Doreen Virtue soliciting for the rescue ranch on day of Jesus Vision

Doreen Virtue Refunds Angelologists Course and Can Afford to Keep Rescue Ranch

Doreen Virtue refunds - proof of soliciting for the rescue ranch on day of Jesus Vision

Angelologist Course Refunds

It’s been a weird week. At the start of it, I had no intention whatsoever to blog about Doreen Virtue three times in one week. In fact, I had no plans of blogging about her at all. But then one weird thing after another started happening. The latest news I have found out and feel obliged to pass along is that Doreen Virtue now refunds students who are not happy with the Certified Angelologists course, after having spent the past 6 months refusing refunds. I found this out thanks to one of the lovely readers of my blog who left the comment below:

Doreen Virtue Refunds Certified Angeologist Course

Try this email address for your refund reuqests if you purchased your course from the Angel Therapy site or directly on the Angelologists site:

I have been told this is the email address that Hay House customer care has given out lately for courses not bought directly from them.

You may also wish to email Michael Virtue directly. In the past when I dealt with ‘customer care’ for Doreen’s sites they always said they would forward the emails to him, so you might as well try going straight to the top:

Many Angelologist students will want refunds not just because they are unhappy with the course material but because the money for that course was supposed to keep Doreen’s rescue animals in their forever home. You can read the announcement from September last year where Doreen Virtue announces that she and Michael ‘cannot afford’ to keep the rescue ranch HERE. I’ve also added a screenshot of this announcement below since evidence tends to missing after I have blogged or posted about it:

Michael and Doreen claim they are too poor to keep rescue ranch

Speaking of things going missing. The interview that West Hawaii Today did with Doreen and Michael miraculously reappeared after I pulled some strings. Many people commented on the republished article. The comments all agree on a need for accountability, both with regards to where the animals actually went when the sanctuary was dissolved and also with regards to what happened with all the donated funds and course fees that were supposed to keep the rescue animals safe in their forever home.

Rescue Ranch Still Operational?

Doreen Virtue, in her traditional knee-jerk fashion, did not disappoint with her response. She commented without referencing my post or the newspaper article in this video (around 15 minute mark). Apparently she and Michael kept the ranch and have hired two caretakers to look after all the birds (chickens, ducks, peacocks and turkeys) that have not been rehomed.

Wait what?!

She goes from claiming that all animals had been safely rehomed to claiming the birds are now still on the ranch which they supposedly could not afford to keep?

This ranch is up for sale, something Doreen forgets to mention in her ‘Mornings with the Lord’ video. So what happens to the birds if the ranch is sold tomorrow? Why is she only now revealing that so many of the animals were never safely rehomed? Maybe the birds don’t count. Do the new owners have to buy the birds too?

Do Millionaires Need Help with Their Charity Work?

What is  obvious is that if Doreen and Michael could afford to move to a million dollar mountain view home, not unlike this, while still owning the ranch, then they could have afforded to keep the rescue ranch animals too. In fact, let’s face it, they never needed people on low income to help donate for the upkeep of these animals. It is well documented that Doreen Virtue is a multimillionaire and owner of multiple properties. Had she not mistreated her pre-conversion students and followers, she would probably still be with Hay House, continuing to earn millions in royalties annually – very much still on the cards when they claimed to be ‘too poor’ to keep the animal sanctuary.

So let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at the video Doreen posted on the day of her Jesus vision, 7 January, 2017… (ETA: This is a replacement video. Doreen Virtue deleted the original video not long after this article went live.)

The video ends with a message that funnels the viewer to the Earth Angel site – the site that was used to solicit for donations (see screenshot at top of post). Did the ‘real Jesus’ approve of Doreen soliciting for donations for a non-registered charity? Is the ‘real Jesus’ happy that Doreen is still lying about the real reason for giving up the rescue animals? Is the ‘real Jesus’ behind Doreen finally giving refunds to Angelologists students who feel lied to and betrayed… Or is that a decision she made after Hay House dropped her and she realised she had to start building a solid business reputation?

Speaking of business decisions. Doreen is going to stop doing her Mornings with the Lord videos and she is moving the daily Bible study videos to Vimeo, a monetized platform. Her numbers have been dropping steadily on Facebook. Are more and more people starting to see the truth? I hope so. The great thing for Doreen if she wants to continue poor mouthing on Vimeo is that her loyal followers can click directly on the ‘tip jar’ button – How convenient!



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  1. Thank you very much for posting all this, I`ve put in for my refunds for the CACRC so fingers crossed, thanks again as I had no idea you could get refunded xxx

  2. On February 9, on youtube, Doreen has a new video called, “Doreen Virtue answers Frequently Asked Questions”.

    “Doreen answers the questions she’s frequently asked on these topics:
    Her teachings and classes
    Angel Cards
    What really happened to her ranch
    Her relationship with Hay House,
    How her beliefs have changed,
    and much more . . .”

    I know you’re probably blocked, but if there’s a way for you to see this video, it’d be great to hear your thoughts. She does spend a good deal of time talking about the ranch…

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      Hi Lisa, check out this post – somebody already shared it to my FB and we had a good laugh about it over here: Basically, DV completed digging her own grave by piling more lies on top of the old lies in this video. She is still a multi-millionaire who owns many properties. Perpetuating the lie about not being able to afford the rescue ranch is just plain dumb.

      She continues to sell and promote New Age products and classes wherever she can get away with it, not just abroad. As just one exmple, she still promotes a New Age course by Charles Virtue on her site – you can check it out here: She can’t blame this one on foreign publishers or contracts with HH. Honestly, if her lips are moving…

      Thankfully, enough people from both sides of the fence are starting to unite on what matters more than which path we are on and that is the truth. The woman, if she were truly a Christian, would have long since refunded everyone who asked: ‘But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.’ Luke 19:8

      Then we have the non-committal and frankly hilarious answers to the FAQ about homosexuality and reincarnation. No, Doreen, most people don’t think that Christians hate gay people. What we needed to hear you say was that you don’t condemn homosexuality. Instead you say you ‘mostly pray for gay people’ lol

      And reincarnation… Well, she made it sound like something she had only researched and now finds a ‘distraction.’ Holy cow, how she said that with a semi-straight face should have won her an Oscar!! She goes on at LENGTH about her own past-life memories in the book where she describes travelling to a Greek island with her then husband Steven Farmer. Memories of Atlantis and all the healing work she did as one of the priestesses there.

      It’s comedy. You have to laugh about it, Lisa. If you don’t it’ll start making your head spin. I have never heard that many lies come out of just one person before. It boggles the mind!

      1. Doreen has a Past Lives oracle card deck. If she only did a bit of research, how was she able to create a card deck? Unless the card deck wasn’t really hers and she just slapped her name on it, like she does with so many other products. One or the other — she’s lying about only doing a bit of research or she’s lying about the product actually being hers.

        But either way she validated reincarnation to all of her followers by putting her name on it.

        What’s to say her “teachings” now are only backed by a bit of research and yet so many people just blindly take whatever she says as fact? She just simply cannot be trusted in either New Age or Christianity.

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      ps. When she said that she took a 70% pay drop from HH, you need to know that she dropped from more money than you will see in a lifetime to only a few million a year. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

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  3. Thank you for sharing your message about Doreen Virtue for so long. I am not going to say what you are believing is wrong because everyone has their own paths that I cannot judge. I respect you for your belief.
    I am interested in reading your writing because you see the lies of Doreen Virtue in your perspective too.

    Here, I would like to share what I have been experienced Doreen Virtue lies in a biblical point of view. She is psychic attacking me almost everyday on her daily guidance video. She wanted to gaslighting me as well, I believe she used Radleigh Valentine, Robert Reeves and anyone to post messages on their page to gaslight me. However, I won’t let them do this nasty things to me. I was Doreen, Robert Reeves and Radleigh followers for a very short time when I was still interested in reading new age stuff. She is a stalker of my facebook page. I blocked her and her entire family personal fb accounts. I still get stalked by her and her friends. They responded to the scriptures I posted almost everyday. Sometimes, she waits for me to post my scripture first, then she posts hers afterwards. She used to post her videos after midnight in my country but she changed her posting time to my morning hours lately.

    I have turned to God after a huge awakening last year. You are right that Doreen is lying. She is using New Living Translation Bible which is a satanic bible. The scriptures meaning changed. When she preaches the scriptures from NLT, it perfectly fits her agenda. I personally can see very bright light and rainbow with my naked eyes for a few years. Whenever I posted my Light photos on facebook, Doreen will talk about how she sees false Jesus in her videos. Sometimes I wonder if she had copied my experiences to make up her own lies that she saw Jesus to path the way for her business. True prophetesses do not make money by preaching God’s words. What Doreen describe her experience of seeing Jesus is fake. Because the bible clearly stated that on Exodus 33:20 “But He said, “You cannot see My face, for no man can see Me and live!” God only show Himself to the ones who have not opened their third eyes. In the bible Number 12:6 He said, “Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, shall make Myself known to him in a vision. I shall speak with him in a dream.” I am sure that Doreen has opened her third eye. For those who have opened their third eyes are already sinners, and they don’t have light inside of their bodies.

    Using oracle and tarot cards is abomination to God. Doreen is still selling Jesus’s oracle cards together with all the new age images of herself on her Facebook page. There is no such thing called unicorn in the bible, unicorn is satanic symbolism, she is riding a unicorn on a picture. True prophets and prophetesses don’t have followers, God must isolate His elected servants. The most important part is Doreen Virtue repackaged all of her new age beliefs with a false Jesus Christ image to make money from her followers. She is a false prophetess – bible stated clearly “Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot partake in the table of the Lord and the table of demons too.”
    Doreen is doing both…

    God Bless…

    1. Post

      Thank you, Joanna. Yes, she is doing both. It would be so bad if she didn’t condemned the practices she also partakes in… but at least she is openly two-faced so that that those who have any powers of discernment can see this for themselves.

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          1. Doreen Virtue is lying she got the key to the home of God today…I hope God will open the hearts and eyes of her worldwide followers and they can see what is Doreen Virtue truly is. God bless you, Lisa! 🙂

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              1. I am sorry of responding to you late, Lisa! God only let His trusted servant hold the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, he had the authority to open or close the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven. No man had or has that authority besides Jesus and God’s anointed servant.

                Doreen Virtue neither a sealed God servant nor a person with integrity. Proverbs 19:5 “A false witness will not go unpunished, And he who tells lies will not escape (unpunished.)”
                How can she got the key to the Kingdom of Heaven?! She is serving satan. She deliberately used this book cover “My Heart-Christ’s Home” worths $2 posted as message on her page after I reposted your blog on my facebook page to protect herself in front of her followers as well as fighting back against me. Number 2 has specific meaning in the bible verse, it means the key to the Kingdom. The book she recommended is not even exactly $2!

                Selling Jesus oracle card only is divination. She is a fake Christian. Her belief comes from Roman Catholicism rooted in ancient babylon… Roman Catholicism does not serve God and Jesus but satan and illuminati… I will let God judge her for all of her lies…

                My words may sound offensive to others but it is the truth for what God taught us in the bible…

                God bless, Lisa!
                Have a wonderful day! 🙂

                1. I forgot to attach this bible verse (meaning of 2) Isaiah 22:22 And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.

                  By the way, she altered the meaning of the bible verse that she preached on her page for her own favour. 🙂

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                      Thanks Joanna, you too. I heard her claim to be the target of a bazooka-wielding demon prince in her latest video. Hard lie to beat. Should be fun to see what she cooks up next but I have to stop watching her drivel now… too busy with my own work! 😛

  4. Got here via link on Twitter. Just when I think the Doreen Virtue drama is done, lo and behold. I was surprised to see refunds being issued; I am guessing pressure and bad PR really is mounting up. And here I thought the Xian lecture and business circuit would keep her floating high. Oh well. She burned a lot of bridges in the end. Thanks for the reporting. Paz y amor.

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  5. Man, so many lies! She’s so exposed, it almost makes me want to blush for her. It’s embarrassing AF!

    Try as I may, no more refunds for me, which sucks, because I would like to give that money some actual purpose in my life. I decided to leave with some dignity in tact by the end of it last year, as I was beginning to feel like a beggar 🙁 Sad to feel that way, when they’re actually breaking the law in my country because you ‘have’ to offer some form of refund or ‘something’ when there is this much displeasure for a product. Simple consumer law. But their way of response is silence as they know that the majority of their clientele, such as myself, don’t have the funds, or the energy, to tackle them legally. My husband and I were pondering the other day, and would love to know statistically, how many of her more expensive course buyers had experienced a death in the family within a year or so of hitting that buy now button. We had dodged spending money with her for near on ten years, but as soon as my father died, at a time when many other things were happening, her work and the gentleness of it seemed so appealing. I bet the majority of her AI’s and ATP’s, Mediums and PLH’s are people in a weakened life position, being preyed upon by those leeches.

    She used people experiencing loss to line her pockets and sweet, innocent, precious animals to make her videos and herself look good. I’m not Christian, but even my mind thinks oops, you are going to one heck of a dark place for your life’s work woman. No amount of bible bashing, especially the monetising of it *eyeroll* is giving to save your arse!

    1. Post

      Funny you should mention her preying on people who are weakened from loss or other life trauma… I just came over here from FB to read your comment… and the FB comment before that was from an incredulous former student of DV’s who is a widow. She had just listened to DV’s latest Bible study about how the Bible demands we look after orphans and widows. She is one of the Bible who have been denied refunds too. If there is a hell, DV is already in it. The more she talks the talk without walking the walk, the harder she curses herself with her own words.

  6. So, after all that they still have the ranch and have hired caretakers for the birds? Even though, all the animals have supposedly been relocated? Mmm.. seems to me something is rotten in Denmark yet again. These people will stop at nothing to try and cover their bloody tracks.

    1. Post

      That’s what she says now… and only after yet another social media uproar about the rescue ranch animals. Talk about a script change! It would be nice if West Hawaii Today could do a follow-up article but they won’t.

  7. Wow! I have to wonder if the damage control is a little too late. She’s made a lot of enemies. I don’t understand why she thought going on the attack toward the people who formally believed in her and supported her would bring others” into the Lord” and more money in her bank. Quite the opposite. I’m glad at least some appear to be getting the money back.

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