archangel jophiel angel activation for the tarot lovers

Archangel Jophiel Angelic Tarot Activation

Archangel Jophiel - Angelic Tarot Code 6

A Channelled Message from Archangel Jophiel

Beloved souls, so much beauty flows through you and yet you are more often than not blind to it. You have your eyes attuned to problems and by seeking out problems, you generate more problems because where your attention flows, the energy grows. 

Attune instead to the power of your imagination, like John Lennon did when he wrote ‘Imagine.’ You can choose to do this now and by asking your Higher Self what beauty seeks to flow through you and into the world now, you will begin fulfilling your purpose in the world.

Each of you have something completely unique to contribute and the more you encourage the expression of these unique qualities in others, cheering them on, the more of these qualities will flow through you. You are all connected and the beautiful quality of encouragement turns on the flow of creative energy for everyone.

Life can be a challenge or a lover – It is all a matter of perspective and you get to choose. You can wake up in the morning and throw your arms wide open to another magical day of adventures or you can turn your back on your Beloved, go into a huff about how things aren’t already exactly as you want them to be and thus become blind to all of the day’s opportunities.

Life is Your Lover

Life is your lover, Dear One. Like a lover, it seeks to proliferate through you. But do you seek life or do you seek special treatment? Do you seek to be enriched by the beauty that flows through others, yet unwilling to open up to share the beauty that flows through you?

Life is your lover. It is really that simple. Your separate self likes to complicate the matter for you. It will tell you how difficult and full of complexities life is and the more you focus on these difficulties and complexities, the more entangled you will become in your sense of being separate from the beautiful flow of Life. 

How about trying to smile at Life today and see if maybe it will smile back at you? Go on, I dare you… and watch what happens if you add a wink to that smile!

Jophiel – Angelic Activation

Your greatest gift is your imagination. This is the part of you that Life wants to nussle into and kiss tenderly so that you can create what is uniquely yours to share with the world.

Listen to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine.’ Really listen.

That’s it.

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