Doreen Responds to Article about Her March 2018 Certified Card Readings Workshop

So, the social media pressure around this event started building and as usual, Doreen gets reactive. This was something she didn’t want you to know about and now she is trying to cover her old lies with more lies… Because guess what, most people reading this post on her Facebook page believe every single word she says. 

How convenient that she forgets to tell her Christian audience that this was an event marketed to the Japanese audience as a Certified Angel Card Readings workshop… and that it still went ahead as that. Angela Hartfield taught the card reading portion of the event and people came away with certificates in Doreen’s name.

Was this really agreed to prior to Doreen’s conversion? The promo videos were filmed 6-7 months post conversion. In the video below from July 2017, Doreen happily talks about teaching/certifying a new lot of Angel Oracle Card readers. Please note that this video is very specifically aimed at a Japanese audience.

If it is true that Doreen wanted nothing to do with predictive oracle card readings as soon as she met Jesus on 7 January, 2017, how come she is selling a course about it seven months down the line?

You have to get your thinking caps on here, people.

Not only was she happily promoting this as a Certified Angel Card Readings workshop, she was charging $1,277 per person who attended. What could her motivation for running this workshop post conversion possibly have been? If your sarcasm detectors broke at that last sentence, I can only apologise.

If Doreen is truthful to agreeing to this event before her conversion and the events organiser so kindly changed everything for her, why not be honest about the card reading element in the Facebook post above? She could have easily done what she did for the Australian AI event and been open about someone co-teaching the element of the workshop she wasn’t comfortable with.

Is she under that much pressure now from her Evangelical Christian following now? Is she afraid of losing Christian followers? Isn’t she more likely to lose them when they find out she has been less than liberal with the truth yet again?

And how happy were the Japanese workshop goers about being preached at when they had been sold a New Age card readers event, which is EXACTLY what Doreen sold it as six months after her conversion as you can see in the YouTube video above. Many will have booked then, based on what she said in that video. Are people who weren’t happy with the event getting refunds?

This is so insane. I literally can’t believe how blatant her lies are getting… She’s got cojones, I’ll give her that.

But the truth always wins, Doreen. Always.

Doreen Virtue Responds Some More (ETA 21/3 2018)

In her latest vimeo video#DoreenVirtue is trying to confuse the timeline for her Christian following by saying that she agreed to do the Angel Card Reading Event in Hawaii around the time of her conversion, already backpedaling from her public Facebook statement (picture at top of post) where she clams it was BEFORE her conversion.

She said she agreed to it then because she was a new convert and didn’t know what the Bible said about divination. I find that highly unlikely and recall her saying elsewhere that people have told her all her life that what she does goes against the Bible. Surely, that is the FIRST thing she would have looked up as a genuine new Christian convert???

Also, the New Age promo videos for this event were filmed about six months after conversion and baptism. As you can see in the YouTube video above, she happily talks about certifying angel card readers in the July 2017 promo video…

She goes on to talk about how she got the Japanese workshop goers to download the Bible app and that she only taught Bible stories during the workshop. She says she took a picture of them with their heads down reading the Bible on their phones.

Sadly, that’s not what the Japanese people who attended signed up for on this website… That is a LOT of money to pay to fly from Japan and have to suffer through two days of turgid preaching when you thought you were coming to hear Doreen teach how to read Angel cards.

She omits to tell her Christian followers that this was a certification workshop for Angel Card readers… But she does admit there was another person there to teach. The other teacher’s name is Angela Hartfield and she was teaching Angel Oracle Card Readings. You can see a picture of Angela and Doreen accepting gifts from their students at the ‘Angel Party’ after the Oracle Card Reading Certificates had been handed out below:

Angel Hartfield and Doreen Virtue at Hawaii Angel Card Reading Certification Workshop March 18-20


She laughs about how the events organiser didn’t even know what she would talk about and says, ‘God only knows what the write-up after the event looks like.’

As usual, other people’s time, faith and money is a joke to her…

The fact that she told everyone that her HH Oz tour would be her last ever public teaching event, trying so hard to keep this event a secret from her Christian following, says it all.




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  1. Hi everybody. First I must say I bought some of her decksalthough never followed her work deeply. Second, I just watched her youtube 1h long video explaining her conversion. I do not resonate with her way of seeing Jesus as “the only” at one with God, although he was indeed a great teacher and “ascended master” I would say. For me here there is a woman who is trying to be faithful to her Heart and Mind, and that has obviously gained many detractors and lost much money in the process of “her conversion”. I see why she is criticised for still being offering the certified angel card reader course, and I really think it has to do with this “transitioning time” for her. I believe and communicate with angels and ascended masters; I work with oracle cards and divination, believe in reincarnation and also in the end of it depending on your karmic lessons and degree of conciousness and do not read the bible at all. As with everything, I am based on my own experiences and will never give my power away to anybody. If she is going to make money now preaching about Jesus and her own experiences with him so be it

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  2. Lisa, thank you for your recent posts about Doreen Virtue and her recent Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader workshop.

    I have been on your Emailing list for years, but I think this is the first time I have ever commented on any of your posts.

    I usually do a good job of remaining non-judgemental, but this information certainly caused me to fail in that regard.

    When I began reading this post, I mentioned to my Divine Consort that there is a section on Divination and Oracle Card usage in Doreen Virtue’s book, “Angel Therapy,” where she specifically mentions Divination in the Bible. And in the King James Version of I Corinthians, Chapter 12, the phrase “Gifts of Prophecy” is used. Please do not make this Happily-Recovered-Catholic quote Scripture!

    Unfortunately, I thought my disappointment in her had waned or dissolved. I see that is not the case. Goddess help me.

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  3. Thank you for bringing this to light. Unfortunately, I feel her following and influence will only grow. All she has to say is “praise Jesus” and all is forgiven. I can’t believe I ever believed in her, such a fake.

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  4. I am incredibly disappointed with Doreen Virtue’s “conversion”. She had so many followers of her Angel beliefs and most of her previous followers must feel like I do … cheated out of a perfectly healthy belief system. I bought her oracle cards and her meditation CD, and they helped me through an incredibly difficult time in my life. I was a “born-again Christian” from the age of 16, and I am now 61, and I felt that believing in angels did not challenge my faith … it just strengthened it. This whole saga about the oracle card course is the law of karma at work … Doreen had one belief which she made millions out of, and now she changes that belief and still tries to make money out of the old one. And guess what! The truth is revealed! I will continue to believe in angels … and I am sure that when we all eventually pass on from this world, the real truth will come to Light xxx

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      Thanks for commenting, Diana. I’ve done the same journey and became a ‘born again’ Christian at age 17 until I gradually developed a more open-minded stance to include a broader spiritual reality. I respect all paths and would never seek to dissuade someone who feels they are on the right path for them. However, all truth is God’s truth… and thank God, the truth is coming out about the double dealings so that people can make informed choices. I agree, on the other side many will be surprised – especially those who have tried to limit the greatness of God with narrow dogma. xxx ps. I call it her CONversion 😛

  5. Ugh, so many things wrong with this. 1) if her conversion was so real, why is she still making money this way 2) you can be Christian and still use divination tools, so why run to an ideology that requires you to change everything about yourself 3) wouldn’t her Japanese students be getting pretty royally screwed? I would be pissed as hell if I showed up to pay top dollar for a reader class with a big name and ended up being taught by a staff member while said big name just preached scripture at me. If I wanted to be Christian I could find an experienced pastor for free

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  6. “This was arranged prior to my conversion” will likely be the sound we hear whenever her lips start moving. And when she’s caught lying? Well then she’ll say we are persecuting her.



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      That was a handy lie last year. It’s starting to wear thin and that is why she tried so hard to keep this event secret. Not in a million years would she have posted about it without the social media pressure staring to build but yeah. She’ll use whatever lies that are convenient to hear.

  7. She needs to refund anyone who wants one for any reason. That would be the Christian thing to do. She’s full of sh$t if she says she prayed about it and God told her to keep the money. Christian audience begets Christian monies for Christian products. Wider audience being duped out of their hard earned money by her duplicitous actions begets losing that support. How she can live with herself is beyond my comprehension. The demon of avarice has a strongass hold on her for sure! I hope she remembers God really does see all and weighs accordingly.

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  8. Wow, just wow. Did she not think that people would do some digging and realize that the timeline shows that she is lying? Why not be honest with yourself. By the way, you CAN be a Christian and still read Tarot cards. Just upfront with people. Money, hungry wench!

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