tarot card image - Prince of Pentacles

Dating the Knight of Pentacles

Mr Dependable is an apt nick name for this courtier. He more than makes up for his lack of high-flying aspirations by his hard work and stickability… or he does if you’re looking for a steady, no frills, long-term relationship. Think ‘The Shire’ and simple pleasures… such as food and drink. And more food.

Most akin to the Taurean male astrologically, he’s a man of the senses but not so much of any sense superseding the regular five. He’s prone to scoff at anything ‘supernatural.’ Unlike the Knight of Swords, he won’t be inclined to argue his (lack of) beliefs. He’d rather get on with polishing his bike or mowing the lawn.

In the ole’ dating game, he relies on looks and ‘maleness’ in the traditional sense. The type of girl most likely to be attracted to him is the girlie girl who is more interested in the size of a man’s bicpecs package and/or bike than his conversational skills.

Sometimes his unwillingness to reach for the heights and depths of life lands him in the 8 Types of W*ankers (reversed court cards).

Pros: He is extremely dependable.

He’s not into game playing – It could be argued that this is one of the pros of an under-active intellect.

He is a hard worker. Work gives him a sense of fulfilment and purpose and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a career… grafting for the sake of grafting is fine.

He is sensual and pretty darn good in bed. He’s blessed by Venus, ruling planet of Taurus, in this department.

He is thick-skinned and doesn’t suffer from bad nerves or anxiety.
Cons: Can be emotionally unresponsive or just slow to react.

Unable/unwilling to provide conversational stimulus.

Lacks understanding for a partner who has an interest in the numinous side of life.

Too hung up on the physical – the romantic side of the relationship could suffer because of this.

Extremely conventional and easily lead by media.

Besides the Knight of Cups, this guy is the courtier most prone to jealousy. He often considers both partners and friends as ‘property.’

Type of date he prefers: Anything traditional. He knows how to carry himself in the world if there isn’t anything ‘weird’ going on. Learn what he considers weird and you’ll be fine.

Time from your first date until you introduce him to your parents: Two months in or thereabouts as it will probably coincide with a big holiday or celebration (assuming you share his traditional values). He’s a good date to bring to a friend’s wedding and don’t be surprised if he gets inspired to propose. He’s very into being in a committed relationship. It makes him feel safe.

Wedding style: The whole glorious, media-inspired shebang. Think Peter Andre and Katie Price. He’s not quite as sophisticated as the King of the same suit.

Type of dad he would make: You’ve gotta hand it to him… He makes a great dad! Devoted and dependable, he’ll be there for his children come rain or shine. He may not contribute much to their intellectual growth or curiosity but he will make them appreciate the valour of hard work.

His best match: If it’s true love, the Queen of Cups will make an excellent match because a) she is just the right amount of feminine to allow his strengths to shine and b) sexually, this Earth + Water combo make really nice mud pie. His worst match: The Queen of Wands because she a) would come across as too ballsy and b) requires way more excitement than he would ever be able to provide.

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