Daily Tarot Guidance with Lisa Frideborg on YouTube

Moving the Daily Guidance to My YouTube Channel

Daily Tarot Guidance

Hello, friends. As of yesterday (not sure if anybody noticed lol), I shifted the daily Tarot guidance to YouTube only. I felt it might be too repetitive to share it here on the blog too.

Those of you who wish to receive the daily Tarot guidance straight to your inbox can still easily do so. All you need to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel, which I recently revived from a two-year slumber, and click on the little notification bell symbol next to the subscribe button.

I have decided to put all my decks on rotation for the daily draw, after sorting and listing them. They each have a number assigned now, so that I can put them through a digital randomizer to decide which deck to use that day. This then becomes part of the divination since they offer different vibes and angles.

So today’s deck is the beautiful Gaian Tarot and this is the new format for the daily draw I’m trying out… Let me know what you think!

Love & Light,


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