New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse

On Saturday, 11 August at 10:57 BST, we have a New Moon in Leo partial solar eclipse.

The current series of eclipses started 18 months ago and will come to an end in January, just shy of two years after they began. Now is a good time to take stock of the shifts and changes that have occurred so far. Eclipses don’t force change but they do speed up shifts that are already inevitable and help us clear out anything that is keeping us stuck or unaware.

These eclipses that have been happening along the Aquarius-Leo axis have helped clear our hearts (Leo) of blocks to oneness (Aquarius). However, this has only been possible in those who have been willing to embrace all of humanity as their family. In many others, these energies have caused shifts toward greater polarisation. It is easy to look around at what has happened globally in the past 18 months to confirm that the majority sadly is NOT ready for the quantum leap needed to shift us in the direction of oneness.

Interestingly though, the increased awareness of polarisation is beginning to create a shift in its own right – one toward social justice activism (how very Aquarian!!). Social justice warriors are being raised up. To strive for oneness does not mean embracing intolerance as part of that oneness. Those who seek to oppress the poor and vulnerable must be brought to justice.

While we are coming up to a New Moon, the eclipse is more of a time to clear any blocks to Leo energy stuff than to actively seek to manifest something new. The new will come anyway if we just make space. This is also a good time to contemplate what we have already cleared out so far in this series of eclipses so that we see clearly what is left for us now. Doing a review like this can be painful at times. The eclipse lessons may not have been easy and we may not feel as if we have failed some of them… That is OK because there is only failure when we refuse to learn from our mistakes.

We are, after all, only human. Leo pride should have no part in this process, other than as something to release now so that we can open our hearts wide to being the compassionate and generous people we know deep down we are capable of being.

New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

  1. Main Leo-Aquarius eclipse lesson over the past 18 months
  2. How this lesson affected me
  3. What is left to clear for me to fully open my heart to compassion
  4. Main challenge to shifting this remaining stuckness
  5. – 7. What to expect until the finale in January

I hope you enjoy giving this Tarot spread a whirl. I’m happy to help if you get stuck on any of the cards. Please post in the comments if you need a bit of help. Include your own interpretation – as far as you got – along with your question about the card(s) you are stuck on.

Lion’s Gate Portal Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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