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13 June Tarot and Oracle Guidance – Let joy pull you forward!

13 June Tarot and Oracle Guidance Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle and Path of the Soul Destiny Cards

Hello my friends and Thursday blessings! Thursdays are ruled by Archangel Sachiel and Jupiter. This is a good day for spells involving improvement in your career prospects and the success of any kind of venture, far-flung travels, as well as for successfully completing your studies and graduating with honours as Sachiel also rules higher learning.

Archangel Sachiel is the traditional ruler of both Pisces and Sagittarius, before the discovery of Neptune in 1846.

This Tarot and Oracle  guidance is for the next 24 hours, whenever you are reading this. The decks used are the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle and the Path of the Soul Destiny Cards. As always, keep what resonates and discard the rest.

5 of Fire – Challenging Times + 3 of Water – Share the Love + 16 Rebuild (trad. The Tower) + 31 Joyous

It’s time to move away from past troubles, many of which were your own doing because you were not living from the heart. Instead you engaged with others from a poverty mindset of there not being enough and you having to struggle to make ends meet. You compared yourself to others and often felt jealous when others succeeded. You had been programmed to see other people as competition rather than as potential friends and cheerleaders. You weren’t able to establish mutually beneficial relationships because you didn’t know how to trust anyone.

This is all about to change. You are ready to start living from the heart now, trusting that the people who are in your life are there for a good reason and to help you grow. Sure, there will still be obstacles along the path but you are learning to trust that even the obstacles are there to strengthen you rather than to trip you up or derail you from your mission.

It’s time to start rebuilding your life on a foundation of joy, love and trust.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

Nhat Hanh

Love & Light,


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