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Full Moon in Taurus Message for the Collective and Pick-a-Pile Readings

Full Moon in Taurus Message for the Collective and Pick-a-Pile Readings

The 2019 Full Moon in Taurus happens at 13:34 UK time on Tuesday, 12 November, at 19 degrees of Taurus. The Sun is in opposition (as always on a Full Moon) at 19 degrees Scorpio and Mercury Rx in Scorpio is also in opposition to this lunation.

Though the opposition to Mercury retrograde may impose some communication problems, this is actually a great time for going within to receive greater clarity – especially with Neptune in Pisces in sextile to Moon in Taurus. You are likely to find your psychic powers boosted during this Full Moon!

Saturn in Capricorn is also sextile Neptune in Pisces during the Taurus Full Moon. This is an excellent time to make your dreams come true because you are able to ground them into practicality and start setting realistic goals. You will also find that you are better able to persevere and make the necessary sacrifices required for reaching your goal(s).

Message for the Collective

Full Moon in Taurus 2019 Message for the Collective Legacy of the Divine Tarot and The Quantum Oracle

Any energy that has been stuck can be shifted, released, transformed and transmuted during this Full Moon. Great progress can be made for any creative pursuits that you have been looking to manifest. The determination to do whatever it takes is growing within you now.

You start believing in your creative vision and are better able to focus, releasing any destractions. You accept that perfection is not a realistic goal but trust that doing your best still equals excellence.


You start putting one foot in front of the other and find that your speed increases with every step. Any project you are working on now can be successfully concluded within the next 6-8 weeks.

Where your focus used to be on the things that simply weren’t possible or seemed to difficult to bother with, your focus is now shifting to the possibilities and this is why you are able to finally bring your project(s) to successful conclusion. You have a strong sense of your luck changing… becuase it is – from within.

What’s Shifting for You on This Taurus Full Moon Pick-a-Pile

The Quantum OracleLegacy of the Divine Tarot***

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