Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026

Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026

Uranus enters Taurus on the 15-16 May after having spent the last seven years in Aries. While in Aries, revolutionary Uranus affected human rights issues. Aries concerns our own self-image and our right to be who we are – our sovereignty as individuals if you will. With the shift into Taurus, Uranus will create upheaval and change in the area of second-house issues such as food, beauty and finance, as well as what we value and hold dear in general.

On a global scale, we should expect big shifts in consciousness around what we put into our bodies and how that affects the world around us. Hopefully humanity will awaken toward a more sustainable way of harvesting and distributing Earth’s natural resources. If not, Mama Nature will respond violently and with such great upheaval that change will be forced upon us anyway. Many feel that Uranus in Taurus will bring more frequent earth quakes and other forms of natural disasters.

Shifts have already started occurring around finance. The banking industry has been put on the back foot by crypto currency becoming increasingly popular. Watch for even greater turbulence around currencies over the next 8 years and possibly entirely new was of banking.

Check Your Natal Chart

On a personal level, you may wish to check which houses are affected in your natal chart. For instance, I have Taurus intercepted in the 12th House, the house of the unconscious mind and all things hidden. Uranus passing through this house is likely lead to a massive change in how I process things and it will happen from the inside out and much of it is likely to start with bizarre dreams that shake me out of my slumber and complacency. Repressed thoughts and fixations can be broken down and healed. Values that I wasn’t even aware I held will explode into my conscious awareness and be erased or altered.

In the Tarot, Taurus corresponds with The Hierophant which symbolises traditional values and teachings. The correspondence for Uranus is The Fool who is a bit of a loose cannon. Do these two get along? As you can imagine, they really don’t. Fixed Earth Taurus/The Hierophant wants thing to stay the same. The Uranian Fool wants a brand new adventure every single day. However, when these two force can work together, you can expect great technological breakthroughs. Additionally, there may be inventions in food technology and/or the beauty industry that benefit humanity for many generations.

After Uranus has been moving forward in Taurus for a few months, it will begin a retrograde phase that will last between 7 August 2018 (Taurus) – 7 January 2019 (Aries). After that not so little backward dance into Aries, Uranus will be back in Taurus again in March 2019, not to enter Aries for another 80+ years.

Other Celestial Influences of Note

On 15 May we have a New Moon in Taurus. This is a good time to prepare for the shift in Taurean energy to that follows soon after. As always with Uranus, we need to always be alert and expect the unexpected. A trine to Mars/Pluto in Capricorn helps create a stable platform for change and transformation for this New Moon. Set your intent firmly but remain open to Uranus doing its thing as well. Knowing which House it is most likely to affect in your own chart will help you prepare for the unexpected.

On 13 May, Mercury is conjunct Uranus in the final degree of Aries. This is a great day to take stock and reflect on the changes brought by Uranus in Aries.

Did you change in significant ways? Did you reinvent yourself? Are you closer to fully expressing your true Self? 

What are you looking forward to as Uranus gets ready to enter Taurus?

Are your values around food, beauty and money due a make-over? Are you concerned about these issues on a global level? Will you embrace a new paradigm of sustainability and give up some of your waste-producing habits? What other changes are you anticipating for yourself or globally? Please share in the comments!


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  1. Thank you so, Lisa, for the spread and your explanation about Uranus going into Taurus. I am definitely going to do my reading with the spread! In my birth card Uranus is in the 7th house (on the very close edge of the 6th house) in Cancer, and I am feeling an enormous shift already in my relationships, persons around me, a great cleaning is going on (to stop these relationships), and much better contact with myself, my inner being, to do what feels good for me, and not searching for a confirmation outside me with healer or therapist, or even a system (!) – and which also costs money once in a while..) It feels like an enormous release of my thinking I should need everything outside me….. Can you tell me please, is this what you mean by looking to my birth card concerning to Uranus? By the way, in my birth card it is very busy with many planets in the 7th house, so I have much to learn there. Also, a nice idea to take the tarot cards of planet and astrological sign together an contemplate on this card-pair. Sending Blessings and love your way, Xxxxx

    1. Post

      Hi Martine, yes that is what I mean. If you have many planets in the 7th (also in Taurus) you might want to read up on how the transits involving each of those planets might affect you. If you have questions about astrology, I would recommend you join ‘Working with Astrology’ on Facebook. This group is run by Helen Tremeer who is an excellent teacher and whom I gladly recommend after attending her workshops. Much love to you! xxxx

  2. The only planet I have in Taurus is Jupiter. Not sure about the houses. I’m excited about this shift as I feel hopeful for Mother Earth. I see a few astrologers who feel the rising sign is more affected by these transits than the sun but I’m not sure if I 100% agree with their take. I believe both the rising and sun are equally affected. What are your thoughts?

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      Hi Tara, I don’t think it is as simple as that. The Sun may be more affected for one person and the Rising more for another, depending on transits and what else is going on. It is SO complex. I feel excited and hopeful too – Humanity needs a wake-up call and it feels like this could be it! <3

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