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chakra healing with the tarot

While creating the Chakra Healing with the Tarot videos a few years ago, I gradually worked my way through all the colours of the rainbow and I can’t begin to tell you what a healing experience it was! It was nothing short of an attunement process and really helped me tap the power to heal myself, as well as others. Today, we are looking at some ways to combine Tarot, Chakras and Meditation.

Of course, there is more than one way to do chakra healing and I recommend combining modalities such as crystals, colour healing, sound (very powerful) and yoga. But where Tarot has the edge is bringing to light the shadow issues for each chakra and until we become aware of them, we can’t even begin to release them.

Below is a Chakra Healing Tarot spread I created back then, to use for reflection on the rainbow colours of the chakras and the associated spiritual lessons.

  1. Red – How I can colour more stability, abundance and vitality into my life.
  2. Orange – How I can colour more sensuality, creativity and enjoyment into my life.
  3. Yellow – How I can colour more confidence, success and focus into my life.
  4. Green – How I can colour more relationship harmony, empathy and compassion into my life.
  5. Blue – How I can colour more integrity, creative expression and active listening into my life.
  6. Indigo – How I can colour more stillness, clarity of vision and psycich power into my life.
  7. Violet – How I can colour more oneness, unconditional love and bliss into my life.
I hope you enjoy trying this spread for yourself; you are bound to learn more about your own chakras in the process. Do take some time to sense what is going energetically and physically on the level of each chakra. You may also wish to prepare for the chakra reading by performing a quick and simple Rainbow Chakra Meditation, such as the one below.

Chakra Clearing Meditation

Imagine your body and your aura being filled with grey clouds. These clouds represent any thoughts that drain you of energy, such as worry, negativity, Christmas shopping, health concerns, petrol prices, un upcoming exam, terrorist attacks etc.

Imagine sitting crosslegged under a gentle waterfall that washes these clouds away and leaves bright blue skies behind. Birds are singing all around you and the sun has warmed the crystal clear water to a pleasant temperature. When the last cloud has been washed away and your energy field is the happy blue of a summer sky, imagine the bright rays that penetrate the waterfall create a rainbow that covers your torso: Red at the base, Orange at the navel, Yellow at the solar plexus, Green at the heart, Blue at the throat, Indigo at the third eye (the brow), and Violet above your head.

Spend a few minutes breathing each colour into the corresponding chakra.

And, for an extra energy boost, complete the meditation by moving the sun into your heart. Do this with by simply reaching your arms up to gather the rays in and then lowering them, bringing your palms together in prayer position in front of your heart. You are now ready radiate peace, joy and gratitude into the world!

The Power of Colour Healing

Colour is an extremely powerful healer – Do not underestimate the healing power of the simple meditation above!

When I think of colour, I can’t but help think of the colours of the angelic realm that I experienced during my out-of-body experience. These gorgeous, otherworldly iridescent colours are yours too even if you can’t discern them with our physical eyes, and form an integral part of your energetic blueprint.

The feeling of enchantment makes it possible to radiate angelic light and mystical colours. Enchantment is what guides us to our true purpose in each incarnation. It is a feeling far removed from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts.’ It’s the feeling that connects us with the core of passion deep within our hearts.

A couple of years after I created the Chakra Healing with the Tarot Video series, I created the Rainbow Blessing Tarot Spread below. This particular spread is great to use as a relationship Tarot spread. It focuses on the blessing available to you for each chakra level, rather than the blockage or lesson.

A Chakra Tarot Spread for Couples

The Rainbow Blessing Tarot Spread for Couples and Singles

1. A blessing from your ancestors/bloodline. This is a message from those who have crossed over to help you (and your partner) ground into reality and make the most of this incarnation. They will show you how to stay passionate about life.

2. A blessing that can help you enjoy sensual pleasures more on your own or as a couple.

3. For a couple – a blessing that will help you stay strong as individuals. One person sometimes sacrifices him/her-self to make the relationship work. If you like, you can pull a card each here for individual messages. To a single person – a blessing that will help you keep firm personal boundaries no matter what.

4. A blessing that brings an opportunity to express unconditional love.

5. A blessing of encouragement, showing partners in which area they can be a blessing by encouraging each other more verbally. To singles it means an area of self-expression that is a blessing to the world.

6. A blessing of wisdom. This card could show a situation that is likely to lead to growth in wisdom and understanding or an area in which you excel and are able to lead by example, whether coupled or single.

7. A blessing of divine grace. Place this card on your head and meditate with it for a while to intuit what it means… This card represents how you can be a vessel of grace here and now, as a couple or a single person.

Each of the colours of the rainbow corresponds to one of the seven main chakras. Feel free to place each of the cards in turn over your chakras, to take the blessing into every part of you.


Rainbow Blessing Tarot Spread - Sample Reading for a Couple

1. The Chariot – Set goals and move forward as one on the path to success.

2. 10 of Pentacles – Prioritising family life and general physical wellbeing will bring much enjoyment and great rewards, as well as blessings for future generations.

3. Ace of Cups (for her) – It is OK to drop the walls you are safe to give and receive love unconditionally. 8 of Wands (for him) – It is OK to take the lead and to act on your impulses… no need to wait for her to take charge.

4. 8 of Pentacles – Working together and honing your skills side by side will provide an excellent opportunity to express unconditional love.

5. Page of Pentacles – You can encourage each other to stay perpetual students and to master any skills you set out to learn.

6. 9 of Wands – Age and past trials/tribulations have provided many blessings of wisdom that you can share to keep each other safe.

7. King of Pentacles – This King is the master of the physical realm and a sign that holistic stewardship of your joint resources is how you can be a vessel of divine grace on Earth.

I hope this article inspires some wonderful healing play-time with colour and your own energy… Perhaps you will even try dancing your chakras? Don’t limit yourself. The more ways you find to expand your energy, the more you will be able to put your mark on the world and make a difference!

Blessed Be!


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