aries new moon message

Aries New Moon Message from Spirit

aries new moon message from spirit

We are coming up to a powerful New Moon on Friday, 1 April. This lunation is the first New Moon of the Zodiacal year so it is an important time for setting intentions. The sign of Aries is all about the self and self-expression. We want to make sure that we express ourselves in harmony with the world around us. That way, what we express can be of benefit to all, for the Highest Good. Today’s New Moon in Aries message is part Tarot/Oracle reading and part channelled from Spirit.

The decks featured are the Tarot at the End of the Rainbow (check my review of this deck out HERE) and the Dragon Wisdom Oracle.

You can find a New Moon in Aries Tarot spread HERE.

New Moon in Aries Message from Spirit for the Collective

The Queen of Wands just so happens to be the Aries Queen in the Tarot. She is a fire starter, for sure. She sets fire to people’s hearts with her charisma and creativity. In everything she does, she leads or takes the initiative. Others follow. So what will you start this New Moon? What passion project(s) will unfold this year as a result?

Trust your gut to tell you where to direct all this creative energy. The High Priestess is a good sign that you can safely trust your inner guidance. It really is your feelings that are your best guide. Don’t try to make sense of your inner guidance at this stage. That can come later. And definitely do not tell anyone. Who knows who might turn out to be a naysayer and wet blanket. No, for now, keep things under wraps.

A brand new adventure awaits. You will be required to take a leap into the unknown, trusting your inner guidance every step of the way. The Fool knows how to do just that. Trust is his forte. He knows he is a spirit having a human experience. He knows that Mother-Father God watches over him and that angels guard him on every new journey.

Channelled Message from Spirit

Silence acts as medicine for you in this lunar cycle. It is medicine for keeping the ego in check and making sure that self-assertion is balanced with the needs of your loved ones/community. It is also medicine for making sure that you can hear your inner guidance on this new journey you are about to set off on. How else will you be able to trust the inner guidance? First, you must hear it.

It is time to get serious about your meditation practice if you haven’t already. It’s also a good idea to take notes. Write down any guidance or intuitive nudges you receive. Sit with the guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask, ‘What else do I need to know?’ Answers will flow. If not immediately, then in the hours following, perhaps while you are in the shower or taking your dog for a walk.

You must learn to distinguish that still small voice within now. Silence is how you make space for this to happen. Do not fear the silence. If it feels like a void, send love into that void and listen to what comes back to you. You are loved. You are connected. Just make room for the connection to grow and all will be well. Learn to love silence.

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