pyrite and tarot magick

Pyrite Crystal and Tarot Magick (with Tarot Spread)

pyrite and tarot magick

The crystal pyrite is also known as fool’s gold. This metallic, shimmering stone that is sometimes mistaken for gold is found all over the world. It’s the most common sulfide mineral and has the chemical composition FeS2.

Pyrite has many magical properties and is one of the best stones for protection against, negativity, anxiety, hexes and curses. It helps us stay positive, especially when we have fallen on hard times, and to heal from negative thought patterns and habits. Physically, it is good for bone healing and all kinds of infections or inflammatory conditions.

Pyrite cannot come in contact with water as that makes it deteriorate so smudging is one of the best ways of cleansing this stone. You can also cleanse it with Reiki if you prefer.

Pyrite is known as a stone of luck and abundance. It is highly beneficial to keep a piece in your work area where you can see it daily. Alternatively, you can carry a small piece in your wallet or wear it on your person, for instance in a crystal cage, around your neck.

3-Card Crystal Tarot Spread

3-card crystal tarot spread

Before performing one of the spells below, you may wish to do a reading to see what the best match is for the piece you have.

Sample Reading

pyrite sample reading

Crystal & Tarot Magick Spells for Luck, Abundance, Protection, Confidence & Charisma

Harness the combined energies of pyrite and specific Tarot cards to manifest spells that attract luck, abundance, protection, confidence, and charisma.

Spell for Luck: Pyrite with The Wheel of Fortune



  1. Place the Wheel of Fortune card on your altar or a sacred space where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Set the pyrite on top of the Tarot card to charge it with the energies of changing fate to your favour.
  3. Focus on the card and stone, visualising the wheel turning in the direction of your desired good fortune.
  4. Recite:

    “Wheel of Chance and twist of fate,
    Spin now towards a lucky state.
    Pyrite shine and luck entwine,
    Good fortune now is rightly mine.”

  5. Carry the crystal with you to attract luck or place it back in your workspace to maintain a lucky atmosphere.

Spell for Abundance: Pyrite with The Ace of Pentacles



  1. Lay out your Ace of Pentacles card, representing new financial opportunities and gains.
  2. Place pyrite upon the card to infuse it with the vibration of prosperity.
  3. Envision your life filled with the wealth or resources you are seeking.
  4. Chant:

    “Ace of Abundance, seed of wealth,
    Bring opportunities, not by stealth.
    Pyrite gleams, draws riches near,
    Abundance flows and brings good cheer.”

  5. Keep the stone in your wallet or in your work area to draw abundance into your life.

Spell for Protection: Pyrite with The Emperor



  1. Select The Emperor card, a symbol of authority and protection.
  2. Place your piece of pyrite atop the card as a shield and guardian.
  3. Meditate on a protective barrier forming around you or the space you wish to secure.
  4. Say the following:

    “Emperor strong, with might and right,
    Guard my space, both day and night.
    Pyrite’s armour, set in place,
    Protect me with your strength and grace.”

  5. Display the card and crystal in your home or carry them to reinforce personal protection.

Spell for Confidence: Pyrite with Strength



  1. Meditate on the Strength card for inner fortitude and courage.
  2. Set the pyrite on the card to tap into your personal power reserves.
  3. Shut your eyes and picture yourself embodying unwavering confidence.
  4. Recite:

    “Calm of heart, firm of will,
    Inner strength, be instilled.
    Pyrite aids to reinforce,
    Confidence without remorse.”

  5. Keep the stone in your pocket or purse when facing challenging situations to bolster your courage.

Spell for Charisma: Pyrite with The Queen of Wands


  • 1 piece of Pyrite
  • The Queen of Wands Tarot card


  1. Take the Queen of Wands card, signifying allure, magnetism, and warmth.
  2. Position your pyrite crystal on the card to absorb its charismatic traits.
  3. Imagine a radiant aura expanding around you, drawing others to your charm.
  4. Declare:

    “Queen of Fire, of glamour bright,
    Enhance my charm in others’ sight.
    Pyrite’s luster helps infuse,
    Charisma’s gift that I will use.”

  5. Wear or carry the stone when attending social gatherings or important meetings to project magnetic charisma.


Before performing any of these spells, remember to cleanse your crystal by smudging it with herbs or incense, as it should not come into contact with water. This will clear any previous energies and prepare the stone for your intentions.

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