The Truth About Doreen Virtue's Conversion to Christianity

Doreen Virtue’s Supposed Conversion to Traditional Christianity

I am still getting emails about what happened since Doreen Virtue‘s conversion announcement and many of those emails are based on hopes, fears and speculations rather than the facts. Because of this, I thought it might be nice for have just one blog article to point people to with all the facts neatly gathered so that people can use their discernment.

Doreen Virtue keeps referring to ‘nasty rumours’ about her. It is all too easy for people to just take her word for some of the things said being nothing but rumours when the facts aren’t easily accessible. This is why I feel it is my duty to make the facts as easy to find as possible in service to the Truth. I’m also remembering how Doreen Virtue herself encouraged this kind of peaceful activism against corrupt businesses in her Year Ahead Angel Oracle reading for 2017. You’re welcome, Doreen!

All Hell Breaks Loose

In April 2017, Doreen Virtue releases a video that details her conversion experience as well as her feelings about the New Age movement and the people in it which she claim to be influenced by lower energy. She states clearly that the only way to avoid eternal damnation is through faith in Jesus Christ (not the New Age version but the REAL Jesus). How does she know this? Toward the end of the video she reveals that her partner Michael (who took her second husband’s name) told her to start watching NDE (near death experience) videos on YouTube of people being rescued from hell by ‘the real Jesus.’ (And yes, if you are thinking that you need to question the theology of people who get it off YouTube videos you are absolutely right.)

Incidentally, this process of watching YouTube videos of NDE hell rescues also played a big part fundamentalist Christian Steven Bancarz’s conversion story as he states himself in his 700 Club Testimony. Steven’s video predates Doreen’s initial conversion story from January 2017. I mention Steven because it became apparent that he and Doreen had struck up a friendship and she appeared on his YouTube channel for an interview not long after the Maui TV Interview (see below). The April video is deleted after only a couple of days and not long after this, Hay Houses starts heavily pushing a couple of Doreen’s New Age courses, which she clearly believes to be of ‘lower energy.’ Sadly most people don’t realise this because the evidence has gone up in smoke.

Denouncing the Tarot, Divination and Mediumship

The Maui Tv Interview is where Doreen denounces Tarot, divination and mediumship. The fact that she doesn’t use the word ‘denounce’ herself is completely irrelevant since she clearly puts these practices to bed because they are not Biblical according to Old Testament laws by which she herself would have been put to death. She states that she is refusing revenue from sales of any Tarot-related products. Her share of the income generated for the sale of these products go to Hay House charity instead. She still accepts revenue from the Oracle Decks that she knows people use for divination.

Doreen Virtue continues to actively promote the CACR course (which contains Tarot) on her site. She also actively continues to promote, sell and profit from other courses that contain teachings that she has distanced herself from as being of demonic/lower energy origins. The Angel Intuitive course is one such course as it contains divination and mediumship, as is the Fairyologist course which also contains divination as well as information about the Faery Gods and Goddesses.

Mistreatment of Students

When students on the courses mentioned above seek to gain clarity about where Doreen stands on specific issues, whole discussion threads are deleted and some students are blocked from the student forums without explanation but presumable for simply seeking clarification and thereby putting Doreen in an awkward position. You can find evidence of this from one of the fairyologist students HERE. It is quite clear from the way the forum moderators behave on these courses that they are there to protect Doreen rather than to help students.

Student mistreatment is not exclusive to the New Age courses, as I myself have experienced. Uncomfortable questions were deleted on the Angelologist forum too. This is supposedly a course based on the ‘theological doctrine of angels,’ something that Doreen Virtue – as it turns out – is in no way qualified to teach. There were some pretty bad factual errors in this hastily put together course. I document everything about the lies and gaslighting (includes screenshots) that happened HERE. Because I didn’t keep quiet about this mistreatment and other things that were going on, I received a very insulting note from the Virtues that you will find at the bottom of my refund battle post.

The Animal Rescue is Dissolved

One of the reasons I signed up for Doreen Virtue’s Angelologist course was because she had promised that the proceeds would 100% go to feeding the rescue animals that she and Michael had given their forever home. When I learned about that the animal rescue was going to be dissolved, I was very disheartened and disillusioned.

We were told by Michael Virtue that they could not afford to keep the animals and how all the donation money only covered 10% of the cost of the feed. Even if this were true, the real truth is most likely that the Virtues never needed donations at all to feed they rescue animals if they truly wished to keep them. My friend, the Celtic Fairy, has documented what happened HERE.

We have since learned that soliciting for donations is illegal in the state of Hawaii for non-registered charities. Perhaps this is why the Virtues claimed to pay for the care and feeding of the animals with their own work in this article even though we have proof they were actively soliciting at the time of the interview.

Still Collecting Funds for Disbanded Animal Rescue

Below you will find a screenshot from Doreen Virtue’s site. The screenshot was taken 6 October, 2017.

Doreen Virtue Speaks with a Forked Tongue

Doreen Virtue claims to be on a non-judgmental Christian Path. Hay House keeps backing/repeating this statement to customers who aren’t happy because they feel judged after watching Doreen’s Videos and hearing words of judgment from her own mouth. However, in official Hay House videos and broadcasts she uses a completely different voice, trying to reassure all her former students that their certificates are still valid, as well as asking people to not listen to the ‘nasty rumours.’

Yet to her Christian friends, such as the people in the ‘New Age to Christianity Recovery‘ group she used to be admin of on Facebook, she is very clear about being a fundamentalist Christian now. There is documentation of how she encourages Chick Tract style evangelism HERE. And HERE you will find evidence that Doreen states that Wayne Dyer wasn’t Christian enough. Sugar-coated judgment is still judgment.

Condemnation of Those Who Practise Divination and Mediumship

Then there is the bashing of anyone who doesn’t believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible when it comes to divination and mediumship. Copied and pasted from Doreen Virtue’s FAQ page on

Q. I understand that Doreen doesn’t do mediumship or use tarot cards anymore, but I still want to. Is that okay? 

A.  Doreen respects everyone’s right to choose their own spiritual path and follow their own inner guidance. She does recommend reading about God’s word regarding these topics in Deuteronomy 18:10–12, Isaiah 8:19–20, and Leviticus 19 through 20.

For those of you who think, ‘Ah, OK she’s not judging anyone,’ please take a moment to look up the Bible passages she is referring to. I have copied the first one from Deuteronomy 18 below for you:

10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord; because of these same detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you.

Doreen Virtue Does Not Sin…?

Time for Steven Bancarz to wake up and smell the coffee perhaps? A big clue that Doreen Virtue is not a sincere convert to Christianity can be found in his video interview. Steven Bancarz asked Doreen Virtue about ‘conviction of sin’ and she started squirming in her seat. She didn’t confess to hers, yet she wants others to confess to theirs by walking them down the Roman’s Road. Doreen didn’t need to do that though (she is special) – Jesus, apparently – came to her directly in a vision instead and she was good to go straight into being a teacher/prophetess who now profits from Christian teachings instead of demonic New Age teachings. Funny that.

  1. a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.

The Refunds All Students Should Be Entitled To

I have spoken to plenty of people who not only feel that their Doreen Virtue certificates are worthless but who have also suffered financial loss and emotional pain because of Doreen Virtue’s post CONversion behaviour. I wrote a post about how to get your refund HERE and there is a facebook group for people who need support in the process of applying for refunds and who also consider to take things further legally since only courses bought via Hay House are now refunded.

Doreen Virtue and all companies registered by her are refusing refunds for any reason other than not having started courses. If that is not proof that her conversion is not genuine, I don’t know what is. A Christ-like spirit would be to confess to wrongdoing and to seek to make amends. Instead, Doreen Virtue expects people believe that her gift has now been elevated to a higher plane and that we need to follow her to that plane (read keep spending our hard-earned cash). The problem, other than this quite obviously being founded in delusions of grandeur, is of course that her new teachings are also fear-based.

I hope and pray that this post serves the Truth well, in the name of Love.







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      1. I think it’s 5: Larry Schenk, Dwight Virtue, Michael Tienharra, Steven Farmer, and Michael Robinson.

        And thank you so much for putting all this information in one place! Just getting caught up! <3

    1. Hi Helen, which point is that? The one about how Doreen has been caught out recycling material from other spiritual authors without giving them credit or the one about how her famous ‘car jacking’ story has changed quite drastically over the years?

  1. Thank you for your excellent and extensive work on this Lisa. You have highlighted some very important points and have uncovered the truth about DV’s shameful behaviour. Anyone who has purchased her courses is entitled to a refund – that much is obvious now!

  2. Thank you for compiling all of this information. i was one that defended doreens in the beginning. I did not see the first video (that was taken down) and Ineven believed that people were making up ‘rumours’ just like doreen told me they would.

    Someone uploaded the original first video and I finally saw it. Game changer. I saw some more of doreens interviews where she not only talks of her conversion but she really and honestly does denounce her former works.

    I am all for the truth. Thank you for compiling the truth so that more may see the light.

    1. Thank you, Margrette. The truth isn’t always palatable but once we swallow the bitter pill we can move forward with greater strength, courage and understanding. <3

  3. Thanks for all your efforts to collect the facts. This is a valuable work. It requires courage. In the matter of Doreen I believe it is important to bring the truths to the surface. It sets a process in motion which can help other people to use their discernment, so they needn’t fall into the Doreen trap which happened to me and so many other people and still happens. Even if they do not believe it now, nothing is ever in vain.

    In 2013 I had a gut feeling that something is wrong with Doreen’s work. This vibe felt so bad and I prefer seeing something positive about someone, so I started to doubt and thought that maybe I have misunderstood something. I did not like to throw any bad light on her work without having evidence. Now after she shifted to Christianity and more and more facts are obvious I know how precise and detailed the vibe was. We always wish to think positive and see the postive in other people. This is a good thing and important but depending on the case we need to act differently. it is also positive to see the “negative” to avoid a greater mess and stay aligned. If too much positivity makes us blind we misunderstood the spiritual path. The spiritual path is the path of the brave heart through all the challenges which can mean at times not to follow like a sheep. If 1000 people tell us that they know the truth but we know it is not, we should follow our intuition even if we should be alone with our opinion and it causes us difficulties but it is the right thing to do, taking our responsibility, staying on the path of love, so that when we go back to our divine source seeing the film of our life we can be happy with what we did and neen’t say to god: “1000 people did the mistake, so I did it, too. I thought the majority knows it best.” In the end we are responsible for our deeds, no matter how many people did the same mistake.

    1. Thank you and well said, Angelika. Spirituality is always about being the truest version of ourselves and yes, that does take courage. Blessings

  4. Thank you Lisa for outlining all that has happened with DV. I am sure this will help a lot of people understand better what is really happening after reading and looking at the evidence. I appreciate the work you have done to put this together. Thank you x

  5. Thank you Lisa for sharing only the facts as Claudia said ‘Clear and to the point’ and because of your efforts, you have brought to light what Doreen Virtue and her crew would have kept in darkness. Many blessings and thank you again. 🙂

  6. This is just your own fear of loosing your clientelle. The new age to Christian movement is happening, get over it.

      1. Then why fo you keep pumping out content attacking Doreen and other new age to Christian converts? Quite passive aggressive if you ask me…

        1. I have shared new evidence of wrongdoing as it has emerged so that people can use their discernment in moving forward. I have no problem with anyone changing paths to whatever path and I would like to see your evidence of me attacking converts. You, on the other hand, went through the trouble of harrassing me on my personal FB page to the point where I had to block you. You were really quite rude as I recall and wouldn’t leave when asked. This is the master post that links all the previously shared info together. Thank you for making your way over here and improving SEO for this post with your comment so that more people will find the truth 🙂

          1. Sharing information is NOT pumping out content. There have been many acts of fraud and deceit to those who attended her classes and now posses worthless certifications. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people who found their way back to spirituality through her New Age teachings, only to once again be kicked to the curb as she rips it all out from under them again.

          1. Nailed it. She harrassed me on FB to the point where I had to block her because she wouldn’t leave when asked politely and she calls me obsessed? I never sought her or ANY other Christians out to harrass them like she claims, so she is also a liar. I found a way of blocking her IP address here on the blog and got notified that she tried to access my blog multiple times after that so if anyone is obsessed… well, the evidence speaks for itself.

    1. Adrienne, there are many people who made similar experiences with Doreen and can confirm what was written here. I believed Doreen, participated many of her classes, bought her card decks and books. Whenever she was in my city I went to see her. I thought like you that she is genuine untill I made my own experiences and diged deeper into the matter. I do not trust her anymore. I have seen too much and know too much. Either she is in the New age or Christianity, she cannot be trusted no matter what she does and I think people need to know facts, not to fall into the same trap than I did. If they believe it or not. It is their affair what to do with the information but at least it is important not to look away where fraud happens. Thank goodness someone takes the responsibility and collects the facts.

  7. I always felt intuitively that Doreen Virtue was a fake. Look at that name. The “white shadow” First it was a new age white shadow now its a Fire and brimstone one. Angel cards faiery certerifcations. Total commercialism. I never had anything to do with any of her products. Thats what they are. If the BS seemed to help people they were deluded. They need to do their serious study into symbolism psychology Kabbalah numerology the tarot. The real tarot community was very pissed off when she combined angels and tarot. I hope they go after Doreen and her partner and this vile born again Christian BS which is the worst. I am sorry that thousands of people believed in this. Its simply a wake up call. Hay House is also culpable. Wake up.

    1. Not sure I see the problem with combining Tarot with Angels – The Golden Dawn does this too and Angels have been present in the Tarot cards themselves since they were first created. That said, Doreen made up her own (very odd) system and the correspondences for the Tarot never worked for me.

      1. I never said there was a problem with tarot and Angels. Angels were enumerated in the Old Testament. Yes there has always been a renaissance Christian Jewish kabbalistic tradition with the tarot. True tarot readers didn’t like Kee commercializing tarot with Angels.

        1. “The real tarot community was very pissed off when she combined angels and tarot.” is what you said and I have another problem with this statement… ‘The REAL Tarot community’ comes across as snobbish. Who are these people exactly and who gets to decided who is part of the real community and who isn’t. It’s a bit like Doreen’s claim of having had a vision of the REAL Jesus…

  8. As someone who has survived an NDE (and who did so without Jesus) it strikes me that watching videos of people surviving them is incredibly exploitative of a deeply personal experience. I know that that’s not a huge part of this story, but it is incredibly offensive.

    1. I agree. It’s so subjective… To think that anyone would draw any form of conclusion about theological dogma based on someone else’s NDE experience truly boggles the mind. I have not had an NDE but I had an amazing OBE at age six and it took me into the heart of the cosmos. I didn’t meet Jesus then but the experience filled me with the willingness to battle on and make the most of this incarnation. Blessings to you! <3

  9. Great article. I know you are only sticking to the facts here, but if her new crowd could only see what we are all going through with her horrendous customer service and demeanor. She’ll do it to them too. Just watch.

    1. Thanks, Angie. Unfortunately, it is easy for charlatans to take advantage of people in a ‘spiritual’ context because people tend to wave their rights as customers. I hope you are wrong but I’m not holding breath…

  10. Just another snippet. Her angeluniversity.ccom website, where she sold her ATP, Past Life healer and Medium certifications are no longer online, so there’s no way for refunds to happen through there.

    Sorry to anyone else such as myself who wasted their money on that website back in the day 🙁

  11. Thank you for putting this all together. I have not done any of Doreens coures luckily but I do use a lot of her decks. So it is very strange she suddenly turned away from them and even see them as lower energy. Thank you for giving a voice to a lot of people that have been hurt and confused because of what happened. Best wishes Ilona

  12. Thank you for a very in depth account of this situation, and especially for all the support you have given so many who are affected by this. Its very important, especially at this time, to call out those with less than honorable intentions in the spiritual community. These things may be painful in some ways, but they are huge lessons for us to grow through. Discernment, going within and trusting ourselves seems to be the major lessons many of us are learning here. Im grateful for the clarity you’ve helped me gain in this. Namaste.

  13. Thank you Lisa for appraising us of the FACTS so we can learn the truth and make an informed decision xxxxx Jan

  14. Isn’t this site just a bit too obsessed with Doreen Virtue? I mean, you have a purpose of your own. Whoever she is, wherever she goes, are you ever going to get over it? After awhile how much of your energy are you going to expend taking down someone else? It really ruins the brave, spiritual journey your posts go on otherwise.

    1. Thank you ‘IdeaSmith,’ I appreciate your input. There are almost 1,000 posts on this site. Don’t like the handful posts that I have shared about Doreen? Don’t read them! Simple. Like it says at the top of the post, this is the post where I have gathered all the facts in one easy-to-find place because most people are still not aware of the truth and I hate to see people being conned. I’m not sure why it happened this way but others have turned to me for help with this so this particular set of posts is for them. Feel free to skip along 🙂

      1. Hi, I am a blogger myself so far be it from me to tell you what to write about. But this is a spiritual sharing you’re doing, along with guidance. A blog is an ongoing journey, not one time read book. As a subscriber to your blog, I am interested enough in your journey to want to read every post your write. And lately it has started to feel like you spend 1 in every 4-5 posts talking about Doreen Virtue, a topic that does not even seem to fill you with any kind of positive thoughts, only anger and vengeance. Now that’s an opinion I’ve expressed. If you want to telle to get lost, that is your prerogative. I will only wish you well on your spiritual journey because I have enjoyed your previous posts before Doreen Virtue became such an important negative part of your journey.

        1. If you think ‘anger and vengeance’ were my motives after following my work that in-depth, and also after I just told that my motive has been to help people then yes, perhaps you are better off elsewhere. Not all topics are positive and I intend to keep keeping it real. Take care 🙂

          1. It is not negative to shout ‘Fire!’ when the house is burning down.

            Sorry to interrupt, here, but I would just like to say that it is not ‘negative’ to feel indignant or even angry at any sort of injustice. There has been an injustice here committed by DV toward her fans and students, and there has to be some sort of recompense for that. Many students of Virtue have been left (in some cases) severely out of pocket by what she has done, and she is making fraudulent claims alongside being incredibly inconsistent and judgemental. I think on some level she saw herself as some sort of Pied Piper figure thinking she’d lead every follower of hers to her new brand of Christianity through means of blind devotion to her or fear of damnation. It hasn’t worked. Her fans feel like they’ve been discarded like trash for being ‘lower energy’ and they want justice. This is not unreasonable. It’s not always possible to just suck it up and move on.
            Obviously, the wider lesson here is not to cling to a person like a disciple and discern using your own intuition. But, when people are being conned (just as they were by someone like Joel Osteen for example), it is right to cry out for justice.
            It is disappointing to see that some spiritual teachings have led people to believe that any form of indignance or anger is negative and should be shunned. This isn’t what true spirituality is about and ultimately it creates a very unhealthy psyche. We thrive on balance and integration of light and shadow. That’s how the world works – as within, so without. Ignoring anger/sadness or any other emotion you believe to be ‘negative’ is not healthy – listen to it and learn from it.

            1. Well said, Rachey. I’m not sure why it fell on me to cover this less than pleasant topic and act as a sort of hub for those who suffered loss through Doreen’s actions but I am glad to have been of service. Many turned and ran the other way when the flames started rising, more concerned with protecting their own brand and keeping face in the spiritual community. I’ve not always enjoyed documenting everything as carefully as I have. Some jobs are just jobs but knowing that so many have been helped by has been recompense enough. If anything this whole experience has strengthened my resolve to never ever paper over the cracks <3

        2. *LOL* as a blogger, you would also appreciate just how petty and ridiculous posting a comment such as this really is. Lisa has NO obligation to post anything to crowd please, and if it wasn’t for her efforts, many of us would not have pursued anything further.

          Sorry that you receive waste of time feedback such as this Lisa, you don’t deserve it xo

        3. For me, Lisa has inspired me to speak my truth to Hay House and helped me feel comfortable expressing the anger I have felt about the way DV has treated her customers/students and chosen,( and is attempting to lead people to) a discriminatory type of faith.

          Anger is not something to be feared or suppressed- it’s something to listen to and address the causes of so we can process and move forwards. And to attempt to hold others accountable

          1. All feelings are valid and act as sign posts. Doreen used to say this herself. She changed her tune after she realised that her actions had made a lot of people very angry 🙂

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          The topic is generating emails.
          Doreen Virtue’s conversion leaves a commercial ‘void’ that can be filled.

          1. That is a hell of a cynical comment to make. I nearly deleted your comment because it looked like spam the way you worded it and capitalised the first letter of each word in the first line… I found it difficult to wrap my brain around that level of cynicism. I’m almost certain that you are trying to completely rubbish my efforts of getting the truth out there by saying that I’ve done it for SEO purposes. It’s pretty far-fetched really since the reason most spiritual blogs don’t touch this subject with a barge pole is because they know it could potentially hurt their biz and ratings.

        5. I agree she even went so far as to upload doreens old videos to YouTube without doreens permission (ones Doreen had removed). It’s really strange how obsessive and mean she is about this. Praying she just gets over it and moves on.

          1. Whoever uploaded the deleted YT videos probably did so because they wanted the truth to be known so that people can use their own discernment rather than straight up believe the lies that are coming out of DV’s mouth. As far as ‘obsessive’ goes, you really take the biscuit going through all this trouble after I blocked you on Facebook. Peace out.

      1. Back in 2002/03 I remember trying to get my hands on any Doreen Virtue Books and cards, I thought she was wonderful! Then by 2008 I thought the Woman was mad! Nothing in her books worked for me! I then stopped getting her products and went back to church and found myself getting more Peace there and the Peace was free from God and Jesus! Since then even though I don’t go to Church so much because I don’t like religion however I still pray and read my Bible and I still use my cards I feel the cards are great for insight and not fortune telling. Anyway I can see a lot of people are hurt by Doreen right now all we can do is pray for her. I feel that she might go back to her readings at some stage in the future. I watched a video with her on YouTube recently and she doesn’t seem really happy so all we can do is pray and wish her well. Perhaps her Soul needs this at this time? I did read something a few days ago on another website that perhaps Doreen is trying to get more cash from the fundamentalist christian community because she got wealthy from the new age community!! Who knows? Only God knows her heart! I am glad I didn’t purchase any of her courses though. One thing that I did find odd about Doreen was that in a couple of her decks her face is on a few of the cards!!! I thought that was a bit crazy! Anyway I do wish DV well and I hope everyone can find their own way to God. I believe that we don’t need Religion for that because Religion can be just full of fear, fire and brimstone! And God is love and doesn’t want us to be fearful!
        God Bless

        1. Hi Rebecca, thank you for commenting and sharing your own journey/experiences with Doreen. I agree with you that none of us can know exactly where she is at on her soul’s journey right now. However, we can know the tree by its fruits and her actions, unfortunately, prove that she is willing to gaslight her students to maintain her ‘holier than thou’ mask. Also, the fact that she is not refunding students who are asking to be refunded while at the same time selling courses with material she has denounced shows that her motives are less than pure. God Bless!

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