The Tarot 10's - Ancient Egyptian Tarot

The Tarot 10’s in Love

The Tarot 10's - Ancient Egyptian Tarot

The 10’s are all related to the epic Wheel of Fortune. Hence endings and new beginnings are indicated. The battle between permanence and impermanence is in full swing and change always wins.  There are opportunities both for shutting down and for expansion.

So what do the 10’s mean in love and romance readings?

10 of Wands. You or your partner are feeling burdened or even oppressed. For too long now have you been pushing your own needs to one side to accommodate the needs of your partner or other family members, without receiving enough support in return.

Your life force has no way to go and avoiding a confrontation is becoming impossible. It can, of course, be avoided through communication but with the 10 of Wands, the situation most likely arose because the two of you didn’t manage a way of communicating your needs to begin with.

So buckle down and prepare to clear the air with some relationship drama. Just remember: better out than in. Perhaps you’ll come out the other side… or maybe you’ll come to realise that it’s over. Know that you did all you could and don’t feel bad about getting angry. It happens to the best of us.

If you survive as a couple on the other side of a 10 of Wands combustion, you really do need to find a way of communicating and making sure that things are fair and everyone’s needs considered and met – otherwise you’ll just start the build-up for the next blow-out… no matter how good the make-up sex was!

In a reading for a single person, this could mean that you’ve worn yourself out having a bit too much ‘fun.’  Physical exhaustion could be a sign that you need to slow down on the partying. Look for the 7 or 3 of Cups nearby.

It could also be an indication that you are burdening yourself with unrealistic expectations of a prince charming ideal that doesn’t exist. The dreamy Page/Princess of Cups together with the 10 of Wands is an example of this.

Either way it’s always good to remember to let go and leg God when this card shows up. You’ve been pushing just a bit too hard.

Sexually, this card warns you to be very aware of and state your own likes and needs or your energy will get seriously depleted.

A reversal of this card usually means that you are coming out the other side after a tough time. You can let go of your burdens and relax. The next Ace of Wands is waiting just around the corner…

10 of Cups. To a couple the 10 of Cups signifies relationship bliss and family happiness. You look to the future together and start a family. You welcome new children into your life. Everything is pretty hunky dory which makes it a bit boring to talk about. But we need at least one card like this in the deck, don’t we?

Not everything in life is a terrible struggle. Basically the 10 of Cups is a ‘Welcome to the good life – now f*cking appreciate it!’ type card. In a way, I almost feel as if our generation has become too cynical to take this  card at face value and to believe in this sort of relationship bliss… so maybe the challenge is to believe. Yay, a challenge! I mean, where’s the fun if there’s no challenge?

In a reading for a single person, this card signifies that they are ready to meet the right one and to settle down. If it is a reading about a new potential mate, this card is obviously a very good sign – depending a bit on where in the spread it lands and what cards surround it.

Upright and with other cards signifying the start of a great romance, this card could very well be the one to tell you that you finally hit the relationship jackpot… so wipe that cynical look off your face right now!

Sexually, this is a card of great intimacy and whispering sweet nothings to each other in bed. You fall asleep in the arms of your beloved, safe in the knowledge that you will wake up to face the challenges of a new day together, always together.

One tiny red flag… If feeling safe is not your foremost goal in a relationship, boredom might start creeping in when you reach this stage.

A reversal indicates a meandering heart and a lack of appreciation for what you have. Beware – you might lose it!

10 of Swords. Ouch! You don’t want to see this card in any type of reading. Just looking at it hurts. This is a card of unavoidable but necessary suffering.

It’s always darkest before dawn. Things are really at an all time low now and there is no denying it…

Paranoia about your other half could be indicated but your suspicions may be founded in reality too. You are finding out things you really hoped would never happen or your darkest expectations are coming true.

The good news with this card is that there is no way but up. If it doesn’t mean the end of a relationship (which it often does), it does mean the end of something that had to die – hopefully a dysfunctional communication model. If you come out on the other side you have a very real chance of making a go of it.

This energy is different to the 10 of Wands because it indicates that you have really analysed the problem at hand… Unfortunately, your analysis has rendered you powerless to effect change.

In a single person’s reading, the 10 of Swords could indicate despair about ever finding the one. You could be looking to compensate for a lack of self-love through your relationships (coming across as needy) or you could simply be really unlucky in love. Either way, things are actually about to change for the better and the sooner you can let go of your need to be loved, the sooner love will come to you.

Sexually, this card indicates pain as a path to pleasure. Be careful when playing with sharp objects or melted candle wax. Also beware of divorcing your heart from involvement from sensual pleasures – you could be on a path to perdition that extinguishes your flame before the first rays of the sun make it over the horizon.

*Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself.*

A reversal indicates that you can now see those first rays and perhaps even feel them warming your skin. Breathe deep. It’s finally over. Your relationship is safe. You survived the divorce. Your faith in the opposite sex and love itself has been restored.

10 of Pentacles. Form is given to the emotional energy of the 10 of Cups which is a prerequisite for the 10 of Pentacles energy to take hold. It’s only when we feel emotionally safe and contained that we can look to the wellbeing of future generations.

You are looking at someone you will help look after your grandchildren with if you are reading for a new love and this card shows up with the other love cards. However, if ill-dignified or reversed, there could be undue focus on material wealth.

Worry about finances and not having enough could be eating away at the relationship. One or both of you could view financial stability as paramount to relationship stability when really it is the other way around.

A single person could show up as a gold digger if this card is accompanied by the 7 of Swords.

Sexually this is a card of great contentment and the ability to enjoy the full spectrum of sensual pleasures together but it can also be a card of technique over emotion and being overly concerned with both the physical form and the performance. OCD about hygiene could be an issue.

The 10 of Pentacles may seem permanent but remember that nothing lasts forever. This may be a comforting thought when you are going through the oppressive 10 of Wands or the extremely painful 10 of Swords.

It is always best to be situated at the hub of the great Wheel because one thing is for certain – the Wheel keeps on turning and the more serene we can be about it, the better.