couldn’t decide whether she wanted to be Pagan or not. I have never put too much weight behind her. But if she has finally found herself a sole spiritual home, then blessings to her.

  26. I still like the card decks, and I’m now also following Radleigh Valentine’s Youtube channel. I have never taken any of Doreen’s online courses. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take Angelology, and now I know I’m sure. Maybe I will take CACR someday, since at least Radleigh is still on board with it. It looks like a solid course. I might take the Realm Reader course also – does anyone have any thoughts on it? I assume the content was produced long before any of Doreen’s recent forays into fundamentalism. (Is that safe to assume?)

    1. Can’t wait for her to say something about the Realm Readings – based on where this is heading, she’ll have to. What will she say? That she was misguided and made it all up?

  27. Thank you for blessing us with the knowledge you just shared.. This gives us clearer vision on teacher and student… which puts our own ego in check for we all know our truth, it takes time to remember….I see with your heart as you see with mine…One Love~ May your heart always be full~ ♥

  28. What is sad is that Doreen chose a very hard fundamentalist branch of Christianity.
    I have been a student of Doreen’s for years and I got the atp certification years ago.
    And I also was called to Christ, but with the soft feminine love of Mother Mary via he rosary prayer. I needed that divine feminine aspect and I needed that love and nurturing. And I loved that the Caroline faith really embraced angels and archangels and saints and especially Mary queen of heaven.
    A catholic priest told me that the catholic faith is very sensual. The divine gregorian chants and the music in mass is sensual and takes you to Angelical realms. The statues and art and gothic architecture is so feminine and beautiful, sensual. The rosary is a direct experience of connecting to Mary and grace. The other Christian denominations tend to ban and hate all of this sensuality. No Mary, no divine feminine, no angels, no art and music, no statues and no experiences that are sensually connecting us to the spiritual realms. Just the intellectual words of the bible. As the priest said, it’s all in your head. It’s all words. And everything else is prohibited to them because they are against sensuality and even music or dancing or angels or statues! And sadly Doreen is now part of these denominations which makes her denounce all of the amazing divine feminine and angel energy she gave us. What a tragedy. And so ironic. I actually was on a Facebook group of hers last week, and after I mentioned the rosary prayer and Mother Mary and consecration to Mary, she shut down the group. She is now in that space of just following words intellectually and being in her head and ego. So tragic.

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for sharing. I’m not a Catholic but I can appreciate what you are saying since I’m strongly drawn to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary both. Which group did she shut down? Blessings, Lisa

      1. Hi Lisa, I am not catholic either but I am only attracted to the Christ-centered teaching with the goddess and divine feminine in them, and so far I have seen that only Catholics and Orthodox Christians (or new age Christians, which I am pretty much since I love tarot too!) really truly revere and adore the Theotokos or mother of God, Mary.

        And they honor feminine sensual beauty and energy, from what I gather. And archangels!!

        The rosary prayer saved my life, so this brought me to the catholic teachings and adoration of Mary. And Mary Magdalene as you mentioned!

        I just can’t believe Doreen would not have chosen such a goddess-cantered path!!

        . But I agree with others in this thread that say her husband is the influence since he is hardcore Anglican Protestant. It’s very bible-based (intellectual, about words) and not goddess based!

        I hate to say it but Doreen has admitted to being a codependent, and they tend to be influenced by their partners. Obviously he has changed her. He is very Protestant.

        And the group she immediately shut down was a group called support for Christians transitioning from new age.

        But when I posted the info that I posted here, she deleted the thread and shut down the group!

        And she said, there are so many denominations but I am Anglican Protestant, as if hers is the only and best way. She was leading this group with another lady, who also said she had been shut out because her Christian beliefs didn’t align with Doreen’s.

        I am just flabbergasted that Doreen virtue who used to be the goddess angel lady of intuition is now in an energy that basically represses and despises goddess angel energy and is so closed-minded! It’s crazy.

  29. So strange, I was taught the Tarot by a monk, using a book printed and made available by the Vatican, and the Pope and his Chief Advisor praised it highly. I wonder if she will also denounce all therapies etc based on Jung’s teachings as they were themselves based on Tarot archetypes and Astrological descendants (shadow) or if she will be selective as so many are?

    1. My impression is that Doreen never studied Jung. I’m probably wrong but Jungian Tarot is something I’ve had to learn elsewhere. Which book was that, Annarica – Was it ‘Meditations on the Tarot’ by ‘unknown’?

    2. Hi, it was actually when I studied psychology that I learned that Jung had used Astrology and Tarot to create his theories. This led me to study both too.

      1. Yes, I know this about Jung… Is there some confusion? My comment was about Doreen and my impression about HER not being well versed in Jungian esoteric thought… 🙂

        1. Apologies I misunderstood. 🙂 I was also initially very surprised but fundamentally it is best for all of us if she has removed herself from any further leadership role. I agree something powerful must have rocked her belief system but to journey back into a rigid thinking structure appears quite bizarre.

          1. Yeah, it sure as heck wouldn’t have been the vision of Jesus… or at least not the same Jesus I have met in visions twice… because there was no judgement in this meetings… No need to join up or denounce… In fact, one of those visions happened when I struggled with a guilty conscience for wanting to leave the church and after meeting him in the vision I felt free to do just that!

  30. Perhaps something going on with mental health that has caused a complete change in direction for Doreen. It would be nice if she would provide an explanation to her fans, and the people who paid outrageous prices for her courses. Hay House may issue a statement, as they certainly don’t want to lose a large consumer base. I am saddened that – in my opinion – her brand was really all about money. My concern is, because of her presence and brand, many people opened up to us who study and read tarot, angel cards, etc. She helped us and our businesses grow. I wonder if people will say “see it was Jesus who saved her from her Satanic ways” (you get what I am saying here), which will cause our businesses to suffer. Only time will tell.

    1. Lynn, yes you may well be right that some will latch on to this and use it to condemn our pratcises now that our main ‘guru’ has been ‘saved’… Still, there have always been people who did this and it’s up to us to not care what others think about our practices. A statement by Hay House would have been nice… Perhaps they will consider issuing one soon. I know a bunch of people are getting together to write to them.

  31. I really appreciate your viewpoints on this. I felt like I was the last to know and had missed “the big announcement “. Now I gather that none of us were told of the change. I have gone to the different sites and it all seems confused and confusing, a statement perhaps about Doreen’s own state of being. I watched her interview in Hawaii and identified what I felt was fear immediately. What I had to ground myself in after feeling the disillusionment is what lesson this is teaching me, and that is to stay rooted in my own beliefs and not let someone else’s experience affect my truth. In effect, to not let anyone dampen my light. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  32. Vyou know what’s weird? I asked a priest who was my religion teacher when I was in highschool if reading tarot was against God ans he said “nothing you do for the greatest good in respect of others and their free will choices is” he was a catholic priest. And a few ago I made the same question to another and he said something similar

  33. One point to note is that she says her royalties from the sale of these programs and products she no longer wants anything to do with, are going to Hay House charities.
    Is it possible she asked them to pull it down and they refused?
    What she’s doing is up to her and she is speaking her truth. But since these programs and products ultimately belong to Hay House its up to them to come out and tell the truth, to pull them or not and support them or not. She may not have as much control over these things as we would like to give her credit for.

    1. That point is clearly made in the linked video. It doesn’t really change much where the money goes – it’s the fact that she has denounced her own teachings that hurts… that and the fact that she seems to feel no accountability toward her students. Has she been gagged by Hay House in this respect? I doubt it. It will all become apparent though.

  34. I especially love your last line – “reveal the light within, which we can all BE and radiate but can never possess.” Yes!
    I’ve had discussions with people in the past about truth, which this echoes so strongly. For me, we can each represent our truth, but we cannot know or hold THE TRUTH. We each shine our inner light, our inner truth, and if we stay with that, it is a blessing indeed 🙂

  35. Well thank you so much for discussing this, as this topic has been something I have been thinking about quite a lot, as a soon to be certified angel card reader, and a tarot reader about to go public. Truly I have wondered about this thorny issue of what Ms Virtue is really doing and what it is all about! She has after all continued to take the money of people. such as myself, who are still purchasing her many decks, books and courses that she now wants to distance herself from. When I signed up for the angel card reading training I did not actually know that she had distanced herself from it. Personally I feel – and maybe you might think this is not fit to print – that she has had some kind of breakdown, and that she is needing to base herself in a sense of certainty and rightness because she must have felt incredibly vulnerable. In her videos at present, she is talking very fast and reading from the Bible in a very monotonous voice – it just does not feel right and healthy. She could not say, look I have had a change of heart and have felt very confused about this, and this is now where I stand, and I am sorry if this goes against what I was teaching before. She is too vulnerable to be able to say this. I think watch this space for a few years, because it will change, again and the story is not over yet.

      1. well, if this is the case – and I feel this is very likely – then the most appropriate attitude is compassion, kindness and indeed patience with her as she works all of this out. It seems she has been under some kind of intolerable pressure within herself.

          1. You are right because he is Anglican Protestant, and they are hardcore repressive and anti-feminine and anti-goddess from what I have seen. As much as he seems like a beautiful man with a soft heart. But the Protestants are hardcore

  36. This is very upsetting to hear. It’s Doreen who got me onto tarot in the first place. I’m deeply troubled by her movement into restrictive religion as I’ve thankfully come out of it and suffered lots of PTCS (post-traumatic church syndrome).

    I’ve been looking at Lucia Rene’s website and it looks truly fascinating. I really want to read her fiction novel about the destruction of patriarchy once and for all. http://luciarene.com/store/

    1. Sorry to hear you feel upset. Give yourself time to process and honour your feelings + inner truth. It will all come out good. Thanks for the book tip! 🙂

      1. Thank you for your soothing words. I go to a very gentle church. On Saturday night I received a tarot card reading which helped me come unstuck from grief I’d been stuck in too long. It really created a breakthrough for me amongst other things. When I went to church on Sunday, the weirdest thing is that I could preempt what the pastor was going to say before he said it. It was so powerful. It’s like my clair abilities have just magnified. I can’t separate the two. To me, they’re all from Spirit and if it’s from love, it’s from God.

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