Full Moon in Pisces 26 August

Full Moon in Pisces 26 August 2018

Full Moon in Pisces 26 August

Moon in Pisces makes us more sensitive than usual and never more so when the Moon is Full in this mutable Water Sign which is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. If you are sensitive to lunar energy, you may already be feeling the magical pull of this Full Moon.

Some great things to focus on releasing on this upcoming Full Moon then would be anything that stands between you and your inner guidance/intuition, your heart (there is no sign more romantic than Pisces), divine calling/service and commitment – Though Pisces is an uber-romantic sign, it is also known to be fickle like all mutable signs.

However, this Full Moon brings a trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This means that any relationship that is truly meant to be can be signed, sealed and delivered this Full Moon. Though there is a proviso, since Both Saturn and Uranus are retrograde at the moment: You have to be sure that you truly want to commit long-term. Examine your heart carefully.

If your underlying motive is anything less than true love, now is the time to be completely honest and let go. Ask Luna to shine a light on any self-delusion you may be clinging to with regards to matters of the heart. Clinginess and neediness that have masqueraded as true love are likely to be revealed for what they are at this time.

The truth about the state of your psyche may also be illuminated from within for those of you who feel that this lunation relates more to your divine calling to be of service to mankind. While divine service/devotion is indeed the deepest undercurrent of Piscean energy, it still suffers from the same fickle tendency as Pisces in romance. The trick is to keep surrendering; To realise that one cannot surrender once and for all but that one has to keep surrendering to the divine with each breath.

While surrender may not be constant, this very helpful trine between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus may make it easier to stay focused and remember to keep surrendering. This is a good time to set the intent and ask for grace to carry it through to the end.

Grace is a very Piscean concept. No other sign is quite as open to receiving it. Think of grace as the vast ocean of existence and Pisces ‘breathing’ this grace so easily because they feel themselves apart of the ocean.

If you feel yourself to be isolated and like a ‘fish on dry land’ – Far, far away from kindred spirits or really anyone who might ‘get’ you – This is the Full Moon to open up to the grace of reconnecting with your soul tribe.

Finally, this Full Moon is the best time of the year to release your muggle persona and step into your magickal power fully, radiating it into the world. The world right now doesn’t need to see more people who are coping ‘just fine’ in accordance with the current patriarchal paradigm. The world needs empowered witches and sorcerers to own their power and say ‘Enough!’ to the insanity and social injustice that we have come to silently accept.

Aleister Crowley, fellow Pisces Moon Sign, once said this…

“I’ve often thought that there isn’t any ‘I’ at all; that we are simply the means of expression of something else; that when we think we are ourselves, we are simply the victims of a delusion.”

I can’t really think of a better quote for the energy of the Pisces Full Moon, nor a better antidote to the rise of neo-Nazism we are witnessing globally now. It is only when we realise that we are all an expression of something else and all emanate from the same Source that social injustices can begin to melt away. We are swimming in a polluted ocean… I pray that Luna will help us wake up this Full Moon and begin the clean-up work!


Lisa Frideborg

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