Tarot Card of the Day Tuesday 3 May 2022

tuesday 3 may 2022 - 5 of pentacles card of the day

Tarot Card of the Day Tuesday 3 May 2022

“The possibility of acquiring the art of writing may be withheld from someone through poverty, or through the conditions of civilization into which he is born; but for the attainment of knowledge and proficiency in the higher worlds, there is no obstacle for those who earnestly seek them.”
— Rudolf Steiner

5 of Pentacles

The 5 of Pentacles corresponds to Mercury (ruler of the intellect) in Taurus. And all 5s relate to The Hierophant. The 5 Numerology (freedom, change, tests, and challenges) in Fixed Earth (Taurus) brings us some of the more difficult life lessons.

The 5 of Pentacles often shows up to help us examine our poverty consciousness. It helps us look at how and why we are not letting abundance in. Perhaps it is because we are fixating on the wrong desires?

From Steiner’s quote above, we learn that our circumstances are never entirely impossible or unbearable. Or they aren’t if we seek ‘knowledge and proficiency in the higher worlds.’

Could it be hankering after things that do not benefit our ascension path that leaves us wanting? And if we feel as if we have to face all our challenges alone, perhaps even feeling utterly abandoned, is it because we do not remember to ask the angels for help?

Angelic Tarot Correspondences for 5 of Pentacles

The Archangels corresponding with today’s card are Raphael (Mercury) and the Sandalphon (Taurus). Archangel Raphael is the main Archangel to invoke for healing as well as clarity. Call on Sandalphon to help you remember your soul song and mission here on Earth. Sandalphon can help you stay grounded when you face challenging situations.

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