Fortune-telling, RTS and Accepting My Calling


After a morning self-healing session, with Archangel Chamuel (aka Camael), I see something new about my vocation. This should come as nothing new since Chamuel’s name means ‘He Who Sees/Seeks God’ and he can help us find anything we have lost. Well, I had lost sight of the meaning of my calling. You see, I thought it was my job to make sense of fortune-telling. Hilarious left-brain weirdness, I know!

It turns out, that has nothing to do with my job description as an Oracle. One of the reasons for this is that our human minds simply cannot make logical/linear sense of our quantum reality. The other reason is that, as an Oracle, I have to trust that people come to me (and nobody else) for a reason.

Of course, that’s not an excuse to not keep honing my skills as a reader. If you are just venturing into doing Tarot readings for yourself and are thinking about reading for others, I strongly urge you to first experiment with predicting the future on your own.


So why do people go to see a Tarot reader or psychic? Here’s the short behind-the-scenes version:

The guides of the Seeker are in communication with the guides of the Oracle about how to best progress. Their guides then nudge them in the direction of the Oracle. They do this because they know that the information can come through in a way that is then actionable for the Seeker.

As long as the Oracle informs the Seeker that the future is not set in stone, she must trust that the answer she has for the Seeker is the right answer then and there. This is the answer that will help him or her grow and be as successful as possible.

Of course, it is still up to the Seeker to be discerning about who they choose as their Oracle. Reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations can help with this.

Parallels to Healing

Chamuel first appeared to me last week as my primary angelic healing guide. This happened after I rededicated myself to doing Reiki healing work daily for the Highest Good. (Gosh, my palms are heating up as I type this!)

I gave up on trying to make sense of the difference between Reiki and other modern energy healing modalities and faith healing. I realised it wasn’t my job to sort that out. All I know is that I had a profound spiritual awakening when I first came in contact with Reiki in my late 20s. That was 25 years ago now and I feel that I am finally ready to own this fact, now that I am free of religious programming.


The subconscious shame over doing work that the church labels ‘of the Devil’ is gone. I have recovered from my religious trauma syndrome (RTS). Though I still prefer the term divination, I no longer care if people refer to my work as fortune-telling.

Really, I don’t feel a need to justify any of my practices anymore. But I do feel a need to explain. I know my journey has been confusing, especially for those who have never suffered from RTS.

When I align with my calling, I know that I am here to take on the role of the Oracle. I’m here to answer questions and help people move forward. And I can do this thanks to being ‘semi-permeable’ — a gift of having my Moon, Mars and North Node in Pisces. It’s really simple and Chamuel showed me this morning that it’s okay to keep it simple.

Oracles and Their Healing Journeys

If your inner GPS system nudges you to work with a certain Oracle (reader, fortune-teller or psychic), it’s not because they are perfect, better than you or have all the answers. Nor it is because you are faulty and can’t see for yourself. You could totally develop the gift of divination/fortune-telling for yourself. But it might take a lifetime and so much energy that you can do little else.

So instead, you contact an Oracle for the answers you need. Yay! For that, you pay them a small fee that allows the Oracle to eat and pay their bills. Fair exchange, yes?

Please beware though that Oracles and fortune-tellers, like all humans, are on their own healing journey. They are not perfect and they will stumble and fall from time to time. But that doesn’t mean their gift is not genuine.

Most likely, it is a gift that they developed over many lifetimes. However, they may still have karma to work out, just like everybody else. And you, dear Seeker, are still responsible for the actions you take based on the information the Oracle provides.


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