Working with Angels

working with angels

Working with Angels

Lately, I’ve come across a few sources and people who say we shouldn’t be working with angels. Apparently, we should rely only on our Higher Selves. And no, I’m not thinking of Doreen Virtue the famous former Angel Lady who now claims that all angels except the ones named in the Bible are demons.

There are quite a few others who have started warning against working with angelic beings. For instance, I watched this Stranger Danger video by Ireland Clark yesterday. It contains some really good info but I freely admit I don’t agree with all of it.

The first and most important point we can all agree on is that it is very important to exercise discernment when it comes to working with angels and other discarnate beings/entities.

The second thing I do agree with in Ireland’s video is that not all beings of light are who they say they are. If they were, there wouldn’t be half of the confusion we see now in the New Age. Though, you could easily argue that the same is true of spiritual paths created by humans. Yes, I’m talking about all of the world’s religions. And how many different Christian denominations does the world actually need? I have seen as many as 40,000 listed!

But yes, much of the confusion in the New Age does come from contradicting statements from channelled discarnate beings who all claim to have humanity’s best interests at heart. Ireland makes a really interesting point when she says that spirit possession during channelling can lead to the angelic human DNA being compacted/densified and compromised in order to house the foreign energy in the body.

So the conclusion from that is that any channelled message from beings that possess their channel does not have our best interests at heart. I tend to agree with this assessment, based on the trance-channelled messages I have heard so far.

Is All Channelling Bad?

The statement about possession leading to compromised DNA could be why I have never felt compelled to try trance mediumship/channelling. It’s something I have chosen to stay away from. The thought of having my being taken over simply doesn’t feel like a safe or sane option.

But, and this is important, not all channelled messages require spirit possession. I always channel telepathically. In my case, telepathic communication is mostly claircognizant but sometimes clairaudient and clairvoyant. So how do I even know I’m channelling if it’s mostly claircognizant? I know because I have asked for guidance from a specific being or entity on behalf of myself or someone I’m reading for.

This, IMHO, is no different to me asking a car mechanic for advice on something technical I myself wouldn’t have a clue about.

There are also times when I channel claircognizantly without asking any specific being for guidance. At those times, I have always assumed it is my Higher Self I’m channelling. Why? Because of two things: Firstly, because of intention (always for the Summum Bonum/Highest Good). Intention acts as a strong protection. In fact, you could argue that no other protection is needed. Secondly, because of Universal Law.

Angels and spiritually evolved beings would never interfere without permission. Of course, not all discarnate beings abide by Universal Law. But even those cannot break through the spiritual protection we have unless we are divided against our SELVES.

Working with Angels vs Working with the Higher Self

On one level, there is no difference between working with angels vs working with your higher self. That’s because your Higher Self is angelic. I actually believe that the Higher Self of all angelic humans is a Seraph aka ‘Burning One’ (angel of the order of Seraphim). The Seraphim are the Fire Drakes/Serpents that are the creative forces in the universe. They uphold divine order. Before we merge with the Monad on God’s in-breath, we will merge with our Seraph.

But the truth is, very few of us have fully embodied our Higher Selves. We all experience times when we are in need of support and guidance. And guess what, it’s okay to ask for help!

That said, we should all endeavour to embody our Higher Selves as fully as possible. One of my favourite ways of doing this is through channelled automatic writing. This is one way I ‘read’ for myself–no cards needed. If I have a question, I simply ask my Higher Self and channel the answer in writing. This is a method that is accessible to all of us. I find that it has greatly sped up my own ascension process and helped me stop certain habits that were not serving the Highest Good.

But have I stopped working with angels? No. Angels are our friends. They live to serve the Highest Good. We can always call on them and they will always answer. Saying we don’t need them is making ourselves a spiritual island when there is no need.

Why People Say Working with Angels Isn’t Safe

There are some people who claim that even Archangel Michael is counterfeit and works for the Archons. Okay, fine. If that is your belief, I respect that. But I have actually seen and been in the presence of Archangel Michael and that is not my experience.

I guess you have to ask yourself how paranoid you want to get about spiritual entities. The Bible says to test the spirits. If you test them and find that they are working for the Summum Bonum, should you trust your inner knowing or take the word of someone who says they are not trustworthy?

You should always trust your inner knowing. This is not the same as trusting your ego or having a need to be right. So the first step is learning to discern when you hold onto a belief out of your ego’s need to be proven right.

And here’s a thought. Are some people telling us that this being or that being is not safe to work with so that you have to check with them first? How much power are you willing to hand over to the ‘experts’?

Of course, I could learn more and come to a different conclusion. And if I do, I’m fine with that. But for now, my own ruling is: Working with Angels is safe and effective–It’s all about the intent! Perhaps I’m simple-minded but I prefer to approach God and the angels from a place of trust.

How do you feel about working with angels? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I guess I’m simple minded as well because I love working with the angels. Have been doing so for 30 + years .

    I struggle with my higher self at times as I allow my ego to get in the way . Especially when I’m angry or despondent.

    But, that’s what the spiritual fight is for isn’t it? : )

    1. Post

      I know you do, Tara! We can be simple-minded together then 🙂 Yes, the fight is a constant reminder that the only way to win is to surrender to the Light xo

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